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List of Indian Institutions

with Research Areas

List of Indian Institutions with Research Areas
(This is only a suggestive list of Indian institutions which may be suitable for joint research
opportunity to scientists interested to apply for Fellowship under RTF-DCS Programme. The
applicants are however free to approach any other institutions in India relevant to their areas
of interest)

Number of Institutes listed in this document

S.No Areas of Research Total

I. Agricultural Sciences 66
II. Biological and Medical Sciences 60
III. Chemical Sciences 09
IV. Physical Sciences and Mathematics 16
V. Earth Sciences 16
VI. Engineering Sciences 23
VII. Materials, Minerals and Metallurgy 09
VIII. Multi-disciplinary and Other Areas 17
Total 216

No. Name of Institution Research Areas Contact Person

I Agricultural Sciences
I.I Indian Agricultural Genetics & Plant Breeding; Plant Dr. I. Sekar, Principal
Research Institute Pathology; Microbiology; Post Scientist & In-charge PME
(IARI), New Delhi Harvest Technology Tel.: +91-11-25842416
( Email:
I.2 Indian Institute of Horticultural Research: Dr. M. Krishna Reddy
Horticultural Research, Biotechnology; Entomology; Mobile:+91-9449671343
Bangalore, Karnataka Pathology Email:
I.3 Agharkar Research Biodiversity & Palaeobiology, Dr. K. M. Paknikar, Director
Institute, Bioenergy, Bioprospecting, Tel.: +91-20-25654357
Pune, Maharashtra Development Biology, Genetics Email:
( & Plant Breeding,

I.4 National Research Centre Meat animal and meat Dr. V. V. Kulkarni, Director
on Meat, inspections; Fresh meat Tel.: +91-40 -27204541,
Boddupal, Hyderabad Technology; Processed meat 27201674, Extn: 201
( Technology Fax: +91-40 -27201672
I.5 National Dairy Research Dairy & Food Technology; Dr. A. K.Srivastava, Director
Institute, Dairy Microbiology; Artificial Tel.: +91-184-2252800
Karnal, Haryana Animal Breeding; Animal Email:
( Reproduction; Animal
Biotechnology; Animal
Genomics; Animal Nutrition
I.6 National Bureau of Plant Plant Genetic Resources (PGR) Dr. I.S. Bisht, Principal
Genetic Resources Management and Use, Policy Scientist & Professor
(NBPGR), Issues on Exchange of Genetic Tel.: +91-11-25843697
New Delhi Resources: Quarantine, IPR; Mobile: +91-9873425491
( Assessing Economic Value; Email:,
Conflicts over Ownership
Management and Use; National
and International Treaties / Dr. K.V. Bhat, Principal
Legislation; CBD, IT-PGRFA, Scientist and Officer-in-
GPA, PVP&FR Act, Biodiversity Charge, Division of Genomic
Act etc, Genomics and Resources
Bioinformatics: Genomic Tel: 011-25849214, 9208,
Resources Generation, Use and 3296 Ext. 264
Conservation, GM Crops; GM Email:
Detection Techniques

I.7 Forest Research Institute Forest Management, Dr. P.S. Rawat, Scientist - D,
(FRI), Menstruation and JFM Research Coordination
Dehradun, Uttarakhand Silviculture, Agro Forestry and Section
( Urban Forestry, Climate Change, Tel.: +91-135-2224353
Wood Science and Technology, Email:
Biodiversity Conservation, Forest
Protection, Chemistry of Natural Dr. Sadhna Tripathi,
Product, NWFP; Ecology and Scientist F
Environment, Forest Genetics Tel.: 0135-2224398
and Tree Propagation Email:
I.8 Institute of Forest Tree improvement; Bamboo Dr. Mathish Nambiar –
Genetics and Tree Cultivation; Bio-prospecting of Veetil
Breeding, Forest Natural Resources; Gene Tel.: +91-422- 2450542
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu function Analysis and Transgenic Mobile:+91- 9488167842
( for Salt and Insect Tolerance in Email:
Trees; Climate Change
Adaptation Research in Trees
with Specific Reference to
Elevated CO2; Tree Physiology
and Seed Biochemistry; Seed
Science & Technology; Species
Recovery Research on
Threatened Species; Insect
Diversity in relation to Tree
Cultivation; Biopesticides;
Techniques in Mycorrhizae/
Beneficial Microbes
(Biofertilizers); Non Timber
Forest Produce and Tree Borne
Oil Seeds Genetics; Plant
I.9 Tropical Forest Development of Agro-forestry Director or Head Extension
Research Institute, models; Genetics and Plant Divison
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh Propagation; Forest Pathology; Tel.: +91-761-2840483,
( Silviculture and joint Forest 2840627
Management; Sustainable Fax: +91-761-2840483
harvesting and cultivation Email:
techniques; Forest Entomology;
Forest Ecology and rehabilitation;
studies on plant diversity,
enthnobotany, ecotones,
influence of climate change on
biodiversity, documentation of
indigenous traditional knowledge
of plant resources
I.10 Central Soil Salinity Reclamation and Management of Dr. D. K. Sharma, Director
Research Institute, Salt Affected Soils; Physics and Tel.: +91-184-2290501
Karnal, Haryana Chemistry of Saline and Sodic Email:
( Soils; Assessment of Salt
Affected Soils through Remote Dr. T. Damodaran, Regional
Sensing and GIS; Conservation Research Station, Lucknow
Agriculture and Integrated Email:
Nutrient Management on Salt
Affected Soils; Enhancing Water Dr. Parbodh Chander
Productivity through Multi Sharma, Principal Scientist
Enterprise Agriculture; Tel.: +91-184-2209329
Management of Poor Quality Email:
Waters in Agriculture and Other
Land Uses; Bio-Remediation of
Waste Waters; Bio-Drainage for
Controlling Water Logging and
Soil Salinity; Carbon
Sequestration Potential in Saline
Environment under Changing
Climatic Conditions; Solid Waste
Management for Soil
I.11 Indian Veterinary Veterinary Research: Molecular Dr. P. Joshi, Acting Joint
Research Institute Diagnosis for Animal Diseases; Director
(IVRI), Rumen Microbes and Their Role Mobile: +91-9897279493
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh in Feed Degradation; Fracture Email:
( Management in Large Animals;
Rapid Detection of Food Borne
and Zoonotic Pathogens; Stem
Cell Research and Therapeutic
I.12 Central Institute of Post- Post-Harvest Engineering: Dr. R.K. Gupta, Head (FG &
Harvest Engineering & Rapid Evaluation of Food Quality OP)
Technology, and Safety; Packaging and Mobile: +91-9872859024
Ludhiana, Punjab Storage of Agricultural Produce Email:
( and Products; Extrusion
Processing Technology; Micro-
encapsulation; Milling of Food
Grains and Oilseeds
I.13 Central Marine Fisheries Marine fish catch estimation Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan,
Research Institute, through Multistage Stratified Director
Kochi, Kerala Random Sampling; Marine Fish Tel.: +91-484-2394798
( Stock Assessment; Ecosystem Fax: +91-484-2394909/
Approaches to Fisheries 2396685
Management (EAFM); Email:
Taxonomy of Marine Finfish,
Shellfish, Corals, Sponges and
Marine Mammals; Cage culture
of Marine fish and Integrated
Multitrophic Aquaculture
(IMTA); Marine Bivalve farming;
Mabe pearl production from pearl
oyster; Breeding and seed
production of marine food and
ornamental fish; GIS application
in capture fisheries; Remote
sensing and GIS for marine
fisheries resource management;
Carbon foot print and life cycle
analysis in marine environment;
Vulnerability Assessment and
livelihood analysis; Artificial
Reef for conservation and
resource management; Fish age
estimation; Bionomics of marine
fish and shellfish; Genetic stock
structure analysis using advanced
molecular markers; DNA
Barcoding of marine organisms;
Functional genomics; Marine fish
cell line development; Disease
diagnosis of marine organisms;
Feed formulation and fish
nutrition; Marine Bio-prospecting
and development of
nutraceuticals; Proximate
composition analysis of finfish
and shellfish; Economic valuation
of marine biodiversity; Gender
mainstreaming in fisheries; Fish
supply chains; Policy analysis and
I.14 Central Institute of Harvest and Post-harvest Dr. S. Balasubramaniam,
Fisheries Technology, Technology Development in HOD, Extension Division
Kochi, Kerala Fisheries - Fishing Technology; Tel.: +91-484-2666845, Extn:
( Fish Processing Technology; Fish 316
Biochemistry & Nutrition; Email:
Microbiology; Biotechnology and
Fermentation; Quality Assurance
& Management; Fishery
Engineering and Fisheries
Extension; Economics &
I.15 Central Institute of Aquaculture and Molecular Dr. J. K. Sundaray, Principal
Freshwater Aquaculture, Endocrinology; Fish Genetics and Scientist & Head of Division-
Bhubaneswar, Odisha Biotechnology; Soil and Water Fish Genetics &
( Quality Management for Biotechnology
Freshwater Aquaculture Mobile: +91-9437166872
Practices; Feed and Feed Email:,
Management Technology;
Immunology, Nanotechnology
and Immunodiagnostics
I.16 Dr. B.V Rao Institute of Poultry Housing; Poultry Dr. Hingane, Director,
Poultry Management and Management Tel.: +91-20-26926320, +91-
Technology, Poultry Nutrition; Poultry Health 20-26926321, +91-20-
Pune, Maharashtra 26926509
( Fax: +91-20-26926508,
rvices/dr-bv-rao-institute- 24332287, 24337760
of-poultry-management- Email:
technology/) ,
I.17 Kerala University of Fisheries; Ocean Studies & Dr. K. Dinesh, Assistant
Fisheries and Ocean Technology; Ocean Engineering; Professor & Head, Fisheries
Studies (KUFOS), Climate Variability & Aquatic Station
Panagadh, Kerala Ecosystems; Management & Mobile: +91-9446032977
( Social Sciences Fax:+91-484-2502587
I.18 Central Avian Research Poultry Production; Poultry Dr. J.M Kataria, Director,
Institute, Nutrition; Poultry Health Tel.: 91-581-2301261(O)
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh Fax: +91-581-2301321
( Email:
I.19 Directorate of Sorghum Sorghum related Research Dr. J.V Patil, Director,
Research, Tel.:+91 -040 – 24015349,
Hyderabad, Andhra +91 -040 – 24018651
Pradesh Fax: +91 -040 – 24016378
( Email:
I.20 Central Arid Zone Rodent Control, Arid Legumes Dr. M.M Roy, Director
Research Institute, Tel.: +91-291-2786584
Jodhpur, Rajasthan Fax: +91-291- 2788706
( ) Email:
I.21 Central Potato Research Development of Varieties; Dr Bir Pal Singh, Director
Institute, Sustainable Technologies for Tel.:+ 91-177-2625073
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh enhancing Productivity & Fax: +91-177-2624460
( Utilization of Potato Email:,
I.22 Central Plantation Crops Crop Improvement; Production; Dr. George V. Thomas,
Research Institute, Protection; Plant Physiology Director
Krishnapuram, Kerala Biochemistry & PHT; Social Tel.: + 91-177-2625073, + 91-
( Science 4994-232333 (O), Ext: 222
Mobile: 9446051847
I.23 Indian Institute of Crop Agricultural Process Engineering; Dr. K. Singaravadivel
Processing Technology, Incubation Center for Processing Director
Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu of Horticultural Crops; Extrusion Tel.: + 91-4362-228155,
( Technology; Processing of + 91-4362-226676
Cereals, Pulses and Millets; Food Mob.: + 91-9750968410
Microbiology; Fermentation; Fax: + 91-4362 227971
Agricultural Waste and Email:
Byproduct Utilization; Food
Safety and Quality Testing; Food
Storage; Packaging Technology;
Drying; Processing of Spices and
Plantation Crops; Functional
Foods and Nutraceuticals; Food
Product Development; On-farm
and Rural-Level Gadgets for
Food Processing; Renewable
Energy for Food Processing;
Technology Dissemination
I.24 Indian Institute of Applied research for developing Dr. B. Singh, Director
Vegetable Research, technologies to enhance Tel.: + 91-542-2635247, + 91-
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh productivity of vegetable crops; 542-2635236
( their nutrient quality; post harvest Fax: + 91-544-3229007
management and value addition Email:
I.25 Central Sheep and Wool Sheep and Wool Research Dr. S.M.K. Naqvi, Director
Research Institute, Tel.: +91-1437- 220162, +91-
Avikanagar, Rajasthan 1437- 240490, +91-1437-
( 220295 (R) Fax: +91-1437- 220163
p) Email:,
I.26 Directorate of Cashew Cashew research Prof. P.Saroj, Director
Research, Tel.: +91-8251 - 231530, +91-
Puttur, Karnataka 8251 - 230902, +91-8251 -
( 236490 (O)
Fax: +91-8251–234350
I.27 National Bureau of Fish Development of fish databases; Dr. J.K. Jena, Director
Genetic Resources genetic characterization; gene Tel.: (0522) 2442440,
(Indian Council of banks; fish germplasm and habitat 2442441
Agricultural Research), inventory; risks analysis of exotic Fax: (0522) 2442403
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh species; diagnostics for OIE Email:,
( notified pathogens; aquatic,
microbes and other areas of
germplasm conservation with
special focus on threatened;
prioritized and exotic fish species
I.28 Central Tuber Crops Development of agro techniques Dr. S.K. Chakrabarti,
Research Institute, for tuber crops; development of Director
Thiruvananthapuram, new varieties of tropical tuber Tel.: 0471-2598431
Kerala crops; Development of plant Fax: 0471-2590063
( protection technologies; Email:
Development of processing
technologies to add value to tuber
crops and machinery for cost
effective processing
I.29 International Crops Crops genomics and molecular Dr. Rajeev K Varshney,
Research Institute for the breeding Research Program Director-
Semi-Arid Tropics, Grain Legumes and Director,
(ICRISAT) Center of Excellence in
Hyderabad, Telangana Genomics
( Tel.: 040-30713305
I.30 National Centre for Pest Management Dr. Lal Bahadur Shastri
Integrated Pest Tel.: 91-11-25843935
Management (ICAR), Fax: 91-11-25841472
Delhi Email:
I.31 Indian Institute of Spices Collection, conservation, Dr. M. Anandaraj, Director
Research, evaluation and cataloging of Tel.: 91-9447132294
Kozhikode (Calicut), germplasm; Development of Email:
Kerala varieties of high yield, quality and
( resistance to biotic and abiotic
stresses through conventional and
biotechnological approaches;
Standardizing propagation
methods to ensure large scale
production and distribution of
high yielding genotypes;
Development of agrotechniques
for increasing production and
Integrated pest and disease
management; Post harvest
technology; Socio-economic
aspects of cultivation, marketing
and information dissemination in
spices; Investigation on
nutraceuticals and
pharmacokinetics aspects of
I.32 Kakatiya University, Plant tissue culture; Protoplast Dr. A.V. Rao, Head of the
Department of Culture; Embryo Rescue; In Biotechnology Department
Biotechnology and Vitro Mutagenesis; Genetic Tel.: 0091-0870-2461455
Department of Botany, Engineering; Molecular Biology; Email:
Warangal, Andhra Pradesh Transgenic Technology;
( Transplastome Technology; Root-
knot Nematode interactions; Prof. A Ragan,
Nitrogen fixation; Telomerase Department of Botany
and Cancer Detection; Email:
Biomedical Studies;
Biodesulphurization and
Molecular Markers; Cytology;
Cytogenetics and Mutation
Breeding; Genetics and Plant
breeding; Comparative
Morphology; Chemotaxanomy
and Palynology; Reproductive
Biology; Phycology and
Hydrobiology; Mycology & Plant
Pathology; Microbiology;
Physiology & Tissue Culture;
Radiation Botany; Taxonomy and
Floristics; Ecology and Plant
Biotechnology and Genetic
I.33 Central Institute for Crop Improvement, Crop Dr. K. R. Kranthi, Director
Cotton Research, Production, Crop Protection, Post Email:
Nagpur, Maharashtra Harvest Technology
I.34 Central Institute for Improvement in Ginning of Dr. P. G. Patil, Acting
Research on Cotton cotton; Improvement and Quality Director
Technology (CIRCOT), Evaluation of Fibre; Yarn and Email:
Mumbai, Maharashtra Fabric; Finishing and Dyeing of
( Cotton with Natural and
Environment Friendly Agents;
Utilisation of Cotton Plant
Residues for Production of Value
Added Products; Development of
Entrepreneurship for Utilisation
of CIRCOT Technologies
I.35 Directorate of Cashewnut Cocoa production and processing Dr. Venkatesh N. Hubballi,
& Cocoa, Director & Transparency
Agri, Kerala Officer
(www. Tel.: 0484 - 2377151 (O)
Fax: 0484-2377239
Email :
I.36 National Research Center Genetic engineering for biotic Dr. T. R. Sharma, Project
on Plant Biotechnology, resistance; exploitation of Director
Pusa Campus, New Delhi heterosis for enhancement of crop Tel.: 011-25848783, 011-
( productivity; molecular breeding 25841787, 011-25843554
to unlock the genetic potential Fax: +91 +11 25843984
from diverse germplasm and Email:,
integrate in cultivated crop
varieties; various crop and
microbe genome sequencing
I.37 Tamil Nadu Veterinary Animal Biotechnology; Animal Director of Research
and Animal Sciences Sciences(Research); Animal Tel.: +91-44-2555 1583
University, Health EPBX: +91-44-2555
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 1586/1587
( Email:
I.38 National Institute of Epidemiological investigation of Dr H. Rahman
Veterinary Epidemiology livestock diseases; National Tel.: +91 80 2351 4330, 2341
and Disease (NIVEDI), Animal Disease Referral Expert 9576 / 2341 2531
Bengaluru, Karnataka System ; Prevalence of Leptospira Email:
( inadai subspecies in man and
animals in India identified

