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Printed by Greatledge Printers, Pink Bank Lane, Manchester M12 5GH promoted by Alvin Shum on behalf of Cambridge Labour Party and all Cambridge Labour candidates, all at Alex Wood Hall, Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LD

Working to create one Cambridge – fair for all

Inside: An update on
how Cambridge City Council
is working to improve our city

A message from affordable rents, with construction backing Daniel Zeichner, our MP,
already underway at Mill Road
Cllr Lewis Herbert: Depot and Anstey Way,
in demanding a second public vote
on Brexit, including the option to
Trumpington, after completing 242 remain, and in pressing for the
Dear Resident, others in recent years. retention of an effective city-
centre police station.
I hope you enjoy our fifth Annual 4. We are increasing action on
Residents’ Report, detailing how climate change and biodiversity in Help us to continue to create one
2019, cutting the
Please display this poster in your window to show support.

your Labour-led City Council Cambridge – fair for all – by voting

delivers for you and our wonderful city’s carbon Labour on Thursday 2nd May. If
city. emissions faster and you have any questions on this
planting thousands report, please email me.
1. We protect your vital services more trees, creating

despite receiving zero core more wildflower

Government grant, compared to gardens and cutting
use of herbicides. Councillor Lewis Herbert
£5.6m in 2014, by transforming
Leader of Cambridge City Council
your council, assisted by our
5. We ensure new developments
dedicated staff.
are provided with extra community
From 7am to 10pm
Thursday 2 May
Polls open:

2. We’ve helped Cambridge facilities and added cycling and

residents who need us the most walking routes, like the cross-city
with over £1.6m in targeted Chisholm Trail now begun.
projects, plus £1m per year funding
for voluntary organisations helping We’re achieving all this having
disadvantaged people and £720,000 invested over £40m that was
for homelessness projects. previously left idle in near-nil
interest accounts under the Lib
3. We’re building over 500 more Dems. And we continue to stand up
much-needed new council homes at for Cambridge, including our motion

