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Welcome to Cornelia
You have just begun your adventure into the world of the original Final Fantasy. This walkthrough was written using a
team consisting of a Warrior, Monk, White Mage, and Black Mage, but the strategies within will include tips for all six
of the possible classes.

When you have named your characters and selected their classes and finally have control over the party, move right
into the town rather than wander around outside. Many players have stopped playing the game very quickly because
the enemies outside were too difficult right away. However, they simply forgot to buy equipment and magic. When
you enter town, talk to the guard by the entrance, and he will ask if you are the Light Warriors. He takes you to see
the King, who asks you to rescue his daughter Sarah from a man named Garland who used to be a knight for the
kingdom of Cornelia. If you complete this task for him, he will build a bridge that will allow you to continue on your

Explore the castle now, and note that there a couple of locked doors that you will need a Mystic Key to unlock.

After you’re done exploring the castle, return to the town, where you will want to buy some magic for your mages, and
equipment for everyone. Magic is a priority if you have mages in your group. Magic is divided into eight levels, with
four spells per level. However, you can only have three spells from each level for each character, so there is one spell
you will have to leave out. Cornelia has the level 1 spells for both black and white magic. For your white magic
users, Cure1 and Dia1 are must-haves. For your black magic users, consider Fire1 and Bolt1. The other
spells you wish to use on level 1 are up to you.

The armor shop has basic armor for the class types. If you’re using Warriors, consider splurging on the Chain Mail,
while the rest of your party should get a Shirt or Leather Armor. At the weapon shop, everything is cheap, so get
the best piece of equipment that each character can use. If you’re using a White Mage, the Hammer is a great
choice for good damage.

After getting equipped with magic and equipment, venture outside the town. If you’re in need of extra money to finish
equipping your characters, fight for awhile to gain as much as you need. Gain a few levels, and when you’re ready,
move on to Temple of Chaos to help rescue Princess Sarah.

2. I, Garland, Will Knock You All Down!

When you arrive at the Temple of Chaos, you can simply walk through one door to encounter Garland if you wish.
However, there are a few treasure chests around the temple as well. You can pick up a Leather Cap, as well as
a Tent and a Potion. Note that two more doors are locked with the Mystic Key. Around the temple are encounters for
decent experience, particularly if you run into large groups of Wolf and Warg Wolf enemies. They can be difficult, but
you always have the option of returning to town to heal and save. When you feel prepared, walk through the door at
the entrance of the temple to face Garland.

Garland HP Attack Defense

106 15 10 64 130 250

Damage Status Special Attacks
15-30 None None
Weakness Ineffective
None None
Temple of Chaos
Garland is made to be an easy first boss. Don’t bother using Dia1, as he’s not undead, so just stick to using your
elemental level 1 black magic spells, and normal attacks. If necessary, heal using Cure1 if you have it, but he
should be easily defeated within three rounds. It’s good to be at least level 2 at this point.

After the battle, you will rescue the Princess. Upon returning her to the King, he will have a bridge built for you to the
north. He also asks that you save the crystals, and in doing so, banish the world of all the monsters. If you talk to
Princess Sarah, she will give you a Lute. Make any final preparations you need in town, and then head north across
the new bridge.

3. Matoya and Pravoca

If you continue heading north rather than east, you’ll come across a strange cave in a rock wall. This is Matoya’s
Cave, home to the witch Matoya. She is blind because she’s lost her Crystal Eye. You can find a few good items
here, including a couple Potions and one Antidote. After you’re done in her cave, return to the bridge area and start
heading east. You’ll travel for quite awhile, facing harder enemies than before, and eventually you’ll reach the town of

The townspeople in Pravoca are complaining about the pirates that are causing problems in the town. So, naturally,
your goal here is to get rid of the pirates. You can fight them right away without any trouble. You’ll get into a battle
against nine Pirate enemies, and they’re a piece of cake. Simply attack with all of your characters, mage or not,
because they have less than 10 HP apiece. After defeating the pirates, their leader, Bikke, will give you his ship.
Stock up on new magic and equipment here, as well. Pravoca has level 2 spells available, and you should buy
Ice1 and Steel for your black-magic users. None of the white magic is absolutely necessary, so buy whichever you
like. First, stock up on new weapons, and afterwards, go for armor. Leave the Steel Plate for last, because it’s so

4. Sailing Away
Now that you have the ship, you have the opportunity to get a lot of gold very fast. This is done through the ship
minigame. You can access the minigame by holding down the confirm button and pressing the cancel button 55
times. You win 100 gil just for completing the puzzle, and you are timed. If you get the best time, you win 10,000 gil.
You can get this prize over and over as long as you break the best time, so consider waiting until your current time is
just slightly better than the record to finish the puzzle so you can win the prize over and over.