I.39 Indian Institute of Soil Environmental soil science; Soil Dr. A.K. Patra, Director,
Science, (IISS), Chemistry and fertility; Study of Tel.: 0755-2730946
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Organic and inorganic nutrient Fax: 0755-2733310
( sources affect soil biological Email:,
activity; effect on runoff; soil and
nitrogen losses; Crop
productivity in organic farming;
Soil physics.
I.40 Department of Zoology, Pesticide toxicology; Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh
University of Delhi, bioremediation of pesticide Tel.: 91-11-27667191 (Office)
Delhi molecules and heavy metals; soil Email:
( microbial ecology; soil microbial,
taxonomy; soil health and soil
fertility; waste water treatment;
food and feed traceability
I.41 University of Develop crop varieties resistant to Dr. M. A Shankar, Director
Agricultural Sciences, pests; diseases and drought Tel.: +91 80-2333 0206, +91
Bellary Road, Bangalore 80-2333 0153 (Ext. 215), +91
( 94498 66903, +91 80-2333
) 0206
I.42 Sugarcane Breeding Breeding of superior sugarcane Dr. N.V Nair, Director
Institute, ICAR, varieties/ genotypes; crop Email:
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu improvement; production and
(http://www.sugarcane.res. protection aspects of sugarcane
in/) Dr. R. Viswanathan, Head,
Division of Crop Protection
I.43 National Institute of Structural and Functional Prof. Akhilesh Kumar
Plant Genome Research Genomics in plants; Tyagi, Director
(NIPGR), Computational Biology; Genome Tel.: 011-26742267,
New Delhi Analysis and Molecular Mapping; 26735169
( Molecular Mechanism of Abiotic Fax: 011-26741759
Stress Responses; Nutritional Email: ,
Genomics; Plant Development
and Architecture; Plant Immunity;
Molecular Breeding; Transgenics
for crop improvement and other
emerging areas based on plant
I.44 National Centre for Agricultural technology policy; Dr. Ramesh Chand, Director
Agricultural Economics Sustainable agricultural systems; Tel.: 91-11- 25847628,
and Policy Research Markets and trade; Institutional 25848731
(NCAP), change; Agricultural growth and Fax: 91-11-25842684
New Delhi modeling Email:
I.45 Kerala Forest Research Fungicidal management of quick Dr. K Yesodharan, Scientist
Institute, wilt disease; Macrofungal flora of C, Botany Department, Forest
Thrissur District, Kerala Peechi and Vazhani Wildlife Ecology and Biodiversity
( Sanctuary; Biodiversity of plant Conservation Division
pathogenic fungi in the Kerala Mobile: 9961490250
part of the Western Ghats; Email:
Ecosystem structure; biodiversity;
human dimensions and their
linkages of Iringole sacred
groves; Conservation of the
critically endangered tree
Syzygium palghatense Gamble
(Myrtaceae) in the Western Ghats
I.46 Department of Veterinary Parasitology Prof. Lachhman Das Singla,
Veterinary Parasitology, Professor & Head
College of Veterinary Tel.: +91-161-2414029
Science, Guru Angad Email:,
Dev Veterinary and
Animal Sciences
Ludhiana, Punjab
I.47 Indian Institute Evaluation of locally adapted Dr. S. K. Duttamajumder,
of Sugarcane Research, sugarcane varieties with improved Head, Division of Crop
Raibarel, Lucknow yield and quality as well as Protection
( resistance to biotic and abiotic Email:
stresses; Development of package,
of practices for higher cane sugar
production; Development of low
cost technologies for sugarcane Email of the Director:
production; Intensifying and
extending the networking facility
and information generation for
transfer of technology to the
farmers and sugar industry
I.48 National Institute of Basic and strategic research on Dr. P.S. Minhas, Director
Abiotic Stress management of abiotic stresses of Email:
Management, crop plants, animals, fishes and
Pune, Maharashtra micro-organisms through genetic,
( biotechnological and nano
technological tools and
agronomic methods for enhanced
sustainable productivity,
food/feed quality and farm
profitability adopting integrated
interdisciplinary approaches
I.49 National Bureau of Parasitic Hymenoptera Dr. Ankita Gupta, Scientist,
Agriculturally Important (Chalcidoidea & Division of Insect Systematics
Insects, Ichneumonoidea)- Biodiversity; Tel.: 080-2351 1982, Extn.
Bangalore, Karnataka systematic; host-parasitic wasps 336
( association/interactions & Email:
molecular characterization
I.50 Central Institute Development of techno- Dr. G. Gopikrishna, Principal
of Brackishwater Aquacu economically viable and Scientist & Scientist In-charge,
lture, sustainable culture systems for Nutrition, genetics and
Chennai, Tamil Nadu finfish and shellfish in biotechnology division
( brackishwater; repository of Tel.: +91- 044 - 24618817, Ext
information on brackishwater – 411
fishery resources with a,
systematic database,
I.51 Central Institute of Diversification of aquaculture; Dr. W.S. Lakra, Director and
Fisheries Education, Biodiversity assessment and VC
Mumbai, Maharashtra conservation; Application of Tel.: 91-22-
( Nanotechnology and 26363404/26374306
biotechnology; Nutraceuticals and Email:,
nutrigenomics; Genetic
Improvement and Genomics;
Climate Change and Adaptations;
Improved management of aquatic
animal health and environment;
Assessment and enhancement of
seafood quality; Livelihood and
food security of marginal farmers
I.52 Sri Venkateswara Ecology; Entomology; Animal- Dr. Vartika Mathur,
College, University of Plant interactions; Insect Assistant Professor, Dept. of
Delhi, Physiology and Plant vaccination Zoology
New Delhi Email:,
I.53 Kerala Agricultural Production activities based on Dr. Jayashree
University, land and water; including crop Krishnankutty, Associate
Thrissur, Kerala production (agriculture); animal Professor, College of
( husbandry; forestry and fishery Horticulture
through conducting; interfacing Email:
and integrating education;
research and extension in these
spheres of economic endeavour
I.54 Institute of Agricultural biotechnology Dr. P. Anand Kumar,
Biotechnology, Acharya research Director
N. G. Ranga Agricultural Email:
University, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh
I.55 Central Institute of Equipments for Commercial Dr K K Singh, Director
Agricultural Farming; Equipments for Email:
Engineering, Bhopal, Experimental Research
Madhya Pradesh
I.56 Central Inland Fisheries Understanding the ecology and Dr. A. P. Sharma, Director
Research Institute, production functions of inland Tel.: 91-033 25921190/
Kolkata, West Bengal water bodies; Ecosystem based 25921191
( fisheries management of
reservoirs and wetlands;
environmental changes and their
impacts on fisheries.
I.57 Central Institute of Sub- Conservation and documentation Dr. S. Rajan, Director (I/C)
Tropical Horticulture, of germplasm of subtropical Tel.: 0522-2841022, 0522-
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh fruits; Enhancing productivity of 2841024
( subtropical fruits; Post-harvest Email:,
management; crop improvement
and protection
I.58 Central Research Dryland agriculture; sustainable Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Rao,
Institute for Dryland farming systems in the rainfed Director
Agriculture, Hyderabad, areas; Agrometerology; Crop Tel.: 91-040-24532243,
Andhra Pradesh Sciences 24530161
( Email:,
I.59 Central Research Crop Improvement; Crop Dr. P. G. Karmakar, Director
Institute for Jute & Production; Crop Protection; Tel.: 033-25356121/6122
Allied Fibres, Agricultural research Email:
Kolkata, West Bengal
I.60 Chandra Shekhar Azad Integrated gene management; Dr. Har Gyan Prakash
University of Agriculture Integrated management of biotic Tel.: +91-512-2534156-60
& Technology, and abiotic stresses; Integrated Mobile: 9412156124
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh management of natural resources; Email:,
( Farming system research; Post
harvest handling and value
addition; Diversification of
agriculture and farm
mechanization; Application of
remote sensing; GIS & crop
modeling in agriculture
I.61 Chaudhary Charan Organic matter; Crop growth; Dr.R.K.Patel, Associate
Singh Haryana Waste management; Rice Director
Agricultural University, management; Networking of Tel.: 01662-244700
Hisar, Haryana Agricultural Market; Renewable Mobile : 94164-74518
( energy agricultural Email:
I.62 Maharashtra Animal & Goat rearing; Sustainable rural Dr. A. S. Bannalikar
Fisheries Sciences development; Pesticide Tel.: 0712-2511088, 0712-
University (MAFSU), monitoring; Molecular 2053658, 0712-2513004
Nagpur, Maharashtra epidemiology (Diseases); Email:
( Agricultural networking
I.63 Indian Institute of Pulses Genetics & Plant Breeding and Dr. Masood Ali, Director
Research (IIPR) Seed Science & Technology; Tel.: 0512-2570264, 2572011
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Plant Biotechnology; Agronomy Fax: 0512-2572582, 2572809
( and social science; ecology, Email:,
biology and management of
major insect pests; Crop
Physiology, Biochemistry,
Microbiology & Agricultural
Chemistry; Impact Assessment;
Socio-Economic Empowerment;
Innovative Extension Models;
Participatory Seed Production;
Supply and Demand Analysis;
Costs and Benefits Analysis;
Development of Online
Information Systems; Crop
Estimation using G.I.S. & Remote
Sensing Techniques;
Development of Forecasting
I.64 National Research Centre Production, productivity and Dr JB Misra, Acting Director
for Groundnut quality of groundnut; repository Tel.: 0285-2673382
(NRCG), of groundnut germplasm and Fax: 0285-2672550
Junagarh, Gujarat information on groundnut Email:,
( research
I.65 Directorate of Soybean Quality and quantitative research Dr S.K. Srivastava, Director
Research (DOSR), on soybean; Socio-economic Tel.: 0731-2476188
Indore, Madhya Pradesh research Email:,
I.66 Bharathiar University, Plant Genetic Engineering Dr. R. Sathishkumar,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Group Leader/ Asst. Professor,
(http://www.b- Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory
ish.pdf) Department of Biotechnology
Tel: +91 9360151669