Read our 2019 manifesto at
Protecting services Housing Environment Equality

Protecting our services from government cuts – Tackling the city’s housing crisis – Labour has: Creating a cleaner, greener Cambridge – Labour has: Making Cambridge more equal – Labour has:
Labour has: Built 242 new council homes since 2015 and there are now Declared a Climate Change Emergency and signed the UK Cities Championed the Real Living Wage campaign, helping
Continued to subsidise the street lights so that they sites in progress for 535 more, using the £70,000,000 won by Cleaner Air Charter. 67 employers so far to become living wage accredited,
operate at a brighter level in the evenings. Labour for Cambridge through the Devolution Deal. Added a further £100,000 to the Climate Change fund to and paying Council staff a minimum of £10 per hour,
Maintained our free pest-control service and dealt Prevented homelessness for over 2000 households last year transform the energy efficiency of council buildings and to well above the Real Living Wage.
with over 900 call-outs for rats and other pests in and is helping families maintain their tenancies by topping up improve heating, lighting and ventilation. Served over 2000 free holiday-lunches in 2018 to help
the last year alone. their Housing Benefit. Installed our first 6 of 21 electric-taxi charging points and families avoid holiday hunger.
Maintained our street-cleaning service and Set up Cambridge City Housing Company, providing private celebrated our first 20 licensed electric vehicles (as opposed to Provided an annual £1 million Community Grants fund,
grounds staff. renters with good-quality, affordable accommodation. just 2 licensed to date in South Cambridgeshire). focussing on tackling inequality.
Protected the full budget of our Children and Brought back into use over 100 empty, private-sector homes Reduced carbon emissions from council buildings and services Removed child and young people funeral fees at our
Youth Services. by 18.4% since 2014. council-run cemeteries and at the crematorium.
since 2015.
Continued to fund sports facilities through S106 Given Sustainable City grants of up to £10,000 per group, to Helped low-income households save an average of
Built the first homes, using our own council workforce in
funding, including £230,000 for new water play at help local not-for-profit groups run green projects in £200 from their fuel bills.
over 30 years, in Romsey.
Abbey Pool. Cambridge. Part-funded a support worker to help support Universal
Cut rough sleeping by a third compared to 2016, set against
Provided free events such as the Big Weekend and Funded a permanent Air Quality Officer to tackle air pollution, Credit applicants at the Job Centre.
a nationwide increase of 13% over the same period. We help
the Bonfire Night firework display. through our Air Quality Action Plan. Given over £300,000 to the Citizens Advice Bureau for
long-term rough sleepers off the street with a clinical
Secured £227,000,000 to create a sustainable new Supported work starting on the transformational cross-city projects including debt advice and casework.
community in North East Cambridge.
outreach team, and are expanding our provision of Housing
Chisholm Trail for cyclists and pedestrians. Given discretionary housing payments and council tax
Run Community Clear-Up days to help with the
First flats, a new approach to helping vulnerable people reductions to those who need extra help.
Continued to replace our council vans with electric vehicles on
disposal of bulky items and to avoid fly-tipping. escape from the streets. Funded community development workers, focussing
renewal, where possible. We now have a fleet of 10 electric
Maintained noise-enforcement teams and teams to Created Cambridge Street Aid so people can donate towards vehicles (and another on order), plus a self-propelled pavement on new communities and areas of greatest need.
deal with antisocial behaviour and fly-tipping. grants to help rough sleepers directly, with over £40,000 in sweeper. Given grants to projects to support vulnerable women,
Carried out hundreds of hygiene checks on cafes donations so far, helping over 150 people. Installed our first, new, water fountain, on Parker’s Piece, and including at Cambridge Women’s Aid and Cambridge
and takeaways. Provided £720,000 of grant funding this year to helped to roll out the Refill scheme across the city. Women’s Resource Centre.
Emptied over 7.5 million bins across the Greater organisations working with the homeless and rough sleepers. Updated our market regulations to ban unnecessary single-use Worked hard to make our city more accessible,
Cambridge area, with an average collection rate of Cracked down on rogue landlords with legal action on safety plastic for our market stalls. including by controlling A-Boards and giving Community
99.7%, and increased the recycling rate to 53.35%. and overcrowding. Improved play areas, pavilions, landscaping, noticeboards and Grants to disability arts and sports projects.
Brought Cambridge Live back in-house to ensure Housed over 100 vulnerable refugees from Syria and other benches, including planning consent for major improvements to Supported anti-domestic-violence initiatives, including
the city continues to enjoy a high-quality cultural war-torn countries. the Chesterton Rec pavilion and a planning submission for a retaining White Ribbon accreditation, and running a
offering. Taken action after the Grenfell tragedy by inspecting and new pavilion at Nightingale Rec. yearly conference on Domestic Abuse.
Agreed to invest a further £6,000,000 in Lion Yard, advising on safety in council flats. Planted 13 wildflower meadows, including at Chesterton Rec, Supported 100 GP free exercise-referrals in 2017–18,
which we part-own. Invested £5 million over five years in council estate Histon Road Rec and Fulbourn Road, with more planned for with a further 69 in the first half of 2018–19 alone.
Begun a consultation on a community centre at the environmental improvements. We have also continued the future years. Supported Black History Month, Disability History
Meadows in King’s Hedges, and is also leading on commitment to the decent homes standard to ensure people Planted trees, e.g. overseen the growth of the Trees for Infants Month, Holocaust Memorial Day and LGBTQ History
the development of a new community hub at Scheme, which offers a free tree for every young child in the Month.
can live in modern, comfortable, safe and secure properties.
Cherry Hinton Library. city, and made plans for 1000s more trees in the coming years. Supported LGBTQ groups and projects with grant-
funding, including for The Kite Trust, Encompass
Championing Community Safety – Labour has: Continued to stand up for the people of Cambridge in Worked with partners, including the Police, in the Community
Network and the Museum of Cambridge.
Introduced a £600k CCTV replacement scheme. discussions with the Police and Crime Commissioner, including Safety partnership, setting priorities for joint action, including
Started a project to provide free sanitary products in
Significantly reduced aggressive punt-touting in the pushing to retain a proper police station in central Cambridge. tackling knife crime and domestic abuse.
community centres.
city centre, following legal action. Introduced Public Space Protection Orders to control street Supported initiatives to deal with drug-related antisocial
Run free Let’s go Girls events to encourage women and
Continued to champion Encompass Network’s drinking and maintained a policy of restricting licensing of new behaviour, including supporting the new Operation Carmel
girls to get more involved in sport.
LGBTQ Safer Spaces campaign. outlets for the sale of alcohol in the city centre and Mill Road initiative to tackle street-based drug-dealing.
Retained our city-wide elderly people’s support team.