Head back to the Cornelia dock, then travel south on the boat until you reach land again. Follow this land to the west
until you find another dock, and exit there. Just south of that dock is the city of Elfheim.

5. Elfheim is a Lame Name

Elfheim is not only home to more powerful weapons and armor. It also houses both the level 3 and level 4 spells for
your mages. For your black magic users, Bolt2 and Fire2 are the most important you can get for level 3 and you
should also consider Bind. For your white magic users, definitely buy Cure2 and Dia2. It’s your choice
between the other two selections, they’re both good possibilities. Focus on weapons and armor before buying any
level 4 spells. The Iron Nunchaku will probably be the last weapon you’ll buy for your Monk, because at around level
10, he will become more powerful when he’s not equipped with a weapon. If you have the money and a Warrior, buy
the Mythril Sword. At the armor shop, just make sure everyone has the best equipment you can buy. If you have
extra money, consider buying Ice2 and Haste for black magic users.

The townspeople are all concerned because the Prince has been put to sleep by the villain Astos, and nobody knows
how to awaken him. Enter the castle, where you won’t find any treasure, but you will find a room again locked by
the Mystic Key. Your next goal is to the west, in the Marsh Cave, where you need to retrieve the Crown.
6. The Marsh Cave is Endless
Travel west from Elfheim to the coast, then head south and you’ll find yourself in a marshy area. At the very south of
that area is a hole, the Marsh Cave.

This dungeon is pretty big, and the enemies love to poison you. It’s recommended to bring along 99 Potions and at
least 50 Antidotes. It may seem like a lot, but you’ll likely use most of them, especially if you heal after every battle,
which is important here.

You start off in a room with two paths. Assuming you want to get all the treasures, you’ll want to take the north path
first. After travelling down some stairs, you’ll be in a large room with many doors. There are two treasures here, 620
gil and a Dagger. After you’ve cleaned that out, return to the entrance and take the south path to a ladder down to
another room. In this room, you can find a Broadsword which isn’t as good as the Mythril Sword you can buy in
Elfheim. You can also find 680 more gil. In the southeast area of this room, you’ll find stairs down to another room.
This final room is gigantic, and there are many small rooms with treasure chests. You’ll find many rooms locked,
again, with the Mystic Key, two chests with gil totalling 680, a Steel Plate, a Cottage, a Copper Armlet, and finally,
a treasure chest surrounded by statues that will begin an encounter with some Piscodemon enemies as you
approach it.

The Piscodemons can do a lot of damage a round, so finish them quickly. Your Warriors, Monks, and Thieves should
be attacking. Your White Mages can attack with their hammers unless you need healing, which is their main priority.
Your Black Mages and Red Mages should be casting Bolt2. It shouldn’t be too tough, especially if you’re at level
10 or above. After the battle’s over, open the chest to get the Crown that you came for, finish looting, and leave the

7. Astos? Mo' Like Yo' [edit] is TOAST.

Return to Elfheim to heal up, restock on Potions and Antidotes, and save your game. You’ll now be heading to the
Western Keep, which is northwest of Elfheim. Follow the same route you took to the Marsh Cave, but when you reach
the coast, start heading north instead of south. You’ll eventually arrive at the castle, and you can feel free to approach
Astos right away, as there are no accessible treasures at the moment (Mystic Key, again), and no encounters.

HP Attack Defense Magic Defense EXP Gil

168 26 40 170 2250 2000
Damage Status Special Attacks
26-52 None Reaper Slow2 Haste
Fire2 Bolt2 Slow1 Fog
Weakness Ineffective
None None
Western Keep

Astos isn’t hard, but he does have an instant-death attack, which is really irritating. As long as he doesn’t use that, the
same strategies that defeated the Piscodemon enemies will work here as well, though Ice2 will do more damage.
Consider having your white magic users raise the defense of your characters with less HP. After the battle, you will
receive the Crystal Eye that Matoya was looking for.
After the battle, head back to Elfheim to revive and heal your party. Then, hop in your boat and head back up to the
Cornelia area and go to Matoya’s Cave. When you give Matoya the Crystal Eye, she’ll give you the Jolt Tonic that
you need to wake up the sleeping Prince of Elfheim. So head back there next, and give the Jolt Tonic to the man
standing next to the Prince, who will then use it to awaken the Prince. As a reward, you are finally given the Mystic

8. Exploring with the Mystic Key

Now, the next stop is Mt. Duergar, but there are many unopened treasure chests around the world that you can now
get to with the Mystic Key.