II Biological and Medical Sciences

II.1 Indian Institute of Medicinal Chemistry: Natural Dr. A.K. Saxena
Integrative Medicine, Products Chemistry (Plants & Tel.: +91-191-2565126
Jammu, J&K Microbes); Pharmacology Mobile: +91-9419131757
( (Cancer, Inflammation, Immuno- Email:
II.2 International Centre for Mammalian Biology; Plant Director
Genetic Engineering and Biology; Synthetic Biology and Tel.: +91-11-26742317, +91-
Biotechnology (ICGEB), Biofuels 11-26741358/61, +91-11-
New Delhi 26742357/60 (EPBX)
( Fax: +91-11-26742316
II.3 Adyar Cancer Institute, Cancer Immunotherapy; Dr. T. Rajkumar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Hereditary Cancers; Biomarker Tel.: +91-44 22350340
(www.cancerinstitutewia.i Discovery; Targeted therapy for Email:
n) cancer; Evaluation of plant,
products for anti-cancer activity
II.4 Tata Memorial Centre, Comparative effectiveness and Dr. Rajendra A.Badwe
Mumbai, Maharashtra outcomes research; Clinical Tel.: +91-22-24168601
( Research Methodology; Cancer Email:
Registries; Cancer epidemiology;
Molecular Epidemiology; Dr. Shyam. K. Shrivastava,
Mutational genotyping of solid Prof. & Head, Department of
tumors; Clinical Pharmacology; Radiation Oncology
Tumor immunology; Sequencing Tel.: 91 22 24177163
and bioinformatics; Protein Fax: 91 22 24146937
interactions; Stem cell biology; Email:
Circulating tumor cell
technology, radiation oncology
II.5 National Institute of Epidemiology; Basic Virology; Dr. Cecilia D, Scientist E
Virology, Diagnostics; Molecular Tel.: +91-20-26127301/4
Pune, Maharashtra Evolution; Immunology and Email:
( Pathogenesis for Viruses of
Public Health Importance, viz.
Influenza, Avian
Influenza, Hepatitis A, B, C, E,
Rotavirus, Enteroviruses,
Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue
and Measles (excluding HIV)
II.6 Center for DNA Computational Biology / Dr Ankkur Goel
Fingerprinting and Bioinformatics: Protein Structure; Tel.: +91-40- 24749363
Diagnostics, Dynamics and Interactions; Email:
Hyderabad, Andhra Epigenetic
II.7 Institute of Life Sciences, Infectious Disease; Immune Dr. B.P. Shaw
Bhubaneswar, Odisha Biology; Cancer Biology; Tel.: +91-674- 2300137,
( Nanotechnology Extn.: 213
II.8 Centre for Cellular & Biomedicine and Biotechnology; Dr. M. R. Vishnu Priya
Molecular Biology, Genetics & Evolution, Genomics; Tel.: +91-40-27192587
Hyderabad, Andhra Cell Biology & Development; Email:,
Pradesh Molecular Biology and Structural
( Biology; Biochemistry &
Biophysics; Infectious Diseases;
Computational Biology &
II.9 Indian Institutes of Microbial Ecology; Marine Dr. Punyasloke Bhadury
Science Education & Molecular Ecology; Marine Tel.: +91-9748612934
Research, Biology Email:
Kolkata, West Bengal
II.10 Center for Biosepara- Protein Separation Technology; Prof. M.A. Vijayalakshmi
tion Technology, VIT Proteomics; Monoclonal Tel.: +91-416-2202375
University, Antibody Production by Mobile: +91-9443311374
Vellore, TamilNadu Hybridoma Technology for Email:,
( Diagnosis; Recombinant
Antibody/Antibody Fragments
Production for Diagnosis;
Immuno-Technology for
Autoimmune Diseases
II.11 National Brain Research Brain Research; Neuroscience Mr. Kameshwar Rao,
Centre, Research Registrar
Manesar, Gurgaon Tel.: + 91-124-2845200,
( Extn.: 345
II.12 National Centre for Virology, Molecular Diagnostics Dr. Archana, Consultant
Disease Control, in Communicable Diseases Epidemiologist
New Delhi Email:
II.13 Central Food Food Science and Technology Dr. M.C. Varadaraj, Chief
Technological Research Scientist & Coordinator
Institute, International S&T Unit
Mysore, Karnataka Email:
Dr. Prakash Halami, Senior
Principal Scientist, Department
of Food Microbiology
II.14 Sree Chitra Tirunal Biomedical Imaging; Health Dr. K. Shivakumar,
Institute for Medical Systems; Reproductive Health; Associate Dean, Research and
Sciences & Tech. Health Informatics; Medical Publication
Trivadrum, Kerala Devices Engineering; Tel.: + 91-471- 2524593
( Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering Email:
and Regenerative Technology
Dr. Kamalesh K Gulia,
Scientist-Incharge, Sleep
Disorders Research Lab,
Comprehensive Center for
Sleep Disorders
Tel.: + 91 4712520298
Fax: + 914712341814
Mobile: 09048344712
II.15 Central Institute of Agronomy & Soil Sciences; Dr. Chandra Shekhar
Medicinal and Aromatic Biotechnology; Chemical Nautiyal, Director
Plants, Sciences; Crop Protection; Tel.: +91-522- 2205848
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Genetics & Plant Breeding; Plant Fax: +91-522-2205839
( Biology Email:,
II.16 National Botanical Plant Diversity; Systematics & Dr. Chandra Shekhar
Research Institute, Herbarium; Plant Ecology & Nautiyal, Director
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Environmental Sciences; Genetics Tel.: +91-522 -2205848
( & Molecular Biology; Plant Fax: +91 -522-2205839
Microbe Interaction & Email:,
II.17 Central Drug Research Drug Discovery & Development; Dr. Madhu Dikshit , Director,
Institute, Cancer & related areas; Tel.: +91-522-2771940
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh CNS/CVS & other Disorders; Fax: +91-522-2771941
( Malaria & other Parasitic Email:
Diseases; Reproductive Health;
Diabetes & Energy Metabolism;
Tuberculosis & Microbial
infections; Safety & Clinical
II.18 Indian Institute of Nanotherapeutics & Dr. K.C Gupta, Director
Toxicology Research, Nanomaterials Toxicology; Tel.: +91-522-2621856, +91-
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Environmental Toxicology; 522- 2628227, +91-522-
( Regulatory Toxicology; Food; 2613357 (Direct)
Drug & Chemical Systems Fax: +91-522-2628227, +91-
Toxicology; Health Risk 522-2611547
Assessment Email:
II.19 National Institute of Infection And Immunity; Dr. Chandrima Shaha,
Immunology, Molecular Design; Gene Director
New Delhi Regulation and Reproduction and Tel.: +91-11-26703626
( ) Development Email:
II.20 Institute of Genomics and Genomics and Molecular Dr. Rajesh S. Gokhale,
Integrative Biology, Medicine; Respiratory Disease Director
New Delhi Biology; Genome Informatics Tel.: +91-11- 27662798, +91-
( and Structural Biology; Energy 11 -27662407
and Environmental Fax: +91-11-27667 471
Biotechnology; Chemical & Email:
Systems Biology
II.21 Centre for Neuroscience, Neurobiology Of Disease; Neural Prof. Vijayalakshmi
Indian Institute of Control Of Action; Neural Ravindranath, Chairperson
Science, Development And Stem Cells; Tel.: +91-80-22933431
Bengaluru, Karnataka Neuronal Basis Of Object Fax: +91-80-23603323
(http://www.cns.iisc.ernet.i Recognition; Neural Mechanisms Email:
n/index.html) Of Selective Attention;
Neurobiology Of Learning And
Memory; Axon Growth And
Regeneration; Neural Stem Cells
And Differentiation
II.22 Sathyabama University, Biological Sciences; Dr. T. Sasipraba, Dean
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Biotechnology; Life- Sciences; Email:
(http://www.sathyabamaun Developmental Biology; deanoffice@sathyabamauniver Nanotechnology; Waste,
Management; Molecular registrar@sathyabamauniversit
Medicine; Climate Change
studies; Organismal and
Behavioural Biology

