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Modernage Kindergarten, Abbottabad

Syllabus for Final Term, Session 2018-19

Class: Nursery

Area 1: Personal and Social Development:

1. Daily Circle Time

i. Expressing likes and dislikes about seasons, colours, games, fruits, food and animals.
ii. Making choice decision independently e.g Drawing or making a flower or a house, etc
iii. Listening to stories about people from other countries and cultures.
iv. Talking to people of different occupations.
v. Learning to take turns during class discussions and listening to others attentively.
vi. Learning to share materials with friends.

2. Activities and Assembly presentation:

i. Celebrating Defense Day
ii. Celebrating Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam
iii. Celebrating World Education day
iv. Celebrating World Saving Day
v. Celebrating World Peace Day
vi. Importance of healthy food and balanced diet.
vii. Celebrating World Food Day
viii. Celebrating World Cooking Day Visiting a shopping center and learning how to do shopping.
ix. learning to take care of teeth.
x. Celebrating the birthdays of children
xi. Sharing things
xii. World Transport Day
xiii. Story telling through puppets.
xiv. World Vegetable Day
xv. Pet Animal Day
xvi. English and Urdu Handwriting Competition
xvii. Urdu and English Declamation
xviii. Recitation of poems of Allama Iqbal (Iqbal Day)
xix. Independence Day celebration
xx. Parents Day
xxi. Defense day
xxii. Personal Hygiene Day
xxiii. Muharram
xxiv. Eid-ul-Aza

3. Islamiat
i. 2nd Kalma with Urdu translation
ii. Surah-e-Fatiha


‫ش َرابا َ طَھُو َرا‬

َ ‫سقَاھم َربُھم‬
َ ‫َو‬ ‫داع‬٪‫یک‬٪‫ےنیپ‬٪‫ین‬٪‫اپ‬٪‫۔‬٪١


4. Questions:
1. The Holy Quran was revealed through whom?
A. The Holy Quran was revealed through Hazrat Jibrail (A.S).
2. Where do we go to perform Hajj?
A. We go to Makkah to perform Hajj.
3. Name the four Holy books.
A. Torat, Zaboor, Injeel, Quran e Majeed.
4. In which month do the Muslims fast?
A. In the month of Ramdhan.
5. Name the first surah of the Holy Quran.
A. The first surah of the Holy Quran is Surah-e-Fatiha.
6. Name the last surah of the Holy Quran.
A. The last surah of the Holy Quran is Surah-e-Nas.
7. How many Kalmas do we have?
A. We have six kalmas.
8. How many surahs are there in the Holy Quran?
A. There are 114 surahs in the Holy Quran.
9. In which month the Holy Quran was revealed?
A. The Holy Quran was revealed in the month of Ramdhan.
10. What does Islam teach us?
A. Islam teaches us peace and harmony.
11. In which month do we perform Hajj?
A. Hajj is performed in the Islamic month of Zilhajj.
12. What does Islam teach us about truth?
A. Islam teaches us to speak the truth always.
13. Which is the first pillar of Islam?
A. Tauheed is the first pillar of Islam.

i. The Eid Story.
ii. Aab-e- Zam Zam
iii. Story of the dream of “Hazrat Ibrahim

i. Where do you go for worship/prayer? Page 5
ii. Good Habits. Page 6

Area 2: Language: English

1. Names of Books:
i. Maze Workbook Series 2a: Pg (53-111)
ii. Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 1

Written: Revision of small alphabets (a-z).Capital alphabets (A-Z)

Sky, grass and root letters (a-z), Vowels a , e , i , o , u , Write your own name. three letter
Dictation: Capital and small alphabet )Uu, Ff, Kk, Jj, Vv, Pp, Yy, Ii, Ww, Zz, Qq, Xx( three letter words.
Fill in the blanks
Recitation: Group and individual recitation of Nursery Rhymes with action using AV aids and movies
Poems: i. Cobbler, Cobbler ii. Clap your hand iii. Rolly polly iv. Winter cold summer hot
Conversation: Use of a and an, use of has and have. Describe feelings (Happy, Sad)
Story Telling: A hungry caterpillar, Honesty is the best policy
Vocabulary: i. Days of the week ii. Names of seasons. iii. Professions iv. Wild animals v. Things in the
Tricky Words I, he, she, we, was, all, are, do, be, the, me, to
Supplementary Pages 18, 19,20, 21, 23, 27, 30, 34, 35, 39, 41

