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Captain Nobody foils a robbery.

 JJ gives Newt an emergency call on the walkie-talkie. She is upset about the spelling
mistakes on the signs outside Sullivan’s Jewelry Store. She insists that Captain Nobody
(Newt) talk to Mr & Mrs Sullivan about this.
 Captain Nobody enters the store when a robber is actually pointing a hidden gun at the
Sullivans. This creates a distraction which gives Mrs Sullivan the chance to press the
alarm and alert the police.
 The robber flees. The news is widely reported on television. Everyone wants to know
more about Captain Nobody, but Newt is not hungry for publicity.
Captain Nobody prevents an air crash
 Newt and his friends are taking the mascot – Ferocious the Ferret – to Newt’s home. On
the way, they are confronted by Ricky Ratner and his seventh-grade gang. In the struggle
between the two groups, the door of the cage springs open and the ferret springs out.
 Newt and his friend chase after it to get it back. The ferret runs across the freeway and
back several times with Newt chasing it. All traffic comes to a standstill.
 By coincidence, a small airplane with passengers has engine failure and needs a clear
track for an emergency landing. The pilot sees the cleared freeway and manages to make
a safe landing. All lives are saved. Again the news is widely reported and the public
interest in the mysterious Captain Nobody grows to an intense level.
Captain Nobody ‘rescues’ Reggie Ratner
 There is a city-wide public alarm that Reggie Ratner has climbed the Appleton Water
Tower to jump to his death. Captain Nobody climbs to the top of the tower to tell Reggie
that he knows the truth – that it is not Reggie who has collided with Chris.
 Newt learns that Reggie’s purpose in climbing the tower is not to commit suicide. He
helps to free Reggie’s foot which is stuck in a hole on the rooftop.
 Both make the descent in full view of the crowd below. Newt lands first, followed by
280-pound Reggie who lands on him, causing him to break his leg and two rib bones.
Newt is place in the hospital with Chris, his brother who is still in a coma.