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How to Perform 16 Days Mahalakshmi Vrata during Bhadrapad Month.

The sixteen
days Goddess Lakshmi vrata is an important ritual performed to obtain peace,
prosperity, and get back all the lost materials and wealth. Below are the details
of Mahalakshmi Vrata ritual.

After taking a ritual bath in the early morning of Mahalaxmi Vrata day, women tie 16
knotted strings on their left hands. They sprinkle some water using Durva grass blades
on to their body. The Durva grass blades are kept in water before sprinkling. Only
vegetarian food is consumed during the day. Lord Surya is also worshipped during the
day. In North India, Mahalakshmi Vrat katha is recited during the occasion.

Procedure to be followed for Mahalakshmi Vrata

1) Take a pot, fill it with water and decorate with betel leaves. Place a coconut on its

2) Adorn the pot with a red cloth and tie a red thread around it. Draw four lines, which
denote the Chatur Vedas, with kumkum (vermillion) on the pot. A Swastika (an ancient
cosmic or religious symbol) is drawn on the pot. This pot with all the decorations is
referred as Kalash or Purna Kumbh and it represents the Universal power (Supreme

3) Akshata (uncooked rice which is mixed with turmeric) is set aside and a few coins are
placed in the water in Kalash. This Kalash is worshipped as Goddess Mahalaxmi Devi.
4) Now, as like the usual poojas, lamps are lit and the Lakshmi Gayatri, Lakshmi
Ashtottara Satanamavali (108 names of Mahalakshmi), Ashtalaksmi Stotra, Lakshmi
Sahasranama Stotra, and Mahalakshmi Ashtakam, are recited during Mahalakshmi
Vrata Puja.
Mahalaxmi Vrat
This is the original documents of Mahalaxmi Vrat full Vidhi, do according to this documents
written by AMIT SHAH
From August 29, 2017 Tuesday to September 12, 2017 Tuesday till midnight (total 15 days).

How to do Maha Laxmi Vrata? What is step-wise puja procedure of Mahalakshmi Vrat?
Mahalakshmi Vrata is the most observed laxmi puja in North Indian states. The foremost things
to follow during Mahalakshmi puja are taking vegetarian food and neatness. In 16 days of
Mahalxmi vrat you cannot eat grains, only fruits and other foods except any type of grains.
Women perform Lakshmi puja in early morning taking a ritual bath. After bath, in some places,
women tie 16 knotted cotton white thread strings on to left hand or put in pooja or in front of
Mahalxmi and remove knot everyday for 16 days and sprinkle some water using Durva grass
blades on to their body. Before sprinkling water, the Durva grass blades are kept in water.
During Mahalakshmi Vrata, Sun God (Surya Bhagwan) is also worshipped. Sun God is offered
water in early morning and also offer Milk added water to moon every night with mantra AUM
SOM SOMAAY NAMAH. Mahalakshmi Vrata in North India is continued for 16 days starting
from Bhadrapad Shukla Astami till Ashwin Krishna Astami. As a part of Lakshmi Vrata in North
India, Mahalakshmi Vrat katha is recited.