We’ll start in Elven Castle, where you can find a Mythril Hammer, Bronze Gloves, and 730 gil in four chests
behind the castle.

In Cornelia Castle, you can find a Crosier, Saber, Mythril Knife, Steel Plate, Iron Shield, and Nitro Powder.
Getting this now will save you some time back at Mt. Duergar.

In the Temple of Chaos, you can find a Rune Blade, Werebane, and a Gold Needle.

Back on the Elfheim continent, you can find the Falchion, Power Staff, and Steel Gloves at the Western Keep.

Finally, in the Marsh Cave, you can find 1020 gil, a Mythril Knife, and a Silver Armlet.

9. Rally Ho at Mt. Duergar

Now that you’ve finished opening all the locked doors, you can get back in your boat and head west of Cornelia to a
port near Mt. Duergar. Here, you can find 1025 gil in chests, and since you have the Mystic Key, you can find Tent,
Grand Helm, Wyrmkiller, Mythril Knife, Helmet, Mythril Mail, 575 gil, and a Cottage.

If you’ve gotten the Nitro Powder like you should have, talk to the dwarf near the room with all the chests. He’ll use
the Nitro Powder to blow away part of the land so your ship can sail to the outer sea. How he managed to do that
without flooding the mountain is beyond all of us.

After you’ve finished looting Mt. Duergar, take your boat west through the newly-created canal. It’s a very short
journey to your next destination, the town of Melmond.

10. Melmond is a Dirty Little Town

Melmond is a town that is being devastated because a vampire has blocked the Earth Crystal from giving its blessing
to the earth. Obviously, this points you to your next destination, the dwelling of the Earth Crystal, Terra Cavern.

But first, stock up on new weapons and armor here. Don’t bother paying the ridiculous price for the Knight's Armor,
but stock up on whatever else you need. Also stock up at the magic shops, which carry the level 5 spells. Good white
magic spells to learn are Cure3, Dia3, and Life1. Good black magic spells to learn are Fire3 and Poison.
The monsters in the Terra Cavern are also quite fond of petrifying your heroes, so be sure to grab some Gold
Needles too. After you’ve stocked up, head west along the southern coast to reach an arrow-shaped peninsula. In
this area, you will find the Terra Cavern.

11. Terra Cavern, part 1

You begin in a room in which you can travel in six different directions. To the west is a horrible path where you will be
attacked with every step you take, so unless you’re in the mood for at least ten battles in a row, don’t take that path.
That path exits to the southwest of where you started, so that takes care of two of the original six paths already. The
southern path ends immediately in a dead end. The north path leads you to a room containing 1975 gil, guarded
by Gnoma. It can hit hard, so have your characters with lower defense fully healed when you approach the chest. It’s
also weak to fire, so use that to your advantage. Back at the entrance, take the southeast path, which leads to three
more smaller paths. The western path will take you to a treasure room with a Potion and 880 gil. The central path is a
dead end, and the eastern path leads to another treasure room with one Antidote and 795 gil. Return to the entrance,
and finally, take the eastern path, which will take you to the next floor.

In the next room, you immediately have a choice between two paths. You can ignore the south path, because you
can get to all its areas from the north path. Take the north path, then follow that up by taking the next south you can.
Then follow the path east, and duck into the eastern alcove to enter another treasure room. There you’ll find a Coral
Sword, Tent, and 330 gil. Explore to the south and you’ll find another treasure room containing 5575 gil and a
Leather Shield in three chests. The staircase to leave this area is to the south of the first treasure room.

In the third room, head east to find a Sleeping Bag in a treasure room. Head north along the path, then head east,
and south to find a Potion. Return to the end of the long north path and head west, and get the 3400 gil in the
treasure chest there. After that, continue heading west on the linear path, then east into the room to open the chest
containing 1020 gil. Finally, head south, then enter the door at the dead end. Heal up, because you’re about to fight
the Vampire.

