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Service with a Heart: A Paper on Servant Leadership

“Great leader is seen as a servant first, and that simple fact is the key to his greatness.”

Article XI, Section 1 of the Constitution states that public office is a public trust.
Public officers and employees must, at all times be accountable to the people, serve
them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and
justice, and lead modest lives.

Leaders are made and not born. Leadership skill can be taught to anyone who is
willing and given an opportunity to lead. In servant leadership, a leader put servicing
others as the number one priority. He promotes a sense of community and sharing a
power in the decision making process. Moreover, he sincerely wants to help others,
encourage greatness in followers, and indirectly bring organizational success. This type
of leadership is humanistic in nature. Rather than using power to dominate others, leaders
make every attempt to share whatever they have for the benefit of the people around
him, thus promotes egalitarianism.

Election is fast approaching. In this times where we are about to choose leaders
that will lead our community and our country as a whole, it is great to know whether they
are good public servants or able to offer a servant leadership during their term. Amid
rampant sleaze and misgovernance during past and present administrations, it’s easy to
think that people in the government are utter incompetent and selfish- only thinking of
what they can get from the privilege that the people gave to them. Are we really the
“boss” of this country or still the mere servants who fell to another government scam or
fiasco? Government officials should put self-serving behind them and get down to serve
us…their constituents. Let us not be blinded by headline-hogging politicos promise in
exchange of our votes. Consider candidates who deliver top-notch public service whose
stories are worthy of telling to young people to be inspired, and for Filipinos to see that
our government can work.

Practicing serving others before thinking of your own advantage will make a
difference for you and your own successes. And, it will make a difference for the people
you impact by your service. Serve each other and we’ll win together. Life’s rewards are
in direct proportion to the level of service we provide to others. Be bold. Focus on service
to others and, in long term, you will win. Don’t let servant leadership become the missing
element in today’s leadership environment. Now that’s a noble goal any leader should

The heart of a leader is manifested through service to others. Remember, let your
light shine as an inspiration to humanity and BE THE REASON that someone believes in the
goodness of people.