Steps involved in Maha Lakshmi Vrata puja procedure

Maha Lakshmi Vrat
Maha Lakshmi Vrat is observed for 16 days for next 16 years from the Ashtami of Bhadrapad-
Shukla Paksha to Ashtami of Ashwin-Krishna Paksha. These dates fall around August to
September each year, sometimes may be 14 or 15 days of fast will be observed. This is a very
powerful time to offer concentrated prayer to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity.
(Note: One also prays to Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali, Durga Puja, and weekly every Friday.
During Diwali festival, Lakshmi is prayed with Lord Ganesh. During Durga Puja, Ma Lakshmi is
evoked and prayed to for three days. The weekly Friday Vrat-puja is observed as Vaibhav
Lakshmi or Dhan Lakshmi puja.)
It is believed the importance of Maha Lakshmi Vrat was first explained to Yudhishthir by Lord
Krishna. This Vrat is observed for 16 days and fulfills every wish of the devotee. This puja is
believed to bring immense wealth, fortunes, prosperity, love, happiness, and luck to the
How to do the puja:
Every region and every devotee has their own way of offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. All
methods are correct. The Goddess seeks only devotion.
However, some rituals have been listed for this puja that are given below:
1. Put the Lakshmi 'murti' or statue or picture on a wooden 'chauki' or plank (if possible
otherwise you can also worship Mahalaxmi photos also along laxminarayan)
2. Cover the plank with a white cloth, before putting the statue on it
3. Cover statue or picture with red chunni
4. Place a kalash on some rice, on NE side of puja place
5. Put coins in the water in kalash, and cover the mouth of Kalash with mango or betel leaves
6. Put a coconut wrapped in red cloth on the kalash
7. Make swastik signs on kalash and coconut with yellow chandan, vermillion, turmeric, sindoor,
kumkum etc
8. Keep 'akhand jyoti' or continuously burning Ghee diya on SE side of Kalash. If you can not
maintain 'akhand jyoti', its alright. Just light diya and agarbatti, every morning and evening for
the puja
9. If you cannot do puja for 16 days, then just observe puja for three days. The first day, the last
day, and the day in the middle on purnima or full moon day.
10. Offer bhog/prasad everyday and read any prayer or mantra devoted to Goddess Lakshmi,
morning and evening, and if possible do Durga Saptsati every morning and evening do Purush
sukta, Laxmisukta, Laxmi sahastra namavali and kanakdhara strotram along with worship of
Lord Shanidev Mantra (Aum Sham Shanis Charaye Namah), chalisa, Dasrath Krtu Strotram,
and Shani patni naam stuti etc.
11. Tie a thread (mauli or kalawa, or white threads) with 16 knots on your 'kalaii' or wrist or put
in front of Laxminarayan photos. Women usually tie on left wrist and men on right wrist and
release one knot everyday for 16 days means before Mahalaxmi vrat you have to take 16 white
cotton threads, one white cotton threads for individual who are doing this vrat, means 16 white
cotton threads mix and make a 16 note on that 16 white cotton threads, if husband wife is doing
this vrat then make two white cotton threads of 16 threads with 16 knot. (please note you have
to combine 16 threads together and then make a loose knot so you can remove everyday one
not so take a big 16 threads together combine them and then make a knot). It is not necessary
to tie knot on wrist due to purity because in a day we have to do lots of things that is why put
threads in front of Maa laxmi photo and wear threads during Pooja or worshiping MahaLaxmi
and after finishing worshiping put thread in front of Mahalaxmi photo or statue.

Before starting pooja or fast for Mahalaxmi vrat you have to take sankalp with taking water in
your right palm and chant following mantra after taking bath.
0?7M/9 .9>2 M7M.@ 5M0$.G $M5$M*0>/#> d (karishyaham Mahalaxmi Vratme
$&5?'M(G( .G />$A 8.*M$? 8M5$M*M08>&$: dd(Tvadvidhnen me Yaatu Samptim
This meaning is that I will obey all rules and regulation of Mahalaxmivrat and my vrat will finish
without any problem due to your favor of mahalaxmi.

'Paran' or 'Puja Samapti' or End day Prayers:

