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CONR 190BW (5/07) New York State DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION P.F.NO: PIN: 3501.60.101 FAP NO: COMPTROLLER’S CONTRACT NO. DO031085_ ‘SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT NO. 09 PROJECT: Hw Des, I-81 Viaduct Project, Evaluation of Tunnel Concept for Incorporation into the DEIS, Onondaga County . This Supplemental Agreement made this 28 day of November, 2018 pursuant to Section 14 of the Transportation Law by and between THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK (hereinafter referred to as “STATE”), acting by and through the Department of Transportation (hé after referred to as “STATE”), whose office is at 50 Wolf Road, 6th Floor in the County of Albany, State of New York 12232 and Parsons Transportation Group of New York, Inc. ‘Whose business address 100 Broadway New York, New York 10005 (hereinafter referred to as “CONSULTANT” and/or “CONTRACTOR”. WITNESSETH, by an Agreement dated July 3, 2013, as amended by 8 (cight) Supplemental Agreements, the STATE engaged the CONSULTANT for: Hw. Des., Scoping & Prelit Replacement or New Urban Arterial; Final Design & CSS may be added by Supplemental ry Design Phases I-IV for I-81 Viaduct Considerations; Agreement, Onondaga County, Region 3 (hereinafter referred to as “PROJECT”), and the STATE, in accordance with Article 7 of the Original Agreement, has instructed the CONSULTANT to perform Extra Work, such work being described in ‘Schedule “A” which is attached hereto and made a part hereof. ‘Now therefore, in consideration of the benefits moving to each of the parties hereto, they do mutually agree as follows: ARTICLE 1. The STATE shall pay to the CONSULTANT, and the CONSULTANT agrees to accept as full compensation for his services under this Supplemental Agreement, a Lump Sum of $3,200,000 as shown in Exhibit “C”, unless there is a substantial change in the scope, complexity or character of the work to be performed. Milestone amounts are to be paid in full only upon completion and acceptance of the task indicated for that milestone. There will be no partial payments of the milestone amounts based upon the percentage of ‘work completed with respect to the milestone amounts. MILESTONE PAYMENTS ‘The CONSULTANT shall be paid in milestone progress payments based on a payment schedule as follows: Milestone #1: Draft Tunnel Documentation Submission, with a value of $1,919,560. Milestone #2: pDEIS to FHWA for Review, with a value of $174,672, Milestone #3: Public MeetingsDEIS to FHWA with a value of $954,743. Milestone #4: Public Meeting Comments Transcribed with a value of $151,025. ARTICLE 2. Except as herein modified, the terms and conditions of the Original Agreement No. 1031085 dated July 3, 2013 including any prior amendments or revisions are not altered by this _ supplemental agreement, remain in full force and effect. ARTICLE 3. DOCUMENTS FORMING THE CONTRACT and ORDER OF PRECEDENCE. The contract documents shall be deemed to include: the Original Agreement, Supplemental Agreement No. 9, any No Cost Time Extension(s), the provisions required by State and Federal law to be inserted in the Agreement (Appendix A, Standard Clauses for NYS Contracts; Appendix B, Requirements for Federally-Aided Transportation Projects; and Schedule B, Special Equal Employment Opportunity Provisions); the Executive Summary; Schedule A, Scope of Services; and Exhibits A through C, Cost Exhibits,