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Baluchistan is one of the largest provinces in terms of land area located in the Southwestern
region of Pakistan. It is well known for its customs and culture including their dresses. Balochi
dresses are called “Phashk” in Balochi dialect.

The female Balochi dress consists of head scarf, long frill shirt and a shalwar. They’re loose
dresses which are adorned with dress glass, various hues of strings which are embroidered into a
classical design. The most common color on their dress includes red, green, dark, yellow and
blue. Embroideries are embedded on outskirts, around neck areas and end of loose sleeves. It
has pockets which are fit as a fiddle. This triangle molded pocket is sewed with Daman and
heaps of excellent weaving is done on it as well.

(Image taken from internet)

All the culture has its own significance and so does the Balochi culture has its worth, has its
significance. People that belong to Baluchistan are so patriotic that in every occasion they mostly
wear their cultural dresses and never leave their identity. Highlighting the beauty of these dresses
I would like to accentuate the beauty of the embroidery done on the dresses.

“Different regions of Balochistan have their own distinct designs indicating relevance to a
particular tribe. For instance, the Kalat district is known for its Kalati embroidery,
whereas, Periwal, Jalar, Kapuk and Naal are a product of Mekran division. Different types
of stitches are used in the embroidery which are geometrically organized related to a
location or may even relate to a woman’s current situation. The most famous and beautiful
of these are made mainly by Turbati, Panjguri and Buledai women” (info from internet)

(Image taken from internet)

The above image is a close up of Balochi embroidery done on a piece of cloth. Balochi people
use different color threads and beads as to design this unrivalled piece of art. This type of
embroidery is mostly done in Makran, Kalat, Mastung, Noshki, kohlu, DeraBugti, Sibi, Jhal
Magsi and kuzdar.

(Image taken from internet)

Balochi dresses are appreciated all around the world. And so it has its own worth and
significance. Now let’s discuss about Men’s Balochi dress
Men in Balochistan usually wear Kurta, Shalwar and Kameez. Specifically a shalwar with many
fold are common in Baluchistan. Also Turban Dasthaar which is kind of like a head cover for
men consisting of long length of material wound around a cap or the head.

(Image taken from internet)

The turban gives more beauty to the Balochi dress.

Concluding it up, I would like to say that every culture is “unique” and every culture has
its own importance in its respective area hence we should always venerate each and every
religion and culture and in spite of the religious affiliation we should enlighten our hearts
with the feeling of brotherhood .

( plus the images and some info has been taken from internet as mentioned )