II.23 Guru Ghasidas Development and optimization of Dr. Vivekananda Mandal,

University (Central green low carbon print extraction Assistant Professor,
University), methods for natural products; Department of Pharmacy
Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh Standardization of medicinal Mobile: +91-7587472660
( plants; Reverse Pharmacology Email:
coupled bio-activity guided drug
discovery; Antioxidants and
nutraceuticals; Process
optimization and hyphenation;
Tandem spectroscopy
II.24 National Institute for Reproductive health; stem cell Dr. S.D. Kholkute, Director
Research in biology; toxicology and Tel.: +91-22-2419 2002
Reproductive Health, transgenesis Email:,
Mumbai, Maharashtra
II.25 Birla Institute of Pharmacy; Biological Sciences; Prof. P. Yogeeswari,
Technology & Science- Chemistry-Drug discovery, Professor, Department of
Pilani, Computer-aided drug design in Pharmacy
Hyderabad, Telengana the therapeutic areas of acute Tel.: +91-40-
(http://universe.bits- pain, neuropathic pain, 66303515(Direct), +91-40- neuroinflammatory disorders, 66303823(O)
diabetic neuropathy, tuberculosis, Mobile: +91-9705932091
and cancer Email:
Genetic markers for vulnerability Prof. Suman Kapur, Senior
to chronic human diseases; Professor, Department of
Screening strategies for low-cost Biological Sciences
settings; Medical devices for field Tel.: 040-66303563
deployment in low resource Email:
settings; Prevention of diseases skapur@hyderabad.bits-
through herbal/natural products
II.26 Bose Institute, Molecular and cellular Biology; Director
Kolkata, West Bengal Microbial genetics; Plant Tel.: (+91) (-33) 23557434
( molecular biology; Protein Email:
structure and function; Physical .in,
and Environmental sciences
II.27 Rajiv Gandhi Centre For Chronic Disease Biology; Professor M. Radhakrishna
Biotechnology, Infectious Disease Biology; Pillai
Thiruvananthapuram, Neurobiology and Genetics; Plant Tel.: +91-471-2347973
Kerala Disease Biology; Chemical Email:,
( Biology; Molecular Reproduction

Dr. Ruby John Anto,

Scientist F, Cancer Research
Program, Division of Cancer
II.29 National Insititute of Risk analysis of Mycotoxins, Dr. S. Vasanthi, Scientist ‘D',
Nutrition, safety assessment of GM foods Food and Drug Toxicology
Hyderabad, Andhra and development of analytical Research Centre
Pradesh methods and protocols for their Tel.: 91-40-27197280
( detection; evolving prevention Mobile: 09849865053
strategies for mould and Email:
mycotoxin contamination,
II.29 School of Bio Sciences Biomedical Genetics; Prof. C. Ramalingam, Dean,
and Technology, VIT Biotechnology; Microbiology; Tel.: 91 416 220 2574
University, Cell Biology; Recombinant DNA Email:
Vellore, Tamilnadu Technology and Bio-informatics
II.30 Jamia Hamdard Heavy metal and environmental Prof. Javed Ahmad, Faculty
University, stress on plants; air pollution and of Science - Department of
New Delhi impact on plant form; function Botany
( and medicinal properties; genetic Email:
characterization of medicinal
plants; ethnobotany and plant
systematic; meristematic Prof. Mohd. Ali, Faculty of
behaviour and secondary plant Pharmacy - Department of
growth; tissue culture studies for Pharmacognosy &
alkaloid production; Phytochemistry
multiplication and preservation of
endangered species; transmission
and application of variation in
plants; isolation; identification
and characterization of
biologically active constituents
II.31 Centre of Advanced Botany; Microbiology; Prof. Nandita Ghoshal
Study in Botany, Environmental Science; Plant Email:
Department of Botany, Ecology & Environmental,
Banaras Hindu Science; Ecological analysis of
University, organic matter dynamics of
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh terrestrial ecosystems especially
( agroecosystems, land use change,
restoration of degraded lands,
biofuel plantations: Carbon and
Nitrogen balance in soil, Land
management and climate change,
Greenhouse gas flux from soil,
Soil C sequestration, Sustainable
biological productivity,
II.32 School of Bio-Medical Biomedical Signal And Image Dr. A. K. Ray, Professor &
Engineering, Processing; Bio Coordinator,
Indian Institute Of Instrumentation; Artificial Email:
Technology (Banaras Intelligence; Biological Control,
Hindu University), System Analysis; Control System;,
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Polymer Nanocomposites;
( Polymer Chemistry; Block
Copolymers And Their
Biomedical Applications;
Hydrogels And Their Biomedical
Applications; Neurophysiology;
Electrophysiology; Biochemistry;
Biomaterials; Computational
Orthopedic Biomechanics; Sport
Biomechanics; Molecular
Biology of Infectious Diseases
and Tissue Engineering

II.33 Regional Medical Leptospirosis Diarrhoeal diseases; Dr. P. Vijaychari, Scientist-E

Research Centre, viral hepatitis; tuberculosis; Email:,
Dollygunj, Port Blair lymphatic filariasis and other
( vector borne diseases including
chikungunya; malaria and other
health problems of the indigenous
tribes of these Islands; Research
on chronic non-communicable
diseases including diabetes
mellitus and cardiovascular
diseases as well as on psycho-
social issues including alcoholism
post-traumatic stress syndrome
triggered by natural calamities
such as earthquake and
tsunami; Collection and collation
of information on traditional
medicine/folk lore practices of the
aborigines on medicinal plants
and sea weeds and their medicinal
II.34 Madras Diabetes Diagnosis; treatment; and Dr. V. Mohan, Director and
Research Foundation prevention of diabetes; study of Chief of Diabetic Research
(MDRF), ICMR atherosclerotic disease; Tel.: (91 -44) 43968888/
Advanced Centre for epidemiologic study 28359048/ 28359050/
Genomics of Diabetes, 28359051
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Email:
II.35 Indian Institute of Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Prof. Siddhartha Roy,
Chemical Biology Disorder Division; Cell Biology Director
(Council of Scientific & & Physiology; Chemistry; Drug Tel.: +91 33 2473 0492
Industrial Research), Development / Diagnostics & Fax: +91 33 2473 5197,
Kolkata, West Bengal Biotechnology; Infectious +91 33 2472 3967
( Diseases and Immunology; Email:
Molecular & Human
Genetics; Structural Biology & Dr. Syamal K. Dana, Senior
Bioinformatics Principal Scientist

