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5G is a fundamental change in network architecture that requires substantial

preparation to ensure smooth implementation and maximum benefit from day


 The better prepared you are before the launch of 5G, the more likely you are to
achieve your goals. This preparation is different to anything that has gone before
because it begins with setting business goals rather than technology considerations
 5G is all about use cases and business strategy; these are the driving factors so it is
important to start planning well in advance. There will be many opportunities to
deliver new services, but each has a different need.
 We will apply our extensive experience of transformation projects to help operators
with the essential planning of which use cases to pursue, and how to meet their
diverse needs.
 Nokia 5G Acceleration Services can prepare and implement your desired strategy to
find the optimal path to 5G.

A practical business case for 5G-based fixed wireless access

Nokia is the only vendor able to provide and support a full-breadth of fiber, copper, cable and
mobile ultra-broadband technologies in all markets globally. This allows Nokia to be
technology agnostic in the advice it provides. Nokia Services and Nokia Bell Labs Consulting
have advanced business modeling tools to help CSPs determine the best mix of technologies
for their businesses. With this help, CSPs can open a new stream of revenue and capture new
customers attracted to the convenience and quality that only a multi-play provider can offer.

Read our new whitepaper: A practical business case for 5G-based fixed wireless access

Taking the guesswork out of 5G business planning

What will be the true capabilities, costs and benefits of 5G? Will 5G investments really create
new and lucrative services not possible with other technologies?
To help operators explore the 5G business case, Nokia experts have used a new simulation
tool to run detailed techno-economic analyses of various5G use cases. The results reveal how
5G will perform in real network situations to reduce overall costs and deliver high-quality
services to consumers and enterprises.

Download new whitepaper ‘Techno-economic simulation results for solid 5G business

and technology planning’

Nokia 5G Acceleration Services can prepare and implement your desired strategy to find the
optimal path to 5G.

 Use case driven transformation design leading to optimum transformation journey

 Best-in-class techno-economic analysis of all network domains
 Nokia & Bell Labs expertise with established transformation methodology
 Solid transformation planning & execution
 Timely preparation for operational changes (people, tools, processes)


Why these services are unique?

 Beyond Technology: providing strategic decision support for business & technology.
 Proven Expertise: Nokia GS & Bell Labs Consulting expertise in business, technology and
operations transformations with field proven methodologies.
 Optimal Transformation Journey: advanced network, operations and financial models
combined into a holistic E2E view, help to analyze all transformation options and find the
optimal transformation deployment plan.

Nokia licensing rate expectations for 5G/NR mobile phones

Press Release

 Nokia leadership position in wireless standard essential patents expected to continue in 5G

 Nokia expects that for mobile phones, its licensing rate for the Nokia 5G SEP portfolio will be
capped at EUR 3 per device

21 August 2018

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today outlined its licensing rate expectations for 5G mobile

Nokia is a long-term innovator in the development of fundamental technologies for wireless

communications and has made significant contributions to the development of related
standards for more than two decades.

This research and development investment has resulted in a significant portfolio of standard
essential patents (SEPs), which Nokia has committed to license on fair, reasonable and non-
discriminatory (FRAND) terms, in line with the applicable intellectual property rights
policies of relevant standard setting organizations (SSOs).

Our innovation continues in 5G, where significant parts of the emerging 5G standards will be
based on Nokia innovations, and Nokia expects to have a significant position in SEPs once
the standards are finalized later in 2018.

Nokia expects that for mobile phones which implement the 5G New Radio standard, the
licensing rate for the Nokia 5G SEP portfolio will be capped at EUR 3 per device.

Nokia licensing practices for licensing 5G SEPs for mobile phones will be consistent with our
licensing undertakings made to relevant SSOs. Our licensing approach reflects the value that
Nokia inventions bring to end user devices, and we follow recognized industry licensing
practices for wireless communication SEPs.

Beyond mobile phones, Nokia believes that there will be an unprecedented variety of end
user devices that will use Nokia innovation. For other categories of devices, Nokia will
determine its licensing rates separately and seeks to engage in constructive dialogue with
relevant industry participants to define the licensing models best suited for those industries.

"Nokia innovation combined with our commitment to open standardization has helped build
the networks of today and lay the foundations for 5G/NR," said Ilkka Rahnasto, head of
Patent Business at Nokia. "This announcement is an important step in helping companies
plan for the introduction of 5G/NR capable mobile phones, with the first commercial
launches expected in 2019."

