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2 J=126 Gtr solo on verse ud Bal any All i T love. To the way You AE ns, ‘Tommy Walker Tend give your Tothe way You give your joy You show your grace, To the way You set me. free. You gave your life. To the way You rose a - gain You hold me close. To the way You ne- ver leave ie B A eae ee Chm? so BELLE . p be oe & 25 32> | = 7 Sasa SS : To the way You give your per -fect peace. A-a-a-a-a-men. To the way Tothe way Your blood, it clean-ses me Tothe way Your Spi- rit lives in me, To the way some-day You'll come back for me. 1 ge, PE rani a oa, ett SS = =f Re Sinen, = A : men, A= a-men. Fine Tacet Ind x mo Se Tothe way, I thank You Lord for this mo - ment. 1 thank You now for brand new mer - cies n'grace. , BAA B B Lpfm? = E me = = = eS SS I thank you Lord for life and strength ‘That meet me ever - y sin gle EGE OA Chm? B’sust B DS. = Soe when I wa - ke. ‘Tommy Walker CCopyiight WeMobile Musi 1-20-97 NAAARARAAR AAA RAPA AAR ARR