Prof. Chitra Mandal

J.C. Bose National Fellow
Distinguished Biotechnology
Research professor

II.36 Division of Nutrition, St. Training and Mentoring in Prof. Anura V Kurpad, Head
John’s Research Nutrition Research Methods; Email:
Institute, Developmental Biology and
Bangalore, Karnataka Nutrition; Requirement of Macro
( and Micronutrients across Life
Cycle (Energy, Protein, Iron);
Body Composition Assessment;
Sarcopenia and Metabolic
Flexibility; Anaemia and
Haematopoiesis; Adolescent
II.37 University of Allahabad, Molecular biology of HIV-1; anti- Prof. Bechan Sharma,
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh HIV-1 drug design; toxicology; Department of Biochemistry,
( micronutrients and their role in Email:
oxidative stress; aging research,
and anti-aging interventions; and
natural product based anti-
Prof. Raghav Ram Tiwari,
Dept. of Zoology
II.38 Regional Cancer Centre Cancer Research Dr. Paul Sebastian, Director,
(RCC), Professor & Head of Dept.,
Thiruvananthapuram, Surgical Oncology
Kerala Tel.: +914712522222,
( 2522394 (Direct), Office:
II.39 Institute of Pharmacy Applications of Nanotechnology Prof. Bhupinder Singh
and Department of in Food Packaging Sekhon
Biotechnology, Punjab Tel.: +91 161 461 2388
College of Technical Fax: +91 161 288 8505
Education, Email:
Ludhiana, Punjab
II.40 VNS Group of Pharmaceutics; Pharmacology; Prof. R.S. Pawar, Dean-
Institutions, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Research
Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy and Mobile: 09826219429
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Phytochemistry Email:
II.41 Department of Cheminformatics & QSAR Head
Pharmaceutical Molecular Modelling; Synthetic
Technology, Jadavpur & Natural products Chemistry;
University, Novel drug delivery system;
Kolkata, West Bengal Nanomedicine; Cancer Biology;
( Microbiology & Drug resistance;
Molecular Pharmacology;
Biochemistry & molecular
mechanism; Formulation
II.42 JSS College of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis; Dr. Dhanabal Palaniswamy,
JSS University, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Professor and Principal
Mysuru, Karnataka Pharmaceutics; Pharmacognosy; Tel.: 9443095697
( Pharmacology; Pharmaceutical Email:
Chemistry; Phytopharmacy and
Phytomedicine Pharmacy Practice
II.43 Department of Microbial enzyme technology; Dr. M. Palaniswamy, Dean
Microbiology, food biotechnology; health care i/c,
Faculty of Arts, Science sciences and medicinal plant Tel.: 0422-6453777
and Humanities, research and cancer biology Fax: 0422-2980022
Karpagam University, Mobile: +91-9894736777
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Email:
II.44 Department of In vitro culture of medicinal Dr. Kalaiselvi Senthil,
Biochemistry, plants and gene expression Lecturer,
Biotechnology and analysis Email:,
Avinashilingam Institute
for Women,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
II.45 National Centre for Biochemistry, Biophysics & Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan,
Biological Sciences, Bioinformatics, Genetics & Assistant Professor,
Bangalore, Karnataka Development, Cellular Tel.: +91-80 –23666031
( Organisation & Signalling, Email:
Neurobiology, Theory And
Modelling Of Biological Systems,
Ecology And Evolution, C-Camp,
II.46 Zoology Department and Biodiversity conservation Dr. Juliet Vanitharani,
Research Centre, Sarah Professor and Head, Bat
Tucker College, Research Lab
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu Email:
II.47 Zoological Survey of Biodiversity conservation Director
Kolkata, West Bengal
II.48 All India Institute of Speech; Language; & Hearing; Dr. S.R. Savithri, Director
Speech & Hearing, Clinical Psychology; Special Email:
Mysuru, Karnataka Education; ENT; Electronics;
( Interdisciplinary; Survey; Socio-
II.49 School of Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Immunology and Prof. B. C. Tripathy, Dean
Jawaharlal Nehru Developmental Biology; Genetic, Tel.: 011‐26742916,
University, Genomics, Gene Regulation and 26704530, 26704558,
New Delhi RNA Biology; Molecular Biology 26704559
( and Biochemistry of Pathogens Fax: 011‐26742558
and Diseases; Neurobiology and Email:
Behavioral Biology; Plant,
Molecular Biology,
Biotechnology, and Photobiology;
Radiation and Cancer Biology;
Biophysical Chemistry;
Molecular Biophysics, and
Structural Biology
II.50 Centre for Chronic Cardio metabolic surveillance Dr. D. Prabhakaran,
Disease Control (CCDC), study; Genetic Research; Executive Director
Gurgaon, Haryana Clinical Trials & Translational Tel.: + 0124-4781400
( Research; epidemiology Email:
II.51 School of Biotechnology, Molecular biology and Genetic Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar,
Jawaharlal Nehru engineering; Molecular biology of Dean
University, infectious diseases; Immunology; Tel.: 26742040, 26742651,
New Delhi Protein Engineering, Protein 26742258
( stability, conformation and Email:
folding; Biochemical engineering,
optimization of recombinant
protein production and Metabolic
Engineering; Transcription
control and gene regulation in
prokaryotic and mammalian
systems; Structural biology and
bioinformatics; Molecular basis
of human viral diseases;
Molecular Cell biology; Cancer
cell biology: Diagnostics and
II.52 Special Centre for Bioinformatics and computer Prof. C.K. Mukhopadhyay,
Molecular Medicine, sciences; Environmental sciences Chairperson
Jawaharlal Nehru and physical sciences Tel.: 2673-8738
New Delhi
II.53 School of Computational Computational Genomics; Prof. Anirban Chakraborti,
and Integrative Sciences Development of Tools in Dean
(SC&IS), Jawaharlal Bioinformatics; Structure based Tel.: (91) 011 - 2674 1517 &
Nehru University, Bioinformatics and in silico Drug 2670 4171
New Delhi Discovery; Database Email:
( Management
Microarray Analysis and Data
mining; Systems Biology
II.54 Microbial Technology Molecular Biology Dr. Monisha Khanna,
Lab, Acharya Narendra Associate Professor in
Dev College, Zoology
New Delhi Email:
II.55 Department of Botany, Phytostratigraphy, Palyno- Prof. Subir Bera
University of Calcutta, stratigraphy; Ecostratigraphy Email:
Kolkata, West Bengal Palaeoclimate; Palaeoenviron-,
( ment; Palaeogeography Detection
of Palaeoshoreline & hydrocarbon
exploration Palaeomycology;
Archaeobotany; Entomo-
palynology; Melittopalynology;
Forensic Palynology; Copro-
Plant - Animal Interaction and
their co-evolution Ancient-DNA
analysis and

Biomarkers for assessing Prof. Anita Mukherjee

genotoxicity of natural and Email:
anthropogenic compounds
Nanotoxicology; m,
phytoremediation of flyash by anitamukherjee28@hotmail.c
Vetiver plant, Antimutagenic and om
anticlastogenic effects of some
plants of ethnobotanical
importance; Assessment of
cytogenetic damage and DNA
damage in vitro in human
lymphocytes induced by arsenic
and fluoride through drinking
water; Population cytology of
chromosome variants in the
family Asphodelaceae
II.56 Department of Anxiety Disorders, Dr. Neeraj Gilhotra,
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Fundamentals of Research in Associate Professor of
Maharshi Dayanand Cognitive Neuroscience, Pharmacology
University, Fundamentals of development of Tel: +91 -01262 - 393245
Rohtak, Haryana pre clinical models for Cognitive Mobile: +91 99967 88182 ,
( disorders, Pharmacological 86839 81558
Evaluation of novel compounds, Email: neerajmdu@rediffmail
Hands on training on .com
standardization of these Models,
Hands on training in Pre-clinical
protocols employed for
Pharmacological Evaluation of
novel compounds
II.57 Madras Diabetes Research Disease Biology, Bioprospecting Dr. M. Balasubramanyam,
Foundation (MDRF), of Herbal Drugs, Environmental Dean of Research Studies &
Gopalapuarm, Chennai Toxicants, Health, Food and Senior Scientist
(www.drmohansdiabetes.c Nutrition, Non-Communicable,
om) Diseases, study on ageing, Point
of Care (POC) Medical devices,
Science Popularisation
II.58 School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics, Drug Discovery Prof. Neeraj Upmanyu,
Research, (Formerly and Development, Dean and Head,
People’s Institute of Standardization of herbal Mob: +91-9425128642
Pharmacy and Research medicinal products, Isolation and Email:
Center), People’s characterization of drug
University, Bhopal (M.P.) molecules from natural sources,
[www.peoplesuniversity.ed Ethno pharmacological] investigations and Molecular
Pharmacology, Analytical method
development and validation,
Pharmaceutical Screening,
Synthetic and Natural Product
Chemistry, Cancer Biology,
Microbiology & Drug resistance,
Biochemistry and Molecular
II.59 Jawaharlal Nehru Computational Biology & Dr. Indira Ghosh,
University, New Delhi Bioinformatics, Infectious Coordinator, DBT-COE,
[] disease, Annotation of Enzymes School of Computational and
Integrative Sciences,
II.60 Centre for Scientific Novel therapeutics from plants & Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Thawani
Research and microbes, Epidemiological and Director, CSRD
Development, People’s biodiversity analysis, Enabling Tel : +91 (755) 4005202-
University, Bhopal, technologies for stem cell 4052
Madhya Pradesh research, Development of new Mobile : +918827302536
(www.peoplesuniversity.ed diagnostics methods or kits, Email: genetic engineering,
microbiology, molecular biology,
stem cell culture, research and
diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies
III Chemical Sciences
III.1 Indian Institute of Pharmaceutics & Drugs; Dr. C. B. Laksmi
Chemical Technology, Chemical Biology; Energy (Solar Tel.: +91-40 27193030
Hyderabad, Aandhra Coal); Fluoorganics; Lipid Email:,
Pradesh Science & Technology; Polymer
( & Functional Technology;
Chemical Engg. including
Membrance Technology;
III.2 Central Electrochemical Electrochemistry: Li Batteries; Er. R Meenakshisundaram,
Research Institute, Corrosion; Bio-Sensors; Sr. Principal Scientist
Karaikkudi, Tamil Nadu Functional Materials; Materials Mobile: +91-9442043392
( Electrochemistry; Electrocatalysis Email:
and Fuel Cells
III.3 Indian Institute of R&D for Downstream Sector of Dr. Anil K. Jain, Head
Petroleum, the Hydrocarbon Industry: International S&T Affairs and
Dehradun, Uttarakhand Petroleum Refining; Natural Gas; Training
( Petrochemicals; Chemicals and Tel.: +91-135-
Utilization of Petroleum Products: 2525751(O), +91-9897119578
Nanocatalysis; Hydro Processing; Email:,
Fluid Catalytic Cracking; Light
Stock Processing and Catalytic
Reforming; Natural Gas
Conversion / Gas-to-Liquid;
Aromatic Extraction; Sweetening;
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Quality
and Emission; Alternative Fuels
and Fuel Conservation;
Automotive Lubricants; Bio-mass
Conversion & Utilization; CO2
Capture; CO2 Conversion for
Fuel and Chemicals; Simulation
and Modelling etc.
III.4 Central Salt & Marine Salt and Marine Chemicals; Dr. Paramita Ray
Chemicals Research Inorganic Materials and Catalysis; Mobile: +91- 9377101096
Institute, Electro Membrane Processes; Email:
Bhavnagar, Gujarat Reverse Osmosis
( Dr. S. Haldar, Senior
Scientist, Marine Environment
Tel.: 91-278-2561354

Dr. C. R. K. Reddy, Chief

Scientist and Group Leader
III.5 National Chemical Chemical Science and Dr. Sourav Pal, Director
Laboratory, Engineering Tel.: +91-20- 25902600
Pune, Maharashtra Email:,
III.6 National Institute of Discovery of new chemical Prof. K. K. Bhutani,
Pharmaceutical entities (NCEs) from natural Officiating Director, Professor
Education and Research, products of terrestrial; microbial & Head, Natural Products
Mohali, Punjab and marine origin for therapeutic Email:
( purposes; Standardization and
quality control of herbal drugs
and products; Development of
chemical process technologies for
important natural products
involving isolation; semisynthesis
or synthesis
III.7 Institute of Nano Science Bio-inspired soft nanostructures; Prof. Ashok K. Ganguli,
and Technology, Bio-sensors and online Director
Mohali, Punjab diagnostics; Bio-targeting and Tel.: +91 172 2210073,75
( therapeutics; Microfluidics based Email:,
devices; Materials and devices
for energy storage and
harvesting; Device and thin film-
superstructure group;
Nanotechnology in Agriculture
and Rural Development;
Nanotoxicology; Porous nano
structures for water purification
and carbon dioxide sequestration;
Understanding phenomena at the
III.8 School of Chemical Organic and biomolecular Prof. Dr. A. D. Sagar,
Sciences, Marathwada chemistry; catalysis; theoretical Director
University, and computational chemistry; and Email:
Nanded, Maharashtra chemistry on the nanoscale
( Dr. P. K. Zubaidha,
III.9 Laboratory of Advanced Biopolymer; Fuel Cells; Polymer Tel.: +91-674-2740173, + 91-
Research in Polymeric Nanocomposite; Carbon 674-2742852
Materials, Nanotubes; Polymer Blends & Email:
Bhubaneswar, Orissa Alloys; E Waste Recycling
IV Physical and Mathematical Sciences
IV.1 Department of Physics, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Dr. B. Ray Chaudhuri,
Presidency University, and Its Applications (E. G. Associate Professor,
Kolkata, West Bengal Atmospheric and Environmental Department of Physics
( Studies, Spectral Library Email:
Development Etc.);
Spectroscopic Studies in
Laboratory within Ultraviolet–
Visible–Near-Infrared Range;
Physics & Techniques Of Remote
IV.2 Department of Physics, Crystal Growth; Nano-materials; Dr. A. Kingson Solomon
Karunya University, Nanofluids for Solar Power Jeevaraj, Assistant Professor,
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, generation systems; Dielectrics; Department of Physics
( Ultrasonics Tel.: Office: +91-422-2614300
Intercom : 4155
Mobile: +91-9842466973

