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LAB NO: 086

TITLE: Resistor Networks (using multism software)

 To investigate and compare what happens when resistors are
connected in a circuit in physical practical and multism
software practical)
 To also investigate and compare the value of current and
voltage across each branch of the network in multism software
practical and physical practical.
When resistors are connected in a circuit, there are two laws
that are the basic ‘building blocks’ with which the analysis of electric
circuit is constructed. These are Kirchhoff’s voltage law and
Kirchhoff’s current law.
Apparatus/ Equipment.
 Laptop.
 Multism software.
Practical 1
 After launching the software, connect the circuit as shown in
the patching diagram of the circuit.
 Pick the voltmeter available in the indicators section.
 Connect each copied voltmeter across each resistor.
 Run the circuit and record the voltage readings displayed on
the voltmeters.
Practical 2
 On the same circuit, remove the copied voltmeters and replace
with copied ammeters.
 Run the circuit and record the current readings displayed on
the ammeters.

 I ensured that I connected the resistors properly with their
corresponding values.
 I ensured also that the polarities of the copied voltmeters were
correct to give the accurate results.
 I ensured that the copied ammeters had the correct polarities
in the horizontal direction.
Resistor branch Voltage (v)
R 9.249
R 4.349
R 6.402
R 2.092
R 4.310

Resistor branch Current, I (mA)

R 9.249
R 9.250
R 2.911
R 6.340
R 6.339

1. Yes, this is the Kirchhoff’s voltage law (sum of voltages around
the loop i.e. ACDB equals 0): 20−V –V –V = 0
Therefore, 20− 9.249− 6.402− 4.349=0
2. Yes, V –V –V =0
Around loop CEFD, 6.402−2.092−4.310=0
3. Yes, around loop ACEFDB, 20−V –V –V –V =0
4. Yes
5. The current I flows into the node while I and I flow out of the
node. This follows Kirchhoff’s current law (algebraic sum of
currents in a node equals 0): I =I + I
6. Yes, I + I =I
7. The algebraic sum is zero.
8. The algebraic sum is zero

I observed the values of voltage readings and current readings
gotten using the multism software were exact or accurate
compared to those of the physical practical.
(At each resistor, the voltage is reduces due to voltage drop
because of resistor load).
The difference in values between the multism software
practical and physical practical is the tolerance of the resistors
used in the physical practical and the fluctuating values.
(Therefore, sum of voltage drops across resistors in the
circuit equals the value of applied voltage. Also, sum currents
entering a node equals the sum of current leaving that node).