Vampire HP Attack Defense

156 76 24 75 1200 2000

Damage Status Special Attacks
76-152 None Glare
Weakness Ineffective

Terra Cavern, Temple of Chaos

The Vampire is way easier than he should be. If you don’t kill him in one round, you’re doing something wrong. He’s
weak to both Fire and Dia3 spells, so a quick Dia3 and Fire3 will take him out quickly. If you don’t have
access to those spells, attack physically and heal when necessary.

The chest behind the vampire contains a Star Ruby. Grab it, then leave the dungeon, because the way forward is

12. Rubies aren't Squishy, but Sages are

Your next destination will be the Titan's Cave, where you will need to give the Star Ruby to the Titan there. He’ll move
out of the way, and you’re free to collect the treasure from within the cave. You’ll find a Great Axe, Mythril Helm,
and 1070 gil. When you’re done looting, take the stairs out of the cave to the northwest of where the Titan was, and
head for the Sage's Cave. The Sage will give you the Earth Rod, which will allow you to explore further in the Terra

13. Terra Cavern, part 2

Return to Melmond to heal and save, then head back to where you fought the Vampire. Move past his chamber to the
stone tile, then select the Earth Rod from the menu to destroy the stone tile and move further into the Terra Cavern.

Fortunately, you’re more than halfway done with the Terra Cavern, so getting to the Earth Crystal won’t be too
difficult. Head north at the first intersection, then continue heading west until you reach a door to a treasure room.
This is a rather large one, and you’ll come out with a Staff, and 11825 gil scattered throughout four chests. There is
one more treasure room in this area. Head all the way west, then south and through the door, where you will find
a Tent, 1250 gil, and a Mythril Shield. The stairs down to the next level are in the northwest of this room.

There is no treasure in this last room, so bear north and west until you find a door. Inside is the Earth Crystal,
guarded by Lich, the Fiend of the Earth.

HP Attack Defense Magic Defense EXP Gil

800 40 40 120 2200 3000
Damage Status Special Attacks
40-80 None Ice2 Sleep2 Haste Bolt2
Bind Fire2 Slow1 Sleep1
Stop Doom Banish Flare
Weakness Ineffective

Terra Cavern

Lich, like the Vampire, is weak to high-level fire spells and Dia3. Use these as much as you can while still healing if
necessary. He has much more HP than Vampire, so you will likely need to heal. Have your melee characters attack,
and he should go down in three rounds.

After the battle, you will use the power of your crystals to restore the Earth Crystal. If you like, you can use the
teleporter behind the Earth Crystal to return to the world map immediately.

14. Way Too Many Rivers

Your next destination is Crescent Lake. Sail your ship south of Melmond and follow the outside of the coast, rather
than go back through the canal. You’ll start going east, and eventually you’ll find a port. It takes quite a while to get
there. Once there, land, then walk southwest to find the town of Crescent Lake.

Once in Crescent Lake, restock your Potion and Antidote items, and get the best armor possible for your team. Buy
weapons for anyone that needs them, as well, then head to the magic shops, where you can purchase Level 6
spells. Bolt3 and Quake are handy Black Magic spells, and Invis2 and Shld2 are great White Magic spells.
After you’re done buying what you need, follow a hidden path in the town to the twelve sages, and speak with them
all. You’ll receive a Canoe that you can use to get to the next dungeon, Mt. Gulg. Now, on the world map, you can
simply walk into the shallow water to be able to traverse the rivers around Crescent Lake or anywhere else in the
world. Follow the paths until you reach a volcano.

15. Way Too Much Lava

Right away when you enter, you’ll notice a lot of lava on the ground. You can walk across it, and although you’ll take
damage, you won’t have any encounters while walking on it. In many situations, you’ll have to take the damage. In
the first room, simply walk across to the northwest area of the room to find some stairs leading down.

In this second room, you’ll realize right away that there is a lot of treasure to be had here. All in all, you can net two
Mythril Helms, 13925 gil, Mythril Gloves, two Potions, Tent, Antidote, Mythril Shield, Mythril Axe, and a
Claymore scattered throughout 18 chests. When you’re done carrying all that, go to the bottom left to go to the next

There’s nothing to the west of the entrance, so ignore that area and save yourself some health. Instead, head east to
the next staircase. In this fourth area, there is a lot of lava. It’ll drain a lot of your health, but fortunately, you won’t be
encountering enemies as long as you’re on it. The next staircase is in the bottom right area of this room.

