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Lesson 17: Volunteerism

Case Analysis: Answer the provided questions after the situationer:

Case: Mr. X happened to discover that the outside yard of his neighbor, for almost a month, seemed to be messy
because of some scattered unswept leaves of trees. In a good fate, he did the work in cleaning, but for the next day,
he was confronted by his neighbor and warned not to interfere whatever his neighbor had.

1. Do you think Mr. X made a right action? Justify.

2. Do you think that in doing volunteerism, it is a must that there should be proper guidelines or protocol to
be observed and why?
3. Do you think volunteerism is an art, why?

Lesson 18: Tips on Getting started as a volunteer

1. List 7 as you can, on the benefits of rendering volunteerism

2. Do you think you have the heart for volunteerism? Justify.
3. Provided you have a very special appointment, maybe a family reunion, but it happen then that there is
an emergency need of volunteer in a heavy flooded area, which would you respond first and why?

Lesson 19: Significant points to be practiced by teachers and facilitators on rewarding volunteers.

1. Name the tips on best practices of reinforcement

2. When giving reinforcement, name the practices that should never be taken or listed
3. Write a essay. What is the reinforcement to a certain volunteer? Explain

Lesson 20: Reflection on Volunteerism

1. Pick up one of the notable affirmations, then give your insight of this message.
2. Do you really believe in paradoxes? Why?

Lesson 21: Positive youth development program

1. Choose at least three of the given objectives of the youth development program and cite some ideas that
you have for them.
2. Volunteerism is not only a part of the process of doing good works, but also promotes close relationship
among members, in what way?

Lesson 22: Dynamics in the community

1. Express your personal definition of the word “community”

Lesson 23: Community needs assessment - none

Lesson 24: Environment Development

1. How will you contribute to the solution of pollution case by improper waste disposal?

Lesson 25: Entrepreneurial Activities:

1. List down 5 characteristics of an entrepreneur, and provide personal insight in each of them.
2. Give 7 characteristics of a good entrepreneur
3. Give 5 advantages of the small business

Lesson 26: Health:

Case analysis: Read and answer the following questions.

Baranggay Candau-ay is one of the pristine places found in Central Visayas. Nature abounds with clean rivers, tall
trees and chirping birds. Neverthless, when Candau-ay was included in the urbanization program, it turned into a
polluted place.

1. Who do you think are responsible for the pollution? Why?

2. Give 5 advantages of urbanization
3. Give 5 disadvantages of urbanization

Lesson 27: Recreational Activities:

1. Explain the phrase “ too much work without recreation will spoil your day”
2. List seven health benefits that you can get from recreation.
3. Give your insights on the following phrases:
a. Health is wealth
b. United we stand, divided with fall
c. There is real joy in living
d. No man is an island

Lesson 28: Community Services:

1. Give at least five skills of a volunteer should do in participating community service.

2. A barangay chairman in his community tries to remedy the problem on leaning the clogged canals of their
community. He needs the service of the members of the community, but he encountered the following
a. Everytime he called for a meeting the people are very hesitant to attend.
b. The people keep on complaining that their place is not taken care of by the local government
c. With minimal monthly dues for the garbage collection only a few percentage of the total
population pay.

If you were the barangay chairman, what best action can you contribute to the social ills of this barangay?
Give 10.

Lesson 29: Planning:

1. List down 4 natures of planning

2. Cite 5 points on the importance of planning

Lesson 30: The significance of planning:

1. Give 5 significance of planning
2. Explain in your own words the following phrases
a. Planning is the foundation of proposed project
b. A person who always plans is a person who is always ready

Lesson 31: Best practices in planning

Case Analysis: Mr Q has a certain amount to start a small business. He lives in university belt

1. What kind of business do you think he will open? Why?

Lesson 32: Major steps in planning - none

Lesson 33: Why plans go wrong?

Case Analysis 1: ABC company is engaged in a housing projects and one of them is found in Nasugbu Batangas,
noted to be located, in a moderate climate because of its high elevation and is found in rolling hills. They
concentrated their marketing to residents who are low income employees of Metro Manila. Marketing statistics
shows that sales seems stagnating.

1. If you are the planning personnel what error/s have you done in your plan, and why?

Case Analysis 2: You own a private tertiary school; nevertheless you are also surrounded by competing public
schools whose tuition fees are very low because it is subsidized by a government institution; therefore, volume of
enrollees is very poor.

1. Provide at least three promotion strategies that you believe will work well.

Lesson 34: Voluntary services

Answer comprehensively the following questions:

1. Is is necessary that a volunteer before going outside to do community service must have the heart of
2. Should a volunteer worker must possess a multiple intelligence. Why?
3. How will you react provided as if you are not welcomed in a community where you have to do your free
4. Does volunteerism needs long patience? Why?
5. Cite at least three important skills that a volunteer must possess.

• Computerized, font is Arial, font size is 10, margin normal, put your answer below the question/s., no
front page just name and section on the top left first page, no folder just stapler it.
• No google, no copying from your classmates or both of you will get 0 score, as much as possible answer
on your own, use your heart and mind.
• Deadline: March 30, 2019