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Name: Jaime Lobo Claros

The country is a great place that has a fresh and beautiful environment.
Some people prefer to live in a country side for the environment, however many people in the
countryside prefer to move to a city to work and study. I strongly feel I strongly feel that it is better to
live in the city.

Life in a city is always more exciting and more comfortable than life in a
country or in a small town. First of all, in cities there is usually something to do or somewhere to go. To
show in the city there is a large access to education an there is easier to find good and interesting job.
Moreover there is always something interesting and it is impossible to be bored. For instance there is a
good selection of cinemas, galleries, theaters or restaurants, where people can spend their free time.
Finally, there are a lot of good shops where we can do the shopping easily and quickly. To prove that big
companies, many malls are only found in cities such as Ventura Mall, Brisas etc. To sum up, living in a
city can be more fun and interesting because of the things that can be done.

Good jobs and big opportunities can be found in the big cities. Firstly, you can work in many areas like
engineering, medicine. For instance, Santa Cruz has many job opportunities because there are many
companies that invest in the country. Secondly, create your own company. For example, you can come
with money and invest in the city and have good profits. Finally, jobs in the cities have good salaries. To
show, salaries in cities are standards for any job. In summary, work in a city has many benefits.

The best schools are found in the big cities. To begin with,
in cities you have the facility to choose good schools. For instance, you can choose where to study
among many private schools. Another remarkable fact, in some countries there are only universities in
the city. For instance, you can choose a university degree and finish it in 5 years. Finally, the best
education is always the private one. For example, if you want to improve academically you have to study
in the city. To sum up, the city offers better study options.

I can draw the conclusion that living in a city has many benefits in the
academic and labor. From better education to better job opportunities and start-ups of new companies,
my advice would be if you want to progress in life you have to move to a city.

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