In this fifth area, there is again a lot of lava, with little areas where you have to walk on ground, where you might
encounter enemies while you’re weak. There’s no treasure here, so from the entrance, go west until you can go
south, then go south all the way. After that, head west, and you’ll be at another staircase.

Make sure you heal up here, because you’re bound to be pretty weak from all the lavawalking. In the small room right
by the entrance, you can find a Gold Needle and 2750 more gil. Travel further and grab 1760 gil from another little
room. If you travel west from there, there’s another room with five chests, and you’ll get one Antidote, 8220 gil, Ice
Brand, and a Flame Shield. Backtrack to the intersection and travel south to another small room, where you can get
a whole 165 gil. East of there is another small room with Cottage and 2000 gil. Backtrack and head south, where
you’ll find another small room, complete with 1250 gil and a Staff. Head south from there, and there will be another
staircase. You’ll be in a room with eight directions. Head all the way west and nab the Flame Mail, guarded by
a Red Dragon. After that, you’re free to take the southwest path, where you will meet Marilith, the Fiend of Fire.

Marilith HP Attack Defense

1200 40 50 183 2475 3000

Damage Status Special Attacks
40-80 None Fire2 Fog Bind
Weakness Ineffective

Mt. Gulg

Marilith is very tough, because you’re likely very weak by the time you reach her. The key to this battle is blocking her
physical attacks by casting the white magic Shld2 multiple times. If you don’t have this, make sure you’re doing a
lot of damage per round and healing enough. After a few castings of Shld2, she won’t be able to hurt you much at
all with physical attacks, and as she uses those more than her fire magic, you should be good to go.

After the battle, reactivate the Fire Crystal and use the teleporter to get out of the dungeon. Travel back to Crescent
Lake, where you will no doubt need to restock on Potions and Antidotes, sleep, and save.

16. The Ice Cavern is an Excellent Dungeon

Your next destination is the Ice Cavern. Return to your boat, and head north from the Crescent Lake port along the
coast until you reach another port. Then, take the shallow water until you reach another cave.
The Ice Cavern is very straightforward. Take the path until you reach a staircase, and follow that down. In the next
room, head to the southwest corner and take another staircase. The next room is tiny, and just take the next
staircase. Circle around and enter the room and open the two chests, avoiding the cracks in the floor, to find a
Flame Sword and the Shirt. Then, step on one of the cracks to fall to the next floor.

Step out of the little room you land in and head west, across the spikes, into a treasure room. Collect your Ice
Armor and Mythril Gloves. After that, head south of the first little room, then south and west into a bigger treasure
room. Collect your 40784 gil, then head to the southeast area of this room to move on.

In the next room, move south to the treasure chest and get your Potion. There’s 10000 more gil in the chest you can
see south of that, as well. Head to the large room in the south of this area and grab a Sleeping Bag, Ice Shield, and
9500 gil. If you step on the crack near these three chests, you will fall in an area where you can get
the Levistone after battling the easy Evil Eye. You were there for the Levistone, so you can go to a quick exit by
returning to the room with the crack and heading to the northeast area, where you will find some stairs that will
instantly take you out.

17. Let's Changing Class!

Head back to Crescent Lake and then head south to the desert. As soon as you step on a square of desert, select
the Levistone from the menu and you’ll obtain the airship!

Fly around for awhile until you see a town that’s surrounded by mountains. This is the town of Gaia. If you have a
Black Mage, buy the level 7 spell Ice3. For now, that’s the only spell you can buy here. Buy some Protect Rings
to guard from Instant Death. Other than that, save your gil and climb back in your airship. Fly west until you see a
dilapidated castle. Unfortunately, you have to land quite a ways from it, then walk through some forests and cross
some water in your canoe, but eventually you will reach it.

Welcome to the Citadel of Trials, where you will be searching for a Rat Tail, which is the first step in getting your class
changed. When you enter, the old man in the middle will tell you to sit in the throne to continue. The throne is in the
northwest portion of that room. Sit on it, and you’ll be teleported in.

