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Address: 65 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 | Mobile phone: 0415 614 278
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Career objective
A hard-working, motivated and adaptable chemical engineering student seeking an opportunity to
expand my understanding and expertise within the mining and water industry while allowing me to
utilize my project management, teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills developed through
practical experience
Jul 2017 – present Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) - GPA: 5.5/7.00
The University of Adelaide - Expected completion: November 2019
Professional experience
Nov 2018 – Jan 2019 Intern
Tarac Technologies
Proposed an alternative separation method to remove isopropanol from
Responsibilities  Conducted a thorough literature review and assessed the
effectiveness of different approaches through SWOT analysis
 Proposed an alternative technique and prepared for experimental
 Conducted the experiments and analysis of the obtained data
Achievements  Enhanced analytical and problem-solving, organizational and
laboratory skills
 Acquired an in-depth understanding of separation technologies
Mar 2018 – Oct 2018 Honours research (Sponsored by Tarac Technologies)
The University of Adelaide
Worked on one of the major projects aiming to remove isopropanol from
spirit to meet customer specifications, reduce operating costs and
maximize profit
Responsibilities  Conducted the experiments and ran the simulation of a batch
column on the Aspen Batch Modeler to investigate the
appropriate thermodynamic model
 Investigated the feasibility of azeotropic distillation in the
separation of isopropanol from spirit
Achievements  Developed an ability to model the thermodynamic system in
using the Aspen Batch Modeler
 Acquired solid knowledge in the thermodynamics of a multi-
component system
Cumene plant design project
Mar 2018 – Oct 2018
The University of Adelaide
Worked as a developing engineer on a group project to develop a HYSYS
simulation of a specified industrial process for a grassroots cumene
plant under the guidance of supervisors from Adelaide Prof
Responsibilities  Responsible for designing reactor unit and overall processing
 Manual calculation of base case design, Mean ends analysis
 Evaluated the Economic issues relates to the investment
requirements and economic viability of the project
Achievements  Performed great management skills to manage member finish the
project on time
 Acquired a solid understanding of natural gas processes
 Gained knowledge in the front-end engineering design and
equipment sizing
Skills summary
Graduate Attributes
• Always have optimistic attitude, hard work, always has a smile on.
• Enthusiastic towards efficiency and application of science.
• High ethical person. It is a self-demand for perfectionism while having awareness of concept of trade-off.
• Can provided high level of commitment and dedication. High level of flexibility.
Computer skills
• Proficient in a range of problem solving programs such as Polymath, MATLAB and
Excel, due to their consistent use in Chemical Engineering at university.
• Comfortable with design and present solution or ideas using words or power point slides.
Language skills
• Vietnamese: Native speaker.
• English: Sufficient fluency in academic writing and verbal communication
Practical experience
 problem solving skill: developed through various situations for handling customer’s question and
 Participate training courses in different areas from the company
Extra-curricular activities
Sep 2018 – present Student participant in Career Access Mentoring and Women in
STEM Careers Program
 Develop a professional manner and establish a career planning
Feb 2018 – present strategy
Student participant in Talking with Aussies and Experience Adelaide
 Exchange cultural experiences and share knowledge in history and
Aug 2018 geography
Event Assistant Volunteer in Merdeka Fiesta
 Organised event venue and introduced traditional Malaysian games to
international students which enriched my cultural understanding and
Jan 2017– Jul 2017 ability to work in multi-cultural teams
Marketing and Communications Volunteer
 Utilized a broad range of communication channels, including website,
social media and telephone communication to approach and engage
the candidates in the Swiss Innovation Challenge Vietnam 2017
Professional membership
Jul 2018 – present Engineers Australia - Student member
General work experience

Feb 2015 – July 2016 Assistant- Sale executive at SV house

 Responsible for planning monthly sale business and office work-
 Implementing business plans, monitoring and evaluating progress
to report when requested by superiors.
 Have technical background for supporting customer service
Nov 2016- Aug 2017 Stock keeper/ Sale at ACFC Viet Nam
 Manage export, import and transfer of goods into and out of
warehouses. Accounting warehouse operations into the software
 Inventory of goods in stock. Make reports on the status of goods in
stock, inventory.

Mar 2018 – July 2018 Kitchen Hand at Hackie Snack Bar

 Provide an excellent customer service
 Function effectively as a team with other members
Lin Lin Low A/Prof. Yung Ngothai
Chemical Engineer – Projects Academic supervisor
B. E. (CHEM) (Hons.), PhD (Chemical Engineering) School of Chemical Engineering
Tarac Technologies The University of Adelaide
Phone: (08) 8568 6511 Phone: (08) 8313 5445
Email: Email:
Reza Abdollahi
Distillation Engineer
Tarac Technologies
Phone: (08) 8565 7062