On the last day of the 16 days puja, Lakshmi puja is closed in the middle night after worshiping
of mahalaxmi and Moon and stars with cow milk added water to moon with mantra of AUM
SHREEM SOM SOMAAY NAHAM and all pooja samagri (things) to moon just go through
1. You need two 'Soops' or large platters
2. Do puja in the evening. Light 16 diyas, 16 agarbatti. Use 16 flowers, 16 malas, and pledge to
donate all items placed in the soop or large platter to a temple or to someone who may need the
3. In the platter place 16 suhaag Samagri - like, 16 chunnies, 16 bangles, 16 bindis, 16 combs,
16 ribbons, 16 kajals etc
Also in the platter place 16 sweets or mithaii, 16 long/elaichi, 16 fruits, 16 coins or money, 16
dry fruits etc
Now cover one platter with another platter and leave it near the puja place
4. At night, offer milk added water or 'arghya' to the stars. Now face NORTH and call Maa
Lakshmi 3 times - 1. 'Mother Lakshmi pl. come into my home'--- 2. 'Mother Lakshmi pl. come
into my home'--- 3. 'Mother Lakshmi pl. come into my home'
5. Now come inside. Eat prasad/bhog. Now one can have 'bhojan' or food. Distribute the food
for all family member and also for Ma Lakshmi. First place the food in a plate for Ma Lakshmi,
cover it and leave it near the Goddess for the whole night
6. Now everyone can have their dinner and end the puja
7. Next day, donate all the items in the platter to some Mandir/Temple or to someone who
needs the items. Offer the food that was near Lakshmi mata, from last night, to a cow.
8. Finally, put away the thread with the 16 knots from your wrist to your treasury (where you put
your cash or money) and show dhup battis or agarbatii everyday to this 16 knots threads now it
is without knot or safe and watch your wealth grow.
9. When your Maa Laxmi completed then broke that coconut which you put in front of Maa
laxmi and eat along with your family members and if possible neighbours also as a Maa laxmi
Prasad. Jay Mataji.
10. During vrat do not eat nonveg, no wine, no cigarettes, no sex strictly prohibited and do Lord
Shani (Saturn) pooja for more benefits everyday in routine life. If you want to burn your all sins
just worship shani (Saturn) pooja everyday and maha pooja on Saturday of pipal tree.
11. Tulsi or Tulasi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) or Holy basil is a sacred plant. Now after finishing your
vrat or fast of mahalaxmi then next day means on 5 October in the early in the morning please
take that coconut and broke and eat with family members and the Water of Kalash drop or give
to Tulsi plant or pipal tree.
12. Also put that coin in your safe or treasure which you drop in kalash.
13. You can eat Saindhava lavana is name for Himalayan Pink rock salt. The word Saindhava
salt which is only made for fast. Only grains are not allowed to eat. Means you can eat rock
salt or Saindhava salt made items during fast but no grains.
14 On the last day of vrat at midnight after offering milk or water and 16 items with two soups to
moon and other things to stars you can come down to your house and eat grains made all item
without onion and garlic.
15. Spread some water in your home or office after competing the vrat on next day morning
which is in the kalash and broke that coconut and eat as prasad and also distribute them with
relatives and neighbors..
16. During Vrat you can donate so many things those who needs poor people, you can give
flour to fish, food to cow, sugar to ant, biscuits to dog, and some grains to birds also on a daily
basis to earn punya to become a strongest (for purity of soul) in life. You may also donate
foods, clothes, chappals, study material, or else to Blind people Asthram, or Anath Ashram, or
Old age people Ashram, or Orphanage Ashram or small children those who are studying in
Government school you may help and also you can give money in cash form if possible to
needy one and also you can give cash for helping someone in illnesses or to purchase
education material, shelter, or grains if you desire so. If you help people with your two hands
then god may give you 1000 hands more power to donate things and become stronger. Just try
17. Also do not cut hair (shaving) or cut nails during vrat or fast if possible otherwise that is
18. During menstrual periods ladies can stop worshiping maa laxmi but she can keep fast
continues but on behalf of ladies any can perform worship Maa laxmi pooja like her husband,
son, daughter, father, mother etc if no one is there then she can worship maa laxmi from mind
only not physically on for three or five days and then starts again worshiping.
19. Also on daily pooja or worship at evening must take two clove and put on three small
camphor and burns after pooja or worship in the evening is must preferable.
20. Must do diya or light at Tulsi plant of pure cow ghees every evening, this will increase your
health and wealth, within six months your income will definitely rise.
21. During Maa laxmi vrat do not eat outside readymade or made products/foods and use only
home made products/foods and fruits only.
22. Do Maa Mahalaxmi mantra pooja from Kamal Gatta (lotus) mala (see picture) for more
benefits and other gods mantra pooja with Rudrakshaw Mala (see picture) means purchase
three Kamal gattas Mala, one put under photo of Maa Mahalaxmi and put photo on Kamal Gatta
Mala, second for keep for doing Matra and third Kamal Gatta mala you wear in your neck like
necklace during worship of Maa Mahalaxmi and after finished pooja again put in your home
temple so everyday during worship of maa laxmi wear kamal gutta mala and the put in home
temple. (This remedies for more benefits only, you can do simple Worship also by physical or
mind also consider just purity will be there).
23. You can do or chant Purush shuktam, shree suktam, laxmi suktam and Kanakdhara
strotram on a daily basis (this all available in google just find out).
24. This for NRI (nonresident Indian only). I know it is not possible but if possible ask you
relatives those who are living in India and brought them because you have till 14 days to receive
even though not possible just on last day offer milk added water to moon and assume by you
mind that you have all items just give to god maa laxmi by mind that you giving such item to
stars and after vrat if possible help poor people donate some things any like cash, foods or
items give to them by giving maa laxmi names but next year be prepare for this things in
advance so you never get difficulty, now starts vrat from today best of luck. Please feel free any
questions I am always help devotees.
25. In Maa Laxmi vrat, you can eat only Lord vishnu or SAtyanaran Katha (story) Prasad only
which contains grains.
26. Worship moon every night with milk added water.
27. On the last day of vrat you have to worship moon along with stars and you have give 16 x
16 things to stars cover with two supdas aur soups (see picture for supda or soups).
28. This for NRI (nonresident Indian) if you does not found cow after finishing vrat to give prasad
which you have kept on Maa laxmi last night just distribute this prasad with your family members
but first prasad will be taken by ladies and then other family member will take.
29. Simple method for fast. Fast (upvaas) means less talk more chanting, less eating and
donate more grains, clothes, chappal, sandals, study items, but no cash, do not donate cash at
any cost because you donate cash on right hand but it may misused so you ultimately earn sins
(paap) so no not donate cash instead of donating cash buy anything which help needed people
or animal but you can pay bills of hospital in cash those who really needs. Also Fast (Upvas)
means less speak and less think and chant many more Maa Laxmi Mantra for whole day.
30. On the last day of take all 16 x 16 things on terrace and give ardhya to stars and worship
with dhup, batti, diya of pure cow ghee (light) and leave all 16 things there after inving maa
Laxmi to your home and come and eat prasad which made of grains on last day eat and then
after go in terrace collect all items back and put in front of Maa Laxmi in home temple for whole
night and then next donate all items to needed people or in Laxminarayan temple or whichever
temple is nearest at your home.
31. Please wear red clothes and sit on Red woolen Aasana and Kush aasan for worship (see
32. Do not use toothpaste or daathan, or any stick in the morning to refresh your mouth just use
lemon and rub your teeth or do 12 gargles. Strictly do not use toothpaste. You can use Dant
Kranti toothpaste made by Swami Baba Ramdev s company.
In mahalaxmi vrat do not eat grains at any cost. You can eat (this items as much as you have
hunger no limitations) fruits and other items like Moriyo (Shyama rice), Singhada flour (water
chestnut flour), Rajgira flour (made from the seeds of the amaranth plant), dry fruits, nuts made
items like Singdana Chikki or laddu etc but do not eat grains at any cost. You can drink sugar
added Lemon juice for whole day for stamina power of body, this is very useful to nourish body
stamina. No drinking. No smoking. No sex. No vegetables. No grains. Less talking more
chanting Jaap of Mahalaxmi.
Last day procedure of Mahalxmi Vrat.
Pehle 2 soop purchase kariye aur five red clothes