Now, to advance, you need to step on the various teleporters. You don’t have a choice for awhile, but when you have
a choice between two different teleporters, take the bottom one. At your next choice, again take the bottom one. You
should take the teleporter on the right when you have another choice. After that, go all the way to the room on the
right and get the Gauntlet from the chest. Then exit that room and go south by taking the left path. If you keep going
south when you exit that path, you’ll run right into the teleporter you need to take. Finally, you have some stairs to

This next area is very straightforward. Pick up the Healing Staff, Steel Gloves, Ice Brand, Ruby Armlet,
Cottage, 8795 gil, and finally, the Rat Tail. Defeat the one or two Dragon Zombies you will fight, then stand on the
throne and retreat back to your airship.

Your next spot is the Cardia Islands, southwest of the Citadel of Trials. It’s a big group of islands that has six holes on
them. There are no encounters in these holes, so feel free to explore and pick up the Cottage, Tent, Gold Needle,
and 21220 gil. In one of the caves, you will find the King of Dragons, Bahamut. Since you have the Rat Tail, he will
recognize you as courageous and grant you a class change, meaning your characters look different and are more
powerful. You should take the opportunity now to revisit all the old towns and get everyone the best magic, weapons,
and armor they can use. If you have a Ninja, they now can use many black magic spells. Likewise, your Knights can
also now use many white magic spells. Your Red Wizards, Black Wizards, and White Wizards can also use more
spells, as well.

18. A Lot Like Zelda

Return to Gaia if you haven’t already and buy more magic, but save 50,000 gil. You’re going to need it, as we’re
going to look for the Faerie that many people in the town have been talking about. Head east on the airship from Gaia
and look around for a medium-sized desert. Within this desert is a some desert that’s out of place, surrounded by a
forest. Land the airship nearby and step onto that desert and you’ll enter the Desert Caravan. Enter the tent and buy
the Bottled Faerie for 50000 gil. After that, return to Gaia and explore around until you find a spring. Stand at the
edge of the spring and select the Bottled Faerie from your key item menu. She’ll give you some Oxyale for your

Take this Oxyale to the town of Onlak, which you can get to if you fly east and a bit south from Gaia. It’s surrounded
by forests, so you will have to land quite a ways away. There, you’ll discover other level 7 spells. Buy Heal3 for
white magic and Saber for black magic, then head to the southeast area of the town where you will be able to get
into a submarine to head to the next dungeon, the Sunken Shrine.

19. Watery Dungeons Galore

You're now in the Sunken Shrine, home of the Water Crystal. Start off by heading north until you can walk left,
through the pillars. Head to the edge, then north into a small room where you will find 9900 gil. Return to the pillars
rather than head north, then go all the way to the right, past the pillars, and into the small room. There, you will find
2000 gil. Head north from there and, ignoring the small room, you’ll find a staircase.

In this next room, take a left at the first intersection. Then go north around the room and enter it through the door, and
grab the fantastic 20 gil from the chest. Exit the room and head north from there, then west, then north around the
water into the small room. Get the Diamond Armor from the chest, then return to the room with the 20 gil and head
south until you reach another small room, which contains a Light Axe. Head east from there to another room and
get the Mage's Staff. Then take the lower path heading east, and enter the room to receive 12350 gil. There’s a
staircase near here. Take it.

Head straight north and enter the treasure room, where you can pick up one Diamond Armlet and 10760 gil.
Explore this area, which is full of mermaids, and you will also find 21910 gil, one Antidote, a Diamond Shield, a
Diamond Helm, Diamond Gloves, and most importantly, the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone will help you out
later, and you needed it, but this is all you can find on this side of the dungeon. Return to the first room, and go to the
west side, where you will find another staircase.

You’ll reach an intersection right away. If you go up, you’ll only find the next staircase, and there are no treasures to
the west, so take the staircase. The next room only has another staircase, so grab that one too. After that, there’s
nothing in the room, so again, take the stairs. Grab the 560gil in the chests in the next room, then head south and go
down another staircase.

You’ll find yourself in an area where you can go any of six directions. First, head south, then go east and enter the
room to get 15825 gil. Then, still on the south path, head far west to another treasure room with Giant's Gloves and
5835 gil. Head north of there to find another room with a Light Axe, then go east where you’ll find yourself at the six-
way path. From there, enter the small room to the north and get the 19990 gil and the Ribbon. After that, head
northwest to get to another staircase.

There’s no treasure in the next room, just the Water Crystal and the Water Fiend. Head west, then explore around
through a few rooms until you come across the Water Crystal.