Semiconductor nano-materials; Dr. M. Haris, Associate

Crystal Growth; Semiconductor Professor
thin films; Mobile: +91-9841848926

Dr. A. Abiram, Assistant

Professor, Department of
Tel.: 91-8870266237, 91-

M. Senthilkumar, Assistant
IV.3 Inter-University Nuclear Physics; Materials Dr. D. Kanjilal, Director
Accelerator Centre Science; Atomic and Molecular Dr. P. Sugathan, Scientist-H
(IUAC Delhi), Physics; Radiation Biology (Program Leader)
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg Mobile: +91-9711127307
New Delhi 110067 Email:,
IV.4 Institute of Mathematical Mathematics; Theoretical Professor R. Ramanujam,
Sciences, Physics; Theoretical Computer Tel.: +91-44- 2254 3269
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Science and Computational Email:
( Biology; Models of Glacier
Melting; Indus Valley Script; Prof. V. Raman
Physics of Arrhythmia in Heart; Email:,
Algorithms for Stock Market
IV.5 National Physical Materials for Energy Harvesting; Dr. Ajay Dhar, Head, Metals
Laboratory, Polymeric Materials including & Alloys Group &
New Delhi Conducting Polymers; Carbon- Chairman, Academic
( Based Materials & Their Committee
Composites; Light Weight Tel.: +91-11-45609456, +91-
Structural Materials; Nano- 11-45609455
Materials & Their Composites; Mobile: +91-9899876476
Optical Thin Films; Luminescent Email:
Materials and Superconducting
Materials as well as Their Related
Components & Devices
IV.6 S. N. Bose National Material Science: Theoretical Mr. Sunish Kumar Deb
Centre for Basic Science; Condensed Matter Tel.: +91-33 - 2335 5705-08,
Sciences, Physics and Material Science; Extn.: 103
Kolkata, West Bengal Chemical; Biological and Mobile: +91-9230547347
( Macromolecular Science; Email:
Astrophysics and Cosmology
IV.7 Raman Research Astronomy and Physics: Prof. Ravi Subrahmanyam
Institute, Astronomy and Astrophysics; Mobile: +91-80-23611012
Bangalore, Karnataka Condensed Matter Theoretical Email:
( Physics; Light and Matter Physics
IV.8 Aryabhatta Research Star Formation; Stellar Evolution; Dr. Maheswar Gopinathan
Institute for Astrometry; Polarimetery; Mobile: +91-9410629613
Observational Sciences, Extragalactic Astronomy; Solar Email:
Nainital, Uttarakhand Physics; Atmospheric Studies
IV.9 Indian Statistical Statistics Dr. Bimal K. Roy, Director
Institute, Tel.: +91-33- 2575-3304
Kolkata, West Bengal Fax: +91-33- 25776925
( Email:
IV.10 National Institute of Research in Medical Statistics Prof. Arvind Pandey,
Medical Statistics, Director
Delhi Tel.: (011) 26588803
( Email: arvindpandey@icmr.or
IV.11 Department of Dynamical System; Differential Dr. S.B. Bhalekar, Assistant
Mathematics, Shivaji Equations; Integral Equations Professor
University, Tel: (0231)2609218
Kolhapur, Maharashtra Email:
IV.12 Department of Physics Quantum Electronics; Crystal Dr. Ison V. Vanchipurackal,
St. Thomas College, Growth; Thin Film; Nano-Bio- Assistant Professor,
Thrichur, Kerala Polymer Science and Tel.: 04829 285092 (R),
( Technology; nanostructures, +919446126926 (Mobile)
quantum dot sensitized solar Email:,
cells; organic solar cells

IV.13 Department of Physics, Atmospheric physics; Critical Dr. P. Pradeep, Professor

National Institute of point phenomena & polymer Tel.: +91-495-2285103 (O),
Technology, dynamics; Computational 2285113 (Lab.), 09495329035
Calicut, Kerala condensed matter physics; (cell)
( Experimental condensed matter Fax: +91-495-2287250
physics and material science; Email:,
Lasers and non-linear optics;
Nanophotonics and photonic
devices; Unconventional
photonics and electronics
IV.14 School of Physical Chemical Physics; Inorganic; Prof. Subhasis Ghosh, Dean
Sciences, Jawaharlal Organic and Physical Chemistry; Tel.: 26704781, 26741909
Nehru University, Computational Physics;
New Delhi Condensed Matter Physics;
( Disordered Systems; Granular
) Materials; Mathematical Physics;
Non-equilibrium Statistical
Mechanics; Nonlinear Dynamics;
Probability Measure; Quantum
Chaos; Quantum Optics;
Statistical Nuclear Physics; and
String Theory; Complex Fluids;
Supra-molecular Chemistry;
Materials Science;
Superconductivity; Magnetism;
Nonlinear Optics;
Semiconductors; Polymers and
Nanoparticle Physics; and
Ultrafast Photophysical Processes
in Bio and Nano-materials.
IV.15 Physical Research Astronomy and Astrophysics; Prof. J.N. Goswami, Director
Laboratory, Geosciences; Planetary sciences; Tel: +91-79- 26314000,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat Space and Atmospheric Sciences; 26302129
( Theoretical physics Fax: +91-79-26314900
IV.16 National Institute of Research and technology Dr. Pradeep Chandra Pant,
Solar Energy (NISE), development in solar thermal and Scientist 'E'/Director (HRD
Ministry of New and photovoltaic systems and and Innovative Projects)
Renewable Energy, New components; reliability testing of Phone: +91-11-24365496 (O),
Delhi/Gurgaon solar PV projects; hybridization 91-124-2579214 (at SEC)
( and technical aspects of emerging Mobile: +91-9891721533
areas as solar rooftops and micro- Fax: +91-11-24365496 (O) ,
grid; integration of cross-sectoral E-mail:
learning’s from conventional
power generation
V Earth Sciences
V.1 Centre for Marine Living Monitoring of Harmful Algae Dr. Anil Kumar Vijayan
Resources & Ecology, Blooms; Marine Bio-diversity; Mobile: +91-9446039021
Kochi, Kerala Deep Sea Fishery Email:
V.2 National Geophysical Ground Water - Management; Dr. R. K. Chadha
Research Institute, Artificial Recharge; Mobile: +91-40 23434630, +91-
Hyderabad, Andhra Pollutants; Natural Hazards - 9849378244
Pradesh Earthquakes; Tsunami Email:
V.3 Wadia Institute of Climate and Tectonics; Fluvial Dr. Vikram Gupta
Himalayan Geology, Systems; Hydrogeology; Tel.: +91 9411528837
Dehradun, Uttarakhand Remote Sensing and GIS; Email:,
( Geothermal Energy; and
Earthquake precursory
research Dr. Sushil Kumar, Scientist
Tel: +91-135-2525458
Mobile: 09634223377
V.4 National Centre for Snow and Ice Core Research Dr. Rahul Mohan
Antarctic and Ocean for Climate Fingerprinting; Mobile: +91-832 2525531
Research, Polar Clouds and Email:,
Vasco da Gama, Goa Precipitation; Stratospheric
( Dynamics; Dynamics of
Sea/Polar Ice Sheet with
Remote Sensing Data;
Hydrodynamics of the
Southern Ocean; Material
Management and Planning of
Expeditions; Oceanic
Microfossil Applications for
Reconstructing the Paleo-
V.5 National Institute of Instruments for Ocean Mr. Raju Abraham
Ocean Technology, Observation; Deep Sea Tel.: +91- 44- 66783339
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Mining; Exploration of Gas Email:
( Hydrates; Offshore and
Coastal Structures; Marine
Biotechnology; Marine Sensor
Systems; Ocean Acoustics and
Ocean Electronics; Coastal
Protection and Management;
Ocean Energy; Solar Energy
and Desalination
V.6 Indian National Centre Operational oceanography; Dr. Satheesh C. Shenoi, Director
for Ocean Information ocean modelling; ocean state Tel.: +91-40-2389 5000
Services, forecasts; data management Mobile: +91-9441013377
Hyderabad, Andhra and information services; Email:
Pradesh remote sensing of oceans;
( remote sensing for fisheries; Mr. M. Nagaraja Kumar,
tsunami early warning; and Scientist & In-Charge, Marine
application of remote sensing Fishery Advisory Services
for shoreline management (MFAS)
Tel.: +91-40-23886031,
Fax: +91-40-23895014
V.7 National Institute of Physical and Biogeochemical Prof. Ranadhir Mukhopadhyay,
Oceanography, Dynamics of Estuarine and Chief Scientist & Head HRM
Dona Paula- Goa Coastal Ecosystem, Bio- Tel.: +91-832-245-0246
( Prospecting, Bioactive Email:
Molecules, Habitat Ecology,
Molecular Biology And Dr. V. Sanil Kumar, Scientist and
Biotechnology; Biofouling Head, Business Development
and Corrosion, Genesis, Email:,
Occurrence and Mining of,
Marine Oxide, Sulfide and
Placer Minerals; Tectonics of
Indian Continental Margins;
Gas Hydrate Occurrence; Mid
Ocean Ridge Studies, Paleo
Oceanography, Marine
Archaeology and Underwater
Exploration; Autonomous
Vehicle and Marine
V.8 Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (including Dr. Mukund Sharma, Scientist -
Palaeobotany (BSIP), Palaeopalynology); F
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Coal/Lignite Petrology; Email:
( Precambrian Paleobiology
And Quaternary
Paleoclimates; Palynology in
Fossil Fuel Exploration;
Micropaleontology; Carbon-
14 Dating
V.9 Indian School of Mines, Mechanical Engineering and Prof. D.C. Panigrahi, Director
Dhanbad, Jharkhand Mining Machinery Tel.: +91-326-223-5201
(http://www.ismdhanbad.a Engineering; Fuel and Mineral Email: Engineering; Management
Studies; and Electronics and Dr. Suman Dutta, Assistant
Instrumentation Engineering; Professor, Department of
Applied Chemistry; Applied Chemical Engineering
Physics; and Applied Email:
Mathematics; Electrical
Engineering; Environmental,
Science and Engineering;
Chemical Engineering
V.10 National Institute of Hydrologic Design; Design Er. R.D. Singh, Director
Hydrology, flood estimation using flood Tel.: 91-1332-272906
Roorkee, Uttarakhand frequency analysis ; synthetic Fax : 91-1332-272123
( data generation; Water Email :,
availability studies; Network
design land use and soil
classification; erosion studies;
flood plain mapping;
sedimentation of reservoirs
and Reservoir capacity
computations assessment of
water logged areas; Mapping
of ground water availability
zones; Stream flow-aquifer
interaction; Management of
coastal aquifers; Groundwater
resource evaluation in hard
V.11 Water Resource Groundwater Development & Dr. Deepak Khare, Head of
Development & Management; Rainwater Department
Management, Indian Harvesting; Watershed Tel.: +91 - 1332 – 285393
Institute of Technology, Management and Urban Water Email:
Roorkee, Uttarakhand Management; Climate Change
V.12 Centre For Advanced Vertebrate Palaeontology – Dr. G.V. R. Prasad, Professor
Study, Evolution of Mesozoic Email:
Department of Geology, Vertebrates with special
University of Delhi, reference to biogeographic
Delhi origins; diversity and
( evolution of Mesozoic
Mammals of India; and
Palaeobiogeography of India
V.13 Nansen Environmental Monsoon and ocean Dr. K. Ajith Joseph, Executive
Research Centre India variability, Climate Change, Director
(NERCI), Sea level variations; Coastal Tel.: 0484-2383351
Kochi, Kerala Zone Management & Social Fax: 0484-2353124
( Issues; Marine Ecosystem Email:,
html) studies with focus on forcing
mechanisms and algal blooms
V.14 The Energy and Earth Science & Climate Dr. Prodipto Ghosh, Director
Resources Institute Change; Environmental Tel.: (+91 11) 2468 2100,
(TERI), science; Forestry and 41504900
New Delhi biodiversity; Global & Fax: (+91 11) 2468 2144, 2468
( environmental research 2145
C) Email:
V.15 The Post-graduate Applied Geology; Earth The Vice Chancellor
Department of studies in Science and Resource Tel.: 0821-2419666
Earth Science, The Management
University of Mysore,
Mysore, Karnataka
V.16 Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol measurements and The Chairman
and Oceanic Sciences impacts; atmosphere-ocean- Tel: 080-22932505 , 23600450
(CAOS), Indian Institute coupled general circulation Fax: 080-23600 865
of Science, and climate modeling; cloud Email:,
Bangalore, Karnataka physics; geophysical fluid
( dynamics; paleoclimate
studies; physical-chemical-
biological oceanography of
the Indian Ocean; radiative
transfer; satellite meteorology;
space-time structure and
scaling in geophysical fields,
and tropical convection
VI Engineering Sciences
VI.1 Central Mechanical Heat Pipes; Nanotechnology; Prof. Dr. Gautam Biswas,
Engineering Research Robotics; Actuators and Director
Institute, Sensors; Micro-manufacturing Tel.: +91-343-2546749
Durgapur, West Bengal Email:,
VI.2 Central Scientific Agrionics; Biomedical Dr. H.K. Sardana
Instruments Instrumentation; Photonics; Tel.: +91-1722637994,
Organisation, Mechanical Systems Design; Mobile: +91 -9872805924
Sector 30-C, Chandigarh Nano Science and Nano Email:
( Technology; Optical Design
and Spectroscopy;
VI.3 Central Manufacturing Precision Manufacturing / Mr. S. Satish Kumar, Director
Technology Institute, Engineering; Surface Tel.: +91-80-22188227
Bangalore, Karnataka Engineering; Micro and Nano Fax: +91-80-23370428
( machining; Additive Email:
Manufacturing; Sensors and
Vision Technology;
Mechatronics & Automation;
Metrology and