Subject: Urdu
)‫کت‬١٣٤٪‫ےس‬٦٧( ‫ربمن‬٪‫ہحفص‬٪‫ادتبایئ‬٪‫ہلسلس‬٪‫اردو‬٪‫ونگج‬٪
)‫کت‬٤۴٪‫ےس‬١٦( ‫ربمن‬٪‫ہحفص‬٪‫ہلسلس‬٪‫اہمریت‬٪‫ونگج‬
)‫کت‬٤٩٪‫ےس‬٢٨( ‫ربمن‬٪‫ابغرےہحفص‬

‫المان۔‬٪‫وجڑ‬٪‫ےک‬٪‫رحوف‬٪‫کت‬٪‫ے‬٪‫ےس‬٪‫افل‬٪‫۔‬٢‫رکان۔‬٪‫رُپ‬٪‫ہگج‬٪‫اخیل‬٪‫ںیم‬٪‫رحوف‬٪‫کت‬٪‫ے‬٪‫ےس‬٪‫افل‬٪‫۔‬١ ‫اھکلیئ‬٪،‫ڑپاھیئ‬
‫۔‬٪‫المان‬٪‫ےس‬٪‫رحف‬٪‫ای‬٪‫وکوصتری‬٪‫رحوف‬٪٪‫۔‬٥٪‫اگلان ۔‬٪‫دارئہ‬٪‫رگد‬٪‫ےک‬٪‫رحوف‬٪‫ولطمہب‬٪‫ےس‬٪‫ںیم‬٪‫رحوف‬٪‫ےئگ‬٪‫دےیئ‬٪٪‫۔‬٤٪‫انھکل۔‬٪‫رحف‬٪‫الہپ‬٪‫اک‬٪‫وصتری‬٪‫۔‬٣
‫یتخت‬٪‫یک‬٪‫ے‬،‫ی‬،‫و‬،‫۔ ا‬٦
‫انھکل‬٪‫وخطخش‬٪‫رحوف‬٪‫امتم‬٪‫ے‬٪ ‫ ات‬٪‫ا‬ ‫یطخش‬٪‫ووخ‬٪‫االمء‬
٪ ‫اجونرو‬٪‫یلگنج‬٪‫۔‬٢٪‫انم‬٪‫ےک‬٪‫اجونروں‬٪‫اپوتل‬٪‫۔‬١ ‫اافلظ‬٪‫ذریخہ‬
٪‫۔‬٪‫ایخل‬٪‫ابتدہل‬٪‫قلعتم‬٪‫ےک‬٪‫ذجابت‬٪‫اور‬٪‫ااسحاست‬٪‫ےک‬٪‫وچبں‬٪٪‫۔‬٢٪‫وگتفگ‬٪‫قلعتم‬٪‫ےک‬٪‫وہتاروں‬٪‫اخص‬٪‫اور‬٪‫رمہ‬٪‫روز‬٪‫۔‬١ ‫دینش‬٪‫و‬٪‫تفگ‬
٪‫ویچیٹن‬٪‫اور‬٪‫افہتخ‬٪‫۔‬٪٣ ‫رشارت‬٪‫۔‬٢ ‫ابغرے‬٪‫۔‬١ ٪‫اہکاینں‬
‫راین‬٪‫یک‬٪‫لج‬٪‫یلھچم‬-٪٣ ‫رگاج‬٪‫ابدل‬-٪٢ ٪‫ایمں‬٪٪‫آول‬٪‫۔‬١ ‫ںیمظن‬
٦٢،٥٩،٥٨،٥٧،٥٦،٥٥،٥٣،٥١،٥۴ :‫ربمن‬٪‫ہحفص‬ ‫ٹیش‬٪‫ورک‬

Area 3: Mathematics
Maze Workbook Series 2b: Page # 91 to 115

1. Written:
i. Recognition and writing numbers from 1 to 50.
ii. Missing numbers from 1 to 50.
iii. Backward counting from 20 to 1
iv. Writing numbers in words 1 to 10
v. What comes after, before and between?
vi. Matching numbers with the pictures.
vii. Count and write
viii. Drawing shapes

2. Oral:
Number from 1-50, learning words from 1 to 10 and backward counting from 20-1.

3. Montessori Apparatus:
i. Numerical rods
ii. Number card and counter
iii. Knobbed cylinders
iv. Baric tablets
4. Activities :
i. Rock Patterns.
ii. Hanging up your shirts.
iii. Insect’s pictures.
5. Supplementary Worksheets:
Pages 90, 91, 94, 96, 98, 100,101

Area 4: World Around Us

1. Themes for the Term
Family, Community Members, Plants, Animals, Environment, Weather and Keeping Clean.
2. Question Answers:
1. What does a doctor do?
A: A doctor treats the patients.
2. What is your father’s name?
A: My father’s name is _________________.
3. What does a gardener do?
A: A gardener takes care of plants.
4. Why do we wear warm clothes in winter?
A: We wear warm clothes to keep ourselves warm.
5. How are diseases caused?
A: Diseases are caused by germs.
6. How many seasons are there in a year?
A: There are four seasons in a year.
7. Where do birds live?
A: Birds live in nests on the trees.
8. How many kinds of things are there in the world?
A. There are two kinds of things in the world: Living things and non-living things.
9. What does a plant need to grow?
A: A plant needs water, soil and sunlight to grow.
10. Why do living things eat and drink?
A: Living things eat and drink to live.