Kraken HP Attack Defense

1600 50 60 160 4245 5000

Damage Status Special Attacks
50-100 None Ink Bolt2
Weakness Ineffective

Sunken Shrine
hits for high damage, so use Shld2 right off the bat. Have your party continuously attack, use high-level bolt magic,
and if you can, throw in a Holy or two. Remember to keep healing, because if he hits a weaker character in two
consecutive rounds, they’ll go down.

After the battle, take the teleporter out of the dungeon, then restock your items, heal, and save. Then, take the canoe
north of Onlak into the waterfall, and you’ll enter another dungeon where you can get a bunch of treasure. Head as
far west as you can, then take a turn south and you’ll find a treasure room. You’ll find a Spellbinder, a Ribbon,
a Defender, 24850 gil, and when you talk to the robot, you’ll receive a Warp Cube.

20. Learn Our Language in Three Easy Steps

Your next destination is the town of Melmond, where you will need to give the Rosetta Stone to the researcher there.
When you do this, he’ll teach you to speak the language of the town of Lufenia, which is your next destination. Travel
until you find the gigantic desert, then head south of there until you find the town on a peninsula. Find a place to land,
then enter the town.

Talk to everyone in this town, and you’ll eventually receive a Bell from one of them. This is the key to entering the
Flying Fortress where Tiamat, the fourth fiend, is located. Before you leave the town, explore past the northeast area
of the town and you’ll find a hidden magic shop where you can buy two excellent spells, Life2 and Flare. After
that, head back to your airship and fly north to the giant desert. Find a spot to park, then enter the tower in the center.

21. Flying High

When you enter the Tower of Mirage, you can see your next exit off to your left. However, head towards the center of
this room and start picking up treasure chests. You’ll find a Healing Helm, a Vorpal Sword, Aegis Shield, Tent,
and 24960 gil. After you’ve gotten all your loot, head to the staircase near the entrance and go up.

This next room is pretty straightforward. Circle around the outside until you’re on the west wall, then make your way
inwards into the large treasure room. Inside, you’ll find the rest of the loot for the Tower of Mirage, the Thor's
Hammer, Cottage, Dragon Mail, Sunblade, and a whopping 58985 gil. Exit on the right side of the treasure room
and follow the path around to a robot and a staircase. Take the stairs, and step on the teleportation pad in the small
room to warp to the Flying Fortress.

Immediately, head to the south room and grab the Venom Blade from a treasure chest. Then, go back to the middle
and take the west path. Grab the 21950 gil and the Potion from the chests, then take the east path. Grab the
Protect Ring, Healing Helm, and the 11900 gil, and take the north path to the next floor.

The next area has eight paths, and you start off on the north path. Make your way to the center, and, ignoring the
south path, get all the treasure from the rest of the paths. In all, you’ll find Diamond Gloves, Diamond Shield,
Ribbon, Black Robe, White Robe, Cottage, Mythril Helm, 13880 gil, and the very important Adamantite. After
you’ve gotten all this, take the south path and go to the next floor.

Head north of the arrival spot and get the Protect Ring, Potion, and 14450 gil. Then, take the west path and get
the Gold Needle, Sasuke, and 7550 gil. Then, take the eastern path and get the Gold Needle, Shirt, Protect
Cloak, and 24035 gil. Then, head back to the west path and take the teleporter to the next floor.

The next floor is sort of confusing. There’s a teleporter around there somewhere. If you travel south two intersections
and east two intersections, you should find it. If not, just search around, and you should come across it shortly.
The next floor holds the toughest enemy in FF1, Warmech. Fortunately, he’s a random encounter and the odds are
against fighting him. If you don’t want to fight, just head north to Tiamat. Otherwise, wander around forever.

Tiamat HP Attack Defense

2000 49 80 200 5496 6000

Damage Status Special Attacks
49-98 None Lightning Poison Gas Snow
Storm Flame
Weakness Ineffective

Flying Fortress

Tiamat can be pretty tough. Start off by casting NulBolt on the party. Black Wizards should be casting
Flare every turn, your attackers should be attacking, and your other wizards should be healing. Definitely cast
Haste on your attackers so they get more hits. There’s not too much strategy to it after NulBolt, though Shld2 is

After the battle, return to any town you like that has an inn and heal and save.