This announcement is based on current assumptions of the Nokia 5G SEP portfolio and its
anticipated growth, excluding any major acquisitions or changes to corporate structure.
Forward-looking statements
It should be noted that Nokia and its businesses are exposed to various risks and
uncertainties and certain statements herein that are not historical facts are forward-looking
statements, including, without limitation, those regarding: A) our ability to integrate
acquired businesses into our operations and achieve the targeted business plans and benefits,
including targeted benefits, synergies, cost savings and efficiencies; B) expectations, plans or
benefits related to our strategies and growth management; C) expectations, plans or benefits
related to future performance of our businesses; D) expectations, plans or benefits related to
changes in organizational and operational structure; E) expectations regarding market
developments, general economic conditions and structural changes; F) expectations and
targets regarding financial performance, results, operating expenses, licensing rates, taxes,
currency exchange rates, hedging, cost savings and competitiveness, as well as results of
operations including targeted synergies and those related to market share, prices, net sales,
income and margins; G) expectations, plans or benefits related to any future collaboration or
to business collaboration agreements or patent license agreements or arbitration awards,
including income to be received under any collaboration or partnership, agreement or
award; H) timing of the deliveries of our products and services; I) expectations and targets
regarding collaboration and partnering arrangements, joint ventures or the creation of joint
ventures, and the related administrative, legal, regulatory and other conditions, as well as
our expected customer reach; J) outcome of pending and threatened litigation, arbitration,
disputes, regulatory proceedings or investigations by authorities; K) expectations regarding
restructurings, investments, capital structure optimization efforts, uses of proceeds from
transactions, acquisitions and divestments and our ability to achieve the financial and
operational targets set in connection with any such restructurings, investments, capital
structure optimization efforts, divestments and acquisitions; and L) statements preceded by or
including "believe", "expect", "anticipate", "foresee", "sees", "target", "estimate",
"designed", "aim", "plans", "intends", "focus", "continue", "project", "should", "is to", "will"
or similar expressions. These statements are based on management's best assumptions and
beliefs in light of the information currently available to it. Because they involve risks and
uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from the results that we currently expect.
Factors, including risks and uncertainties that could cause these differences include, but are
not limited to: 1) our strategy is subject to various risks and uncertainties and we may be
unable to successfully implement our strategic plans, sustain or improve the operational and
financial performance of our business groups, correctly identify or successfully pursue
business opportunities or otherwise grow our business; 2) general economic and market
conditions and other developments in the economies where we operate; 3) competition and
our ability to effectively and profitably invest in new competitive high-quality products,
services, upgrades and technologies and bring them to market in a timely manner; 4) our
dependence on the development of the industries in which we operate, including the
cyclicality and variability of the information technology and telecommunications industries;
5) Nokia Technologies' ability to protect its IPR and to maintain and establish new sources of
patent, brand and technology licensing income and IPR-related revenues, particularly in the
smartphone market, which may not materialize as planned, 6) our dependence on IPR
technologies, including those that we have developed and those that are licensed to us, and
the risk of associated IPR-related legal claims, licensing costs and restrictions on use, 7)
factors that may affect our expected licensing rates. For instance, the expected Nokia
licensing rates are based on current assumptions of our 5G standard essential patent
portfolio and its anticipated growth, excluding any changes to corporate structure, as well as
the risk factors specified on pages 71 to 89 of our 2017 annual report on Form 20-F
published on March 22, 2018 under "Operating and financial review and prospects-Risk
factors" and in our other filings or documents furnished with the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission. Other unknown or unpredictable factors or underlying assumptions
subsequently proven to be incorrect could cause actual results to differ materially from those
in the forward-looking statements. We do not undertake any obligation to publicly update or
revise forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or
otherwise, except to the extent legally required.

About Nokia
We create the technology to connect the world. Powered by the research and innovation of
Nokia Bell Labs, we serve communications service providers, governments, large enterprises
and consumers, with the industry's most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services
and licensing.

We adhere to the highest ethical business standards as we create technology with social
purpose, quality and integrity. Nokia is enabling the infrastructure for 5G and the Internet of
Things to transform the human experience.

Manage millions of IoT device connections and support applications that open new revenues
for service providers.

Nokia IoT innovations give service providers the capabilities they need to transform business
models, to change the way their customers live and work, while providing them with a better

The rapid development of IoT technology is creating new business opportunities for service
providers in domains such as public safety, healthcare, connected mobility, connected home,
and smart cities.

We can help you get your network and business ready for the IoT. Ourportfolio includes a
secure independent platform that brings services to the market more quickly, analyticals that
help you create more value for your customers and connectivity for a variety of customer
scenarios, Our multi layer architecture lets you approach the IoT market in the way that
works best for your business.

To help you and your customers get the maximum value from the IoT, our offer blends the
best expertise in world-class IP networking, access, and cloud technologies. And, it brings
you proven innovations built from real-world market trials and an ecosystem of partners
representing some of the world’s most successful brands.

How can our IoT solutions help your business?

Get IoT connectivity that provides the scalability, coverage, availability, latency,
interoperability, and security you need to handle massive numbers of connections

Deploy a horizontal standards-based IoT platform that supports a broad range of vertical
applications so you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and securely mix and match
devices and applications. Tap into an IoT ecosystem that accelerates the development and
delivery of IoT solutions by bringing innovative companies together to collaborate on
concepts, prototypes, business models, and market trials.