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Collaborate with Design Teams to develop project-specific implementation strategies. Act as an ongoing
project consultant to ensure success.
Ensure Quality Assurance with project teams to maintain modeling quality + fidelity, adherence to firm-wide
modeling and information workflows, and ensure continuity of information across applications.
Implement BIM Execution Plan, Collaboration Plan and Revit Best Practices.
Create Revit templates, families and standards documents.
Enforcing proper modeling and BIM workflows, and conducts model reviews to ensure P+W standards and
Best Practices are being implemented.
Reviews drawings and models prior to collaboration with other disciplines and submissions..
Coordinate with internal and external parties regarding the design and model revisions.
Expertise in developing intelligent 3D models from scratch using Revit.
Expertise in creating schedule, material and quantity take-offs extracted from the properties of the elements in
a model.
Collaborate with Client Engagement Leaders to create new business and/or further existing engagements.
Represent and coordinate with the firm-wide Digital Practice group to promote local adoption of new
technologies, including Virtual & Augmented Reality, Computational Design, Digital Fabrication, Machine
Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, workflows and practices.
Provide Digital Design support to end users.
Document and communicate processes, procedures, practices, and workflows.
Structure and conduct continuing education workshops and assist with curriculum development.
Mentor and Lead office design technologists.
Conduct one-on-one and group training sessions.
Participate in firm-wide planning relative to design technology innovation & implementation.
Participate in AEC Forums, User Groups, and Conferences speaking about Digital Practice topics.
Proactively maintain and communicate current knowledge relative to technology through journals, vendor
resources, and design community.
Experience in all phases of the architectural design process, as well as commitment and passion for learning
new design application technologies and strategies.
Strong communication skill's, written, oral and graphic representation.
High-level of proficiency leveraging Revit in the architectural production process, including the ability to
administer, configure and maintain the application.
Demonstrated experience supporting Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper and other applications in Perkins+Will’s
design technology suite.
Working knowledge of Design Visualization, Virtual Reality, Computational Design, and Environmental
Analysis applications.
Exceptional training, presentation skills, and technical support, both one-on-one and in group settings.
Experience working in an Architectural firm is essential
Bachelors in Architecture or other related professional degree is an asset.
Experience as an Architect/Designer or Architectural Technologist is an asset to understand the connection
between BIM, architecture, and design.
LEED GA or willing to become so within 6 months of employment.
A desire to engage and invest in our firm and project goals of design excellence, building performance,
sustainability at all scales, and rigour in execution and delivery.
Understanding of legal aspects of the profession and a proven ability to avoid litigation.