22. A Chaotic Finale

Before you head to the Temple of Chaos for the final dungeon, make one final stop at Mt. Duergar. Now that you
have the Adamantite, you can give it to the smith there, and he will forge you the second-best weapon in the game:
the Excalibur. Also, if you have anyone who can cast white magic, make sure you have Invis2 and Warp2 from
Crescent Lake. After you’ve restocked your items, healed, and save, fly to the Temple of Chaos, north of Cornelia.
Your characters will use the power of the crystals to remove the black orb from the podium, which you can then use
to travel 2000 years in the past, to where your real foe is waiting.

In the first room, exit the statue room and go to the right, then through a tunnel south. You’ll come across some stairs
that you’ll need to use to get to the next floor. Right away on the next floor, walk to the right and take the next set of
stairs. Now, head south, and when you see the path start to diverge to the bottom left, start heading right until you
see a door on the north wall. Take this door, after fighting the Death Eye. Grab the 110000 gil from the treasure
chests in this room, then approach the stone tile on the ground. To move this, you need to play the Luteyou received
at the beginning of the game for rescuing the princess. Play it, and then go down.

On this floor, you need to get to the staircase in the upper-left corner of the room. After taking those stairs, head all
the way left in this strangely-bright room to find another staircase. In this next room, you need to go all the way
around to the bottom-right corner to find the next staircase, which is guarded by a former fiend.

Lich (2) HP Attack Defense

1000 50 50 140 2200 3000

Damage Status Special Attacks
40-80 None Ice2 Sleep2 Haste
Bolt2 Bind Fire2 Slow1
Sleep1 Stop Doom
Banish Flare
Weakness Ineffective

Temple of Chaos

The second coming of Lich is not a difficult boss. You could get away without using magic here, which would be very
helpful. If not, use Fire magic, as well as Dia spells.

On the next floor, you’ll immediately see your goal, another staircase. Make your way around to that staircase by
going up through a door and around, back out through another. South of that staircase are some chests holding a
Protect Cloak, Sasuke, a Protect Ring, and 26000gil. After you’re done looting, head up to the staircase, which is
protected by another fiend.

Marilith (2) HP Attack Defense

1400 60 60 183 2475 3000

Damage Status Special Attacks
40-80 None Fire2 Fog Bind
Weakness Ineffective

Temple of Chaos

Again, the resurrected fiend is no match for you. Put up NulFire, and then hack away. She won’t take more than
three rounds, especially with high-powered attackers.

In the next room, you need to make your way to the bottom right corner, and you’ll fight another fiend.

Kraken (2) HP Attack Defense

1800 70 70 200 4245 5000

Damage Status Special Attacks
50-100 None Ink Bolt2
Weakness Ineffective

Temple of Chaos
Once again, enjoy an easy boss. Kraken randomly uses bolt spells, so if you’re feeling weak, feel free to put up
NulBolt. However, he won’t be able to take many strong attacks from your attackers, and he’ll go down quickly.

The next floor has the strongest sword in the game, the Masamune. It’s all the way in the bottom right area of the
room. After you’ve gotten that and properly equipped it, it’s time to fight the fourth fiend, who is waiting in the
northeastern area of the room.

Tiamat (2) HP Attack Defense

2200 75 90 200 5496 6000

Damage Status Special Attacks
49-98 None Lightning Poison Gas Snow
Storm Flame
Weakness Ineffective

Temple of Chaos

Tiamat has a lot of HP, which makes him difficult, but his attacks haven’t had much of an upgrade. Put up
NulBolt and you should be good to go. Use Haste on your most powerful fighter and you could see an end in two

After the battle, head east to the staircase and you’ll be at the final boss of the game.

Chaos HP Attack Defense

4000 100 100 200 0 0

Damage Status Special Attacks
100-200 None Ice3 Bolt3 Slow2
Cure4 Fire3 Ice2 Haste
Flare Earthquake Tsunami
Tornado Flame
Weakness Ineffective
Temple of Chaos
Chaos himself is here, and boy is he difficult. Begin by casting Invis2 on your party, and casting Haste on your
best attackers. Continue pounding him with normal attacks every round with them, and casting Shld2, Holy,
and Flare whenever you get the chances. With a little luck, Chaos won’t heal himself for all of his HP, which he can
do. Keep the good status on your party and don’t let up, and he’ll eventually go down!

When that happens, enjoy the ending. You’ve just completed the original Final Fantasy.

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