ab ek soop me ek red clothes bichhaye aur usme sari samagri rakhiye fir us soop ko dusre soop
se dhak dijiye fir stars ko sab samgri de do jese bhagwavan khlite he vesi bhavna karna he.

Eyes(ankho) pe left haath rakh ke dusre haath see unko Dena.

ab har item 16 lene in jese

16 Light or diya of pure cow ghee or oil
16 agarbatti
16 flowers (lotus if possible)
16 malas
16 chunnies
16 bangles
16 bindis
16 combs
16 ribbons
16 kajals
16 sweets (16 countable mean 16 nang)
16 long clove
16 fruits (any 16 banana or 16 apples aur any fruits).
16 coins or money (may be 1, 2, or 5 ruppes coin or notes)
16 Almomonds aur Badam
16 Cashew nut or Kaju

Jab teres (chhat) pe pooja puri ho jaye to husband and wife apne dono ka haath pakad ke North
ki side face karke ke Maa ko teen (three times) pukarna he Maa hamare ghar aa jao, hamare
ghar aa jao, hamare ghar aa jao. Kisi ne single vrat kiya to bhi vo akele ese hi Maa ko
pukarle. Below matra he vo bhi teen baar bol le uska bhi meaning vahi he maa ko apni ghar

Om Shreem Shreem Kleem Shreem Laxmi Aagachh Aagachh Mam Mandire Tistha Tistha
Swaha (three times bolna he). fir samagri apne mandir me lakee rakhde fir dusre din Kisi bhi
temple daan kar aye.

When mahalxmi vrat is over then you left coconut on the kalash just break that coconut and eat
as prasad by the family and distribute among the friends and relative and neighbours.

Mahalaxmi will fulfill your all true wishes.