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Ramirez Jesus


12th Grade best work and reflective essay

What I consider to be my 12th grade best work is my Precalcus B test#2. I consider

this my best because this is when my whole academic mind process changed. In this class

I had my highs and lows because my test scores would be at a constant score, never

below a fail, but also never higher. For the first semester this is how the whole year went

and I was never satisfied and always contempt after receiving my test back. Taking

Precalculus my first semester has impacted my math skills in a positive way.

When the second semester began my self-awareness progressed immensely. I was

now much more much more proactive in finding out about what I want, and how to

achieve that. To start off, I took into consideration on what I wanted to major in college

and the steps I would have to take to be well rounded in engineering and software

development. The requirement for math is used a lot in these areas and I knew that I

would have to strengthen my use of math to fulfill those needs. This is very important to

my personal development as only by accepting my flaws can I strive to improve them.

In addition to strengthening my weaknesses, I’ve also changed my study

habits. I’ve spent more time on my math assignments, reviewing and taking better notes.

By taking these steps I have earned my first 515 out of 500 score on my math test and I

was proud to achieve this early in the semester. This became the beginning for later test

scores because I was averaging around 470 or higher on each test after that. I always

made sure that I would learn the lesson and integrate the subject so that I would never

forget the rules or steps when solving math equations.

As I start the second semester I feel more confident in my problem solving skills

and being able solve routine as well as non-routine problems. When problem solving, we

learn that there are many different ways to solve a problem, and that more and that more

than one answer is possible. Becoming better at problem solving was the key to being

able to do all the other aspects of mathematics. One of my biggest resources has always

been the students around me. When I asked my classmates for help, I am able to get a

one-on-one attention which helped me keep up and not fall behind. Overall, the effort I

put into studying has changed and as a result I improved my work.