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Anjana Premium Speaking Feedback Form – Test 2

The idea of this feedback form is to show examples of where you performed well and
examples of errors that you made. These are noticeable examples in your test, and written
here to guide you on where you could make improvements. This feedback form does not
show every example of good speech or every mistake.

Fluency and
coherence Comment

Score 7 In Part 1 you expressed your ideas well again.

In Part 2 you introduced your topic well and gave sufficient detail
at the beginning so I could create a picture of your TV presenter.
You also spoke well for 2 minutes about a topic that was
challenging for you.

In Part 3 you answered the different questions well in plenty of

detail, although some of your ideas were a little repetitive (role
modal and motivating)

Throughout the test you used some excellent linking/cohesive


…according to that…
…in fact, I don’t remember…
Apart from this…
As I told you…
Firstly I should say that…
…I mean to say…

You occasionally lose fluency as you have problems looking for

specific words or phrases (when you talk about the weather in
Part 1). At other times you lose fluency as you search for
ideas/content (when you talk about the skills of a TV presenter),
which is more acceptable for a higher score.

You could think about adding some interesting sentence starters

in Part 3 – see the 2 attached pdf files in your email for ideas.

Vocabulary Comment

Score 7 An excellent variety of words and phrases are used throughout.

Here are some notable words that you have chosen:

Warm jackets and all

Around maybe 10 years back
Sense of humour
Cracks jokes casually

Overall your words are well chosen which makes your

descriptions and explanation precise – you generally have the
words you need rather than having to explain around something.

However, there are several occasions where you have used the
singular form rather than the plural form (especially when talking
about person rather than people). I think these kinds of errors
probably prevent you from achieving a score 8 as they are
considered basic errors.

Grammar Comment

Score 7 Throughout the test you produce accurate structures, both simple
and complex. However, there are instances where you make
mistakes in more complex structures. Below is an example of
some of your structures that highlight your ability to use these
complex sentences, with your errors highlighted and corrected:

If I lose my phone so I (will) lose a (?) I guess

I like the way he asks questions
He gets (on) well along with people
He doesn’t looks like that he’s tense
Of course in (the) future if I get (the) chance I will (would like to)
meet him

You also use some more complex sentences accurately:

They should also consider to whom they are speaking to…

…and entertainment is of course required in people’s life (lives)

To move into the next score leveI would recommend trying to

force yourself to include relative clause structures, conditional
sentences and some passive. How?

Relative clauses
An easy way to include them is to get some fixed phrases in your
head which can be used in any situation:

There are some people who believe that (celebrities are

beneficial to society because…)

There are many skills that a news TV presenter should have, and
one is good communication.
I remember the time when I was…

Use these to illustrate your answers with examples – especially
easy in part 3.

For example, if a celebrity smokes, this may encourage people…

If the Government invested more money in…., we could…

There are some fixed phrases that use passive, and can be used
to answer so many questions in this section.

It can be argued that celebrities are role modals for society, and
therefore they should…

It can be seen that….

Pronunciation Comment

Score 6 I believe at times we may lose connection during the test so that I
can’t always catch the words you use. Obviously in a face to
face exam this won’t be a problem.

I definitely believe that your forced technique to speak slowly for

the test is working to your advantage – keep it up. And using
your hand movements to remind you is essential as on the day
you will probably feel very nervous and may forget.

I like your idea of using the exam listening tapescripts to listen

and follow the words. Don’t forget to stop and repeat aloud what
you hear so that you really are working on your pronunciation
rather than just listening.

So even though I feel that this test is an improvement on your first attempt, I still
believe you would achieve a score of 6.5 (although a strong 6.5)

To move to a higher level think about the suggestions I have made for your
Fluency/Coherence score and Grammar score. If you can implement these changes
we can move you up to a possible 8 in these sections, which should improve your
score to an overall 7.