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Colin Achterberg

Professor Carpenter

Foundations of Business

10 February 2019

Emerging Markets in Dayton

In 2008, the Great Recession stopped the market for buying and selling property. Now

almost a decade later, the market is the best its been since 2008! Currently houses are coming off

the market so fast that the prices are being drove higher.

From 2008-2012, Dayton was in a great world of hurt. According to an article out of

Dayton’s Business Journal, more than 25,000 people lost their jobs. This made the market in

Dayton rank 63rd out of 100 for the worst economic damage. 7.5% of the jobs were lost to the

community. Real estate hit rock bottom because people didn’t have the money to pay for their

properties. Also, no one had money to invest into the properties when they started opening. This

created lots of empty homes with in the area. Even though only 25,000 people lost their job in

the area, the entire area was affected.

Now homes are going fast in the Dayton area. The average homes are between $62,000

and $125,000. Vacancy in homes is now nearly 12.8% according to “Dayton, OH Real Estate.”

Dayton has come a long way with in the last decade. With many new young people coming and

bringing wonderful ideas. You can see an example of this my looking just at Tech Town. Tech

Town started with one building for innovators and now has built up to three building where

creative minds come together.

Another great market in the Dayton area is farming. This is Ohio’s largest market.

According to Farm Flavor, Ohio contains nearly 75,000 farms that contribute almost $105 billion

to the economy in Ohio every year. This is through the process of growing the crop to consumers

buying the products. Many products in Ohio are things such as corn, soy beans, strawberries, and

more. There are also things such as pork, dairy, and sheep. Just driving through the country side,

you can see many farms.

Another agricultural thing this market brings is farmer markets. Consumers can go to

these markets for fresh produce from their local surrounding farms. With out the farming market

in Ohio, the economy would be awful. There are a few major cities for corporate offices and

such but outside of nearly every town are farms. This is also why certain produce items are

cheaper with in this state then say another.

Realty and Farming are huge markets with in the surrounding areas. Also, both markets

can help each other. As more people buy homes, there will also be more people to buy the

farmers products. These two markets are only two of the markets that prospering after being

affected by the Great Recession, hopefully continuing to prosper for years to come to the local

area and state of Ohio.

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