3. Supplementary Worksheets: Pages: 107, 108, 109,110

Area 5: Health, Hygiene & Safety

1. Physical Activities:
i. P.T exercises with stretching and bending.
ii. Using outdoor gross motor equipment such as swings and climbing frames, safely and appropriately.
iii. Frog jump
iv. Lemon race
v. 50 meter race
vi. Apple eating race
vii. Bread and butter game
viii. Reciting poems with actions.
2. EPL Exercises:
i. Dressing frames. (E.P.L)
ii. Pouring beans from one jug to another jug.
iii. Cutting along line.
iv. Spooning beans from one bowl to another bowl.
v. Holding scissors.
vi. Threading beads
3. Personal Care:
i. Washing a cloth.
ii. Folding napkins
iii. Walking around the mats.
iv. Learning how to use a spoon.
v. Table manners.
vi. Learning how to shake a bottle.
vii. Story about diseases and their prevention

Area 6: Creative Arts

Colour & Craft (B) Page No.(21 to 43)

i. Drawing and Colouring, Making crafts and models, Collage work, Folding, Cutting, Weaving papers.
ii. Making windmill with the help of glaze paper
iii. Making different objects with play dough

1. Seasons ‫راین‬٪‫یک‬٪‫لج‬٪‫یلھچم‬
Winter cold, ‫ےہ‬٪‫راین‬٪‫یک‬٪‫لج‬٪‫یلھچم‬
Summer hot, ‫اجےئیگ‬٪‫ڈر‬٪‫وت‬٪‫ےگ‬٪ ‫اگلو‬٪‫اہھت‬٪ ‫ےہ‬٪‫اپین‬٪‫ااکس‬٪‫ویجن‬
Spring happy,
Autumn sad. ‫یگ‬٪‫اجےئ‬٪‫رم‬٪‫وت‬٪‫ےگ‬٪‫اکنول‬٪‫ےس‬٪‫اپین‬
‫ےہ‬٪‫اپین‬٪‫ااکس‬٪‫ویجن‬ ٪‫دو‬٪‫رےنہ‬٪‫ںیم‬٪‫اپین‬٪‫وک‬٪‫یلھچم‬

2. Cobbler Cobbler ‫ایمں‬٪‫آول‬

Cobbler cobbler ‫ےھت‬٪‫ےئگ‬٪‫اہکں‬٪‫ایمں‬٪‫آول‬٪‫ایمں‬٪‫آول‬
Mend my shoe
Get it done by half past two, ‫ےھت‬٪‫رےہ‬٪‫وس‬٪‫ںیم‬٪‫وٹرکی‬٪‫یک‬٪‫زبسی‬
Stitch it up and stitch it down, ‫ےھت‬٪‫رےہ‬٪‫رو‬٪‫امری‬٪‫الت‬٪‫ےن‬٪‫نگنیب‬
Then I’ll give you half a crown.
3. Clap your hands
Clap your hands, ‫رگاج‬٪‫ابدل‬
Listen to the music and ٪‫رگاج‬٪‫ابدل‬٪‫رگاج‬٪‫ابدل‬
Clap your hands.
Stamp your feet, ‫وہ‬٪‫ےتنس‬٪‫وہ‬٪‫ےتنس‬
Stamp your feet, ‫وبدنںی‬٪‫ڈنھٹی‬٪‫ڈنھٹی‬٪٪‫وبدنںی‬٪‫یھنن‬٪‫یھنن‬
Listen to the music and
Stamp your feet. ٪‫ےئگ‬٪‫گیھب‬٪‫ بس‬٪‫ےئگ‬٪‫ےئگمہ گیھب‬٪‫گیھب‬٪‫مت‬
Turn around,
Turn around,
Listen to the music and
Turn around‫۔‬
Jump up high,
Jump up high,
Listen to the music and
Jump up high‫۔‬

4. Rolly Polly Rolly Polly

Rolly poll, rolly poll,
Up, up, up.
Rolly polly, rolly polly,
Down, down, down.
Rolly polly, rolly polly,
Sit, sit, sit.
Rolly polly, rolly polly,
Stand, stand, stand.
Rolly polly, rolly polly,
Slow, slow, slow.
Rolly polly, rolly polly,
Fast, fast, fast.

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