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Natalie Pearce – Social Studies – 303-563-9394
April 4, 2019
To Whom It May Concern,
I am applying for any Secondary Social Studies opening in the district. I will be completing my
History Education degree, from Colorado State University, in May of 2019. The unique
experiences offered to me from CSU have allowed me to set goals and recognize personal values
that I believe align perfectly with Cherry Creek School District.
I am currently student-teaching at Boltz Middle School in Fort Collins. I am acting as the
primary 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher for 182 students. I have had a unique student-teaching
experience, taking full control of the classroom the first day my placement began. Since then, I
have been planning my own lessons, writing my own tests, creating interactive projects,
collaborating with the 7th Grade team, and acting as the point of contact for parents and students.
I am practically experiencing my first-year teaching during this placement. As a student-teacher,
I have encountered challenges, but have used them as a learning opportunity to improve my
management skills and lesson plans. For example, this semester when I was struggling with
classroom behavior, I implemented a unique class points system to motivate my students to stay
on task, reducing the amount of classroom disruptions exponentially.
Cherry Creek School District serves a very diverse population of students. I believe it is
important for teachers to be aware of the many backgrounds represented in their classrooms. It
was clear to me that Cherry Creek School District employees value this as well, as I discussed
this topic with Marcus McDavid of Cherry Creek High School at the Job Fair on February 22. As
a Social Studies teacher, I have the advantage of crafting my lessons from a multicultural
perspective. A respect and acknowledgement for diversity is practically built into the content
area. My dedication to telling the tales of history through a diverse lens will indirectly show my
support and awareness of diverse cultures represented in my classroom.
Relationship-building is my top priority. If I do not have a significant relationship with my
students, they will not achieve any significant learning. I have built relationships with students
by greeting each student at the door and asking about their day. I take time out of every class
period to check in with them and see how they are doing outside of Social Studies. I also
regularly attend extracurricular activities to support my students outside of the classroom.
I understand that Cherry Creek School District attracts veteran teachers with years of experience.
However, I am prepared and enthusiastic to be in the classroom and ready to handle challenges
thrown my way, despite not having years of experience like many other applicants.
Please give my application your consideration. I am excited about the possibility of working in
what has been acknowledged as the best school district in Colorado.
All the best,
Natalie Pearce