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Serving the customers by focusing value perspective is summed up as customer driven marketing

strategy. Due to this, companies can increase their market share and improve the brand image to gain
customer equity to the possible extent. By this, companies are also lean to attain competitive edge by
valuing their current or potential customers at large. Enhancement in value can yield monetary and non-
monetary outcomes (Kotler & Armstrong, 2011).

Segmentation and positioning based services offered by Amazon make it more customer driven strategy
makers having created great value for their customers by inducing value proposition in terms of strong
differentiation and positioning.

Market segmentation and target

Geographic audience segmentation

o Region: Amazon covers over 100 countries.

o Density: both urban and rural areas.

Demographic segmentation
o Age: people aged from 18 y.o.

o Gender: both males and females.

o Life cycle stage: single, full-nest, empty-nest or solitary survivor people segmented by classic family
life cycle.

o Occupation: students, specialists and professionals.

Behavioral segmentation
o Loyalty: ‘Hardcore’, ‘softcore ‘switchers’.

o Benefit: products assortment, convenience competitive prices.

o Personality: easy-going, determined, ambitious.

o User status: non-users, potential, first-time, regular or ex-users.

Psychographic audience segmentation

o Social class: working, middle, upper.

o Lifestyle: resigned, mainstreamer, explorer, struggler, aspirer, reformer.

Defining Your Amazon Target Market

 Gender
 Age group
 Income level
 Location
 Occupation
 Hobbies & Interests
Position of brand

Root Brand Identity Through Your Business Story.

Millions of people know that founder Jeff Bezos left a high-paying career to found a startup
bookselling company,know about growth and started time loss but at the time of loss amazon
loyal with customer and not increce the selling price of product

Highlight Your Brand Differentiation at Every Opportunity

Technology factor

Low cost-leadership

is pursued by Amazon by differentiating itself primarily on the basis of price. We believe that
offering low prices to our customers is fundamental to our future success.

customer differentiation strategy,

Amazon provides current and prospective customers with differentiation through design,
quality or convenience by selecting a strategy that is different among the competitors.