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I remember going to school at 5:00 am with just a few cars on the road.

It was
relaxing and stress free where you could easily reach your destination. Nowadays,
because of the heavy traffic on the roads, a 6:00 am trip would make you late for
work. An average Filipino commuter spends approximately 28,000 hours of his /
her lifetime in traffic based on an article by business mirror. The amount of time
spent on the road will ultimately consume time that could be used for other more
important things. Commuting is an ordeal that they go through every day for many
Filipinos. As a result of worsening traffic jams, the Philippines may lose up to P6
billion a day by 2030, according to a study. Given the continued growth in car sales –
a record 420,000 units sold in 2017 – with 65% of the vehicles hitting Metro
Manila's roads, it does not seem possible to find a solution to the horrendous traffic
gridlock around the megalopolis. In the midst of this problem, Filipinos tried
alternative ways to ease the traffic jam in the subway by introducing number coding,
having applications such as Grab, Uber and Wunder, and raising the tax price when
buying cars. This did not work as efficiently as expected, however.

This company therefore decided to use it instead to their advantage instead of

fighting the traffic. Angkas was and would be a grace of salvation. The motorcycle
transportation system provided passengers with a safer, more professional
alternative to habal-habal that has long folded the roads. Before embarking on
bikers to their platform, it required safety training, skills assessment, background
checks and a professional license. It also offered passengers and bikers safety
equipment, transparent prices and personal accident insurance.

The Pros of Angkas is that first of all ' It saves time ‘, Angkas helps people save time,
cutting the usual 3 to 4 hours of travel. The app saved a lot for being too long from
being on the road. It brought us passengers’ enormous relief and convenience. We
don't have to leave the house early enough. We can come back to our families earlier
now and have time to bond with them. Secondly many can say that ' you can count
on it, many users found Angkas really comfortable and convenient. Lastly a lot of
Lives Changed. The service has also helped some bikers improve their lives. The app
had a direct impact on drivers and passengers ' lives. Many bikers were able to
improve their lives because of earning enough income and save for the future.

One of the biggest dilemma in Angkas is the Passenger Safety Responsibility. If you
are the designated driver, you are responsible for the safety of all motorcycle riders.
Besides the pressure, when your motorcycle figures in an accident, there is also the
cost to consider. The biker is liable under Philippine law for any damage, injury and
death after a vehicle accident. No one can guarantee your safety once you start
riding the motorcycle.

Despite this disadvantage, I still think that Angkas should be approved here in the
Philippines. If the only argument is that having a passenger on motorcycles is “very”
dangerous and that Angkas poses a danger to public safety, then why not order a total
ban on passenger-carrying motorcycles? As a student living in Rizal, Angkas helped
me be able to attend my morning classes on time. I am not obliged anymore to wake up
at 4:00 am and I can have more time to rest. Angkas may serve as a way to experience
the breeze and feeling of being on a motorcycle. Relax, and at the same time,
contribute to lessening the traffic in the Philippines today!