VI.4 Structural Engineering Health Assessment and Dr. S. Arunachalam

Research Centre, Damage Mitigation of Tel.: +91-44-2254 2786
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Structures; Engineering Mobile: +91-9444606087
( Sustainable Materials and Email:,
Structures and Nano
Technology and Bio-Mimetics
VI.5 National Aerospace Aerodynamics; Computational Dr. J.S. Mathur, Head KTMD
Laboratories, Fluid Dynamics; Aircraft Tel.: +91-80-25086147
Bangalore, Karnataka Structures; Propulsion; Flight Email:
( Dynamics & Control;
Composites; Wind Energy
VI.6 Central Building Building/ Construction Prof. Sriman Kumar
Research Institute, Materials; Structural/ Bhattacharyya, Director
Roorkee, Uttarakhand Geotechnical Engineering Tel.: +91-1332- 272243
( related to Building Science Email:
VI.7 Centre for Development Computational Aspects of Prof. Rajat Moona, Director
of Advanced Computing, Cancer Research; ICT for General
Pune, Maharashtra Development/S&T for Social Tel.: +91-20-25696565
( Development Email:

Dr. Hemant Darbari, Executive

VI.8 Indian Institute of Bioinformatics and Prof. M. D. Tewari, Director
Information Technology, Biomedical Engineering; Tel.: +91-532-2431684, +91-532-
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh Artificial Intelligence; 2922027
( Robotics; Sensors; Human Mobile: +91 9415235175
Computer Interaction; Cyber Email:,
Law and Information Security
VI.9 Central Road Research Road User Behaviour in T.K. Amla, Head, Information,
Institute, Simulated vs. Realistic Liaison and Training
New Delhi Setting; Maintenance and Tel.: +91-11-26921939
( management of Infrastructure Mobile: +91-9810295281
(Roads & Bridges); Durability Email:
of Concrete Structures; Health
Monitoring and Performance
Evaluation of Civil
Infrastructure; Designing
Structures against Hazards;
Transportation Planning &
Engineering; Development of
Mechanistic Framework for
Use of RAP in Flexible
Pavements & Development of
Semiperpetual Flexible
VI.10 National Institute of Research and Development in Dr. S. Gomathinayagam,
Wind Energy (NIWE), wind turbines; Wind Resource Director General (DG)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Assessment; Wind Turbine Tel.: Office: 044 – 2246 3981
( Testing; Certification of Wind Fax: 044 – 2246 3980
Turbines; Training on Wind Email:
and Solar Technology; Small
Wind turbine testing; Solar Mr. P. Kanagavel, Additional
Radiation Resource Director & Head, Information,
Assessment Training and Commercial
Services (ITCS)
VI.11 Indian Institute of Engineering Sciences Prof. A B Chattopadhyay
Technology, Department of Mechanical
Kharagpur, West Bengal Engineering
( Tel.: +91 - 3222 - 282914
VI.12 Indian Institute of Software Engineering; Mobile Prof. S. G. Desmukh
Information Technology Computing; Network and Tel.: 0751-2449801
and Management, Information Security, and Fax: 0751-2449813
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Embedded System Design Email:
( under IT, and Business
Analysis, Knowledge
Management; Technology
Management; Quality
Management; Risk
Management, and Business
Analysis under Management
VI.13 Indian Institute of Cyber Security, Cyber Prof R.K.Shevgaonkar, Director
Technology, Systems and Information Tel.:+91-11-2659 1701, +91-11-
New Delhi Assurance 2658 2020 (W)
( Fax:+91-11-2658 2659

Ranjan Bose, (Co-coordinator)

Center of Excellence in Cyber
Systems and Information
Nanoscale magnetic films; Prof. Dinesh K. Pandya,
Nanogranular structures; Professor, Physics Department
Nanomultilayers and Tel.: 01126591347
Nanowires; Materials issues in Email:
spin-polarized electron and
thermal transport; Materials
engineering of transparent
conducting oxides.
VI.14 The National Law Cyber Law and Information Prof. Dr. S. S. Singh, Director
Institute University, Security Tel.: 0755 - 2696965/971, Ext.
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 109
( TeleFax : 0755 - 2696724
VI.15 School of Medical Tissue Engineering; Prof. Pranab Kumar Dutta,
Science and Technology, Biomaterials; Herbal Head
Indian Institute of medicine & Bio-Engineering Tel.: (03222) 282221
Technology, Fax: (03222) 255303, 282221
Kharagpur, West Bengal Email:
VI.16 Indian Institute of Ion Selective Electrodes; Dr. V.K. Gupta, Professor,
Technology, Chemical Sensors and Department of Chemistry
Roorkee, Uttarakhand Wastewater treatment by Email:
( developing low cost adsorbent
VI.17 India Institute of Fibre Science and Technology; Dr. Dipayan Das, Associate
Technology, Yarn manufacturing; Professor, The Department of
New Delhi Fabric Manufacturing; Textile Technology
( Chemical Processing Tel.: +91 11 26591402
Fax: +91 11 26581103

Dr. R. Chattopadhyay,
Professor & Head of the
Tel.: +91-11-2659 1412/ +91-11-
2659 1401
Fax: +91-11-26581103
VI.18 Indian Institute of Design Engineering; Thermal Dr. Prof. S.R. Kale,
Technology, Engineering; Production Professor & Head of the
New Delhi Engineering; Industrial Mechanical Engineering
( Engineering Department
Tel.: +91-11-2659 1127, 1709
Fax: +91-11-2658 2053
VI.19 Department of Civil Structural Engineering ; Prof. Siddhartha Ghosh, Dept.
Engineering, Indian Remote Sensing; Geotechnical of Civil Engineering (Structural
Institute of Technology, Engineering; Water Resources Engineering)
Mumbai, Maharashtra Engineering ; Transportation Tel.: +91 22 2576 7309
( Systems; Ocean Engineering Email:

