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Date: 2/28/2019

Formative Observation

Teacher Candidate: Mykel Johnson

Site Teacher Educator/Cooperating Teacher: Janet Wellman
School: West Valley
Lesson Topic: Small Group Reading
Grade and Subject: 1st ELA
Program (EL, SC, SPED): EL
Observer: Sheree Springer
Scoring Scale:
n/o = no opportunity to observe or consult on this item at this time
Not Effective = 0
Preservice Effective=3
In-service Effective = not available for scoring; for informational purposes only
When you are rating students on a particular standard, please provide a numerical rating using the rubric.
To access the rubric, copy and paste this link into your browser:

Not all standards will be observed during every observation. Complete appropriate standards only.

Please describe the details of the observed lesson, including information on the student teacher’s lesson plan and how the
P-12 students are affected by the instruction.
Student Teacher’s Lesson P-12 Students’ Understanding
Nice lesson planning. Clear content and language objectives for The majority of your class was doing a great job staying on
your small group lesson. task today, even when you were working with your group.

Standards Comments and Suggestions
1: Learner Development Your small group instruction is looking really great! Your pacing of
(1.1) Appropriate each activity was good—keeping the pace quick helps keep everyone
Learning Experiences: 3 with you throughout the rotation.

(1.2) Collaborates with others: 3

2: Learning Differences You are differentiating instruction for each of your small groups. I
think it’s a good idea to meet with your struggling groups more often
(2.1) Diverse Experiences: 3
than your higher groups.

3: Learning Environments You did a great job handling a difficult situation today. I’ll put you in
(3.1) Engage and touch with a colleague at the U who works with behavior specifically to
Support Students: 3 brainstorm more ideas with that kiddo.

(3.2) Collaborates with It might be a good idea to review expectations before each rotation—
Students: 3 what does whole-body listening look like, for example. Having
students set a goal when they’re doing seat work might also help them
(3.3) Classroom Management
stay on task and motivated (for example, today I’ll get through 3 units
Strategies: 2
on Lexia).

I was also thinking that a cool-down spot might be helpful for your
room. You could have a glitter jar, some behavior visuals, and a timer
there—it might be a good interim before sending a kiddo to another
teacher’s room.
4: Content Knowledge Again, great content in your small group instruction. You were clear
and practiced a lot of good skills with your students.
(4.1) Accurate, Multiple
Representations: 3

5: Assessment You’ve got some good assessments planned, as well as your

(5.1)Assesses observations during small-group instruction.
Effectiveness of
Instruction: 3 It’s great that you’ve got a reading parapro helping you with small
groups. What curriculum is she using? Is that instruction based on
(5.2) Documents Progress, your testing data?
Provides Feedback: 3

(5.3)Assesses in a Variety of
Formats for Learning: n/o

6: Instructional Planning Lesson plan is aligned with Core standards.

(6.1)Knowledge and Reference
of Utah Core Standards: 3

(6.2)Integrates Cross-disciplinary
Skills: n/o

7: Instructional Strategies Again, nice range of instructional strategies in your small group. The
(7.1)Range of Appropriate variety helps students stay focused throughout the lesson. The Google
Instructional Strategies: 3 Classroom assignment looked really interesting—I was watching over a
student’s shoulder as she worked on it, and it seemed really cool.
(7.2)Opportunities for Students
to Develop Skills: n/o

(7.3)Expands Learner’s
Communication Skills: 3

(7.4)Variety of Effective
Technology and
Resources: 3

(7.5)Finding and Using

Information to Solve Problems:

8: Reflection and Continuous I appreciate how you keep honing your craft and thinking about ways
you can improve your instruction.
(8.1)Adapts and Improves
Practice: 3

9: Leadership and Click here to enter text.

(9.1)Participates and
Collaborates in Decision Making:

(9.2)Student Teacher is an
Advocate: 3

10: Professional Learning and Click here to enter text.

Ethical Practices
(10.1)Complies with all Policies,
Rules & Laws: n/o

(10.2)Complies with State

Board of Education Rule
R277-515: n/o

Strengths Great small group instructional planning and delivery—smooth, well-

paced, and targeted.

Goals Don’t get discouraged about your student’s classroom management

issues! Keep positive, and keep working with it.