Prof. V. Jothiprakash, Dept. of

Civil Engineering (Water
Resources Engineering),
Tel.: +91 22 2576 7315
VI.20 National Council of Continuous research; Email:,
Cement and Building technology development and
Materials, transfer; education and
Ballabgarh, Haryana industrial services for the
( cement and building materials
VI.21 PDPM Indian Institute of Mechanical Vibrations; Dr. Pavan Kumar Kankar,
Information Technology, Condition Monitoring; Mechanical Engineering
Design and Nonlinear Dynamics; Discipline
Manufacturing, Applications of Soft Tel.: +91-761-2632 570 Ext. 132
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh Computing in mechanical and Mobile: +91-9425807612
( bio-medical engineering Email:,
VI.22 Central Electronics Embedded systems; Digital Dr. Chandra Shekhar, Director
Engineering Research systems; Power Electronics; Tel.: +91-01596-242111, 252200
Institute, CSIR, Electron Tubes – Gyrotrons; (O), 244222, 252530(R)
Pilani, Rajasthan Klystrons; Magnetrons; Email:,
( Travelling Wave Tubes;
Plasma Devices;
Semiconductor – Hybrid
Microcircuits; IC Design;
MEMS & Microsensors;
Sensors and Nanotechnology;
Photonics and
Semiconductor Materials and
VI.23 School of Computer & Data Warehousing & Mining; Prof. C P Katti, Dean
Systems Sciences, Natural Language Processing; Tel.: + 91-11-26704767 (O)
Jawaharlal Nehru Scientific Computing & Fax: + 91-11-26742526
University, Optimization; Soft Email:
New Delhi Computing; System Modeling
( & Simulation; System
ult.htm) Software; Communication
Networks; Network Security;
Artificial Intelligence &
Robotics; Computer Graphics
& Multimedia; Database
Systems; Data Mining &
Pattern Recognition; Digital
Image Processing; Mobile Ad-
Hoc Networks; Wireless &
Mobile Communication;
Parallel & Distributed
Systems; Software
Engineering; VLSI Design &
Testing; Embedded Systems;
Computer Vision; Micro-
Electro-Mechanical Systems
VII Materials, Minerals & Metallurgy
VII.1 Institute of Minerals and Mineralogy and Materials Dr. S.K. Singh
Materials Technology, Engineering in Mining and Tel.: +91-674-2379456
Bhubaneswar, Odisha Mineral/Bio-Mineral Email:,
( Processing; Minerals Process
Engineering; Metal Extraction
and Materials
Characterization; Pollution
Monitoring and Control;
Marine and Forest Production
VII.2 Central Glass and Ceramic membrane, Dr. Kamal Dasgupta, Acting
Ceramic Research membrane applications in Director
Institute, drinking water, industrial Tel.: + 91-33-2473-5829 (O)
Kolkata, West Bengal effluents, food processing and Fax: + 91-33- 2473-0957
( membrane bioreactor; Solid Email:
Oxide Fuel Cell; Li-ion
Battery; Solid Oxide Dr. Ganesh C. Sahoo, Scientist,
Electrolyser Cell; Dense Ceramic Membrane Division
Ceramic Materials; Nano Tel.: (033) 24733496, Ext.: 3462
Drug Delivery and Ceramic or Fax: +91-33-24730957
Glass Implants; Laser Email:
Processing of Materials;
Functional Nanomaterials and
Coatings; Refractory; Solid
Waste Utilization
Pharmaceutics & Drugs
VII.3 National Metallurgical Micro-structural Dr. B. Ravi Kumar
Laboratory, Characterization; Fatigue & Tel.: +91-657-2245008
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand Fracture and Creep; Non- Email:
( destructive Evaluation;
Nonferrous Metallurgy; Solid
Waste Utilization and
Geopolymer; Mineral
Processing; Surface
Engineering; Multi-scale
Materials Modeling;
Voltametric Determination of
Some Heavy Metals
VII.4 Indian Plywood Bio-Adhesives for Panel Ms. Sujatha D., HOD, Adhesive
Industries Research & Products; Natural Bio-Fibre Technology Division
Training Institute, Composites for Value Mobile: +91- 9880005284
Bangalore, Karnataka Addition Email:
VII.5 International Advanced Nanostructured Materials; ; Dr. G. Sundararajan, Director
Research Centre for Carbon Nanomaterials; Email:,
Powder Mettalurgy and Nanocomposite Coatings;
New Materials, Engineered Coatings; Laser
Hyderabad, Andhra Surface Treatment; Sol-gel
Pradesh Nanocomposite Coatings;
( Oxide Ceramics; Non-Oxide
Ceramics; Solar Energy
Materials; Fuel Cell
Technology; Laser Processing
of Materials; Automotive
Energy Materials
VII.6 Department of Physics, Carbon nanoparticles; Fibers Prof. Prasad Vishnu Bhotla,
Indian Institute of and fabric; Carban nano Principal Research Scientist
Science, sensors and electromagnetic Tel.: +91-80-2293-3338
Bangalore, Karnataka shielding applications Email:
( Nanotubes; Zinc oxide particles; Nanowires; Polymer
VII.7 Indian Institute of Scientific and engineering Dr. Prof. N. Prabhu, Head,
Technology, aspects of the structure; Department of Metallurgical
Mumbai, Maharashtra properties; Engineering and Materials
( synthesis/processing/manufact Science
uring and application of Tel.: +91 22 2576 7600
materials; Ferrous & Non- Email:
Ferrous Metallurgy
Metal Forming & Joining; Prof. K. Pande, Professor and
Surface Engineering Head, Department of Earth
(Corrosion, Wear, Coating Sciences,
etc.); Semiconductor Materials Email:
& Devices including Thin
Films; Magnetic; Electronic &
Opto-Electronic Materials
Bio-Materials; Nano-
Materials; Materials for
MEMS; Polymer & Blends;
Composite & Ceramic
Materials; Simulation &
Modeling of Materials &

VII.8 National Institute of Mining Technology; Dr. S. Chatterjee, Assistant

Technology, Geomechanics and Strata Professor, Dept. of Mining Engg.
Rourkela, Odisha Control; Mine Environment Tel.: 0661-2462656/
( and Safety Engineering; Clean 09938485254
Coal Technology; Mine Email:
Planning; Mie Surveying;
Mining Geology and
Artificial intelligence; Dr. Snehashish Chakraverty,
Boundary value problems; Professor and Head, Department
Differential equations; Fluid of Mathematics
dynamics; Fuzzy set theory; Tel.: 0661-246-2713 (office),
Neural Network, Genetic Mobile: 09438135400
algorithm; Mathematical Email:,
modeling and simulation;,
Mathematical physics;
Numerical analysis;
Mathematical programming;
Stochastic Processes;
Vibration Problems and
Wavelet Transforms
VII.9 Indian Institute of Mineralogy and Materials Tel.: 080 – 22932259
Metals, C/o Department Engineering in Mining and Fax: 080 - 23600472
of Materials Engineering, Mineral Email:
Indian Institute of
Bangalore, Karnataka
VIII Multi-disciplinary and Other Areas
VIII.1 National Institute of S&T Policy and Dr. Kasturi Mandal, Scientist
Science Technology and Management: Innovation Tel.: +91-11-25843385
Development Studies, Policy and Survey & Mobile: +91-9313245343
New Delhi Measurement, Sector Email:
( Analysis; S&T Indicators /
Measurement Studies/ Dr. Rajeswari Raina, Scientist
Mapping Knowledge Bases Tel.: 11-25843027
for Development; Technology Email:
Foresight, Assessment &
Demand & Strategy Mapping;
Science and Technology for
Rural Development; Industrial
Research, Intellectual
Property, MSME
VIII.2 National Institute for Agro-processing and Natural Director
Inter-disciplinary Science products; Biotechnology, Tel.: +91-4712490324
and Technology Materials Science and Email:
Thiruvananthapuram, Technology; Chemical
Kerala Sciences & Technology; Dr. Ashok Pandey, Chairman,
( Process Engineering and International Steering Program
Environmental Technology Tel.: +91-471-2515 279
VIII.3 National Environmental Clean Air and Waste Dr. Rajiv A. Sohony, Science
Engineering Research Utilisation. Air Pollution Secretary and Head, ESDM
Institute, Control; Climate Change; Tel.: +91-712-2249990
Nagpur, Maharashtra Ecosystem; Environmental Mobile: +91-9423679954
( Health; Environmental Email:
Biotechnology; Environmental
Genomics; Environmental Dr. S.R. Wate, Director
Impact & Risk Assessment; Tel.: +91-712-2249999 (O),
Environmental Materials; Extn:388
Environmental Systems Email:
Design & Modelling; Water
Technology & Management;
Solid & Hazardous Waste
Management; Waste Water
VIII.4 Pushpa Gujral Science Popularisation of Science: Dr. Rajesh Grover, Director,
City, Public communication of Tel.: +91-1822-501963-64 (O)
Jalandhar, Punjab Science and Technology; Mobile:+91-98555-71067
( Scientific exhibits –
Conceptualization, Design and Email:
Development Strategy
VIII.5 National Council of Popularisation of Science: Mr. S. Chaudhuri, Director
Science Museums Science Communication as Tel.: +91-33- 2357 5692
(NCSM), Applicable to Science Centre Email:
Kolkata, West Bengal & Science Museum Domain;
( especially in the Areas like
Visitor Research; Learning
Outcomes From Exhibits in
Science Museums; New
Technology Interface for
Better Communication
Practices in Science Museums
VIII.6 North East Institute of Chemical sciences; Biological Dr. R.C. Boruah, Director,
Science and Technology, sciences; materials sciences; Tel.: +91-376-2370012
Jorhat, Assam Agro-science and technology; Email:,
( Geosciences
VIII.7 Institute of Wood Science Wood Properties and Dr. V.Ramakantha, Director
and Technology, Engineered Wood; Wood Tel.: +91-80-22190102
Bangalore, Karnataka Processing; Forest and Wood Fax: +91-80-23340529
( Protection; Tree Improvement Email:
and Genetics; Chemistry of
Forest Products
VIII.8 Centre for Ecological Behavior; Ecology; Evolution; Dr. Renee M. Borges,
Sciences, Indian Institute Climate Change & Chairperson
of Science, Conservation Email:
Bangalore, Karnataka,
( )
VIII.9 Rajiv Gandhi National Intellectual Property (IP) Smt. C. D. Satpute, Senior
Institute for Intellectual Rights Documentation Officer
Property Management , Tel: 0712- 2540913,
Nagpur, Maharashtra 922/2542961, 979 (Ext. No. 214)
( Email: , ip
VIII.10 NALSAR University of Intellectual Property (IP) Prof. V. C. Vivekanandan
Law, Rights Tel.: +91(40) 23498401
Hyderabad, Andhra Email:
VIII.11 Indian Institute of Earth Resources and system Dr. Y.V.N. Krishna Murthy,
Remote Sensing, study biodiversity Director
Dehradun, Uttarakhand characterization; integrated Tel.: + 91 - (0)135 - 2524399
( wasteland development Fax: + 91 - (0)135 - 2741987
planning; bio-prospecting; Email:
wasteland and sustainable
development planning;
geospatial modelling
VIII.12 Institute for Social and Agricultural Economy; Study Dr. Binay Kumar Pattnaik,
Economic Change, of Investment in industry; Bio- Director
Bangalore, Karnataka diversity at village and taluk Tel.: 080-23217010
( levels and related implications; Email:
Livestock and environment
interactions; Economic and
institutional aspects of
production and usage of bio-
fuels and Environmentally
hazardous subsidies;
Understanding river eco-
systems; Development
alternatives for rural water
supply institutions.¸
Universalisation of primary
education; Role of rural local
organisations in social sector
development; Natural resource
management and basic
services; Society Politics and
Decentralised Governance;
Governance (including
Democracy; Decentralisation
and Ethics) and Development;
Reproductive Child Health
VIII.13 Tata Institute of Social Children and youth; Prof. S. Parasuraman, Director
Sciences, community development; dalit Email:
Mumbai, Maharshtra and tribal issues; education;
( women and gender; disaster Prof. Surinder Jaswal,
management; rural Professor, Dean
development; governance; Email:
natural resource management
and urban issues.
VIII.14 School of International American Studies; Latin Prof. Anuradha Mitra Chenoy,
Studies, Jawaharlal American Studies; West Dean
Nehru University, European Studies; Canadian Tel.: 26704328, 26704361
New Delhi Studies; Diplomatic Studies;
( International Legal Studies;
International Trade and
Development; Chinese
Studies; Japanese and Korean
Studies; International Politics;
International Organisation;
Disarmament Studies; Political
Geography; Russian and East
European Studies; South Asian
Studies; South East Asian &
Southwest Pacific Studies;
Central Asian Studies; West
Asian and North African
Studies; Sub-Saharan African
VIII.15 Centre for Studies in Science; technology and Dr. Madhav Govind,
Science Policy, School of innovation policies; university Chairperson
Social Sciences, – industry relations; Tel.:+91-11-2670 4105
Jawaharlal Nehru intellectual property rights; Email:,
University, gender relations in science and
New Delhi technology; globalisation of
( innovation;
CSSP/) internationalisation of R&D;
technology and environment;
scientists in organisations and
technology futures studies
VIII.16 Centre for International International Trade and Dr. O.P. Wali,
Trade in Technology Technology, export Head & Professor,
(C.I.T.T.), Indian organisations and enterprises, Telefax: +91-11- 26522549,
Institute of Foreign Marketing, functional and Tel: +91-11- 26965124/26966360
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