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Date Issued: 16 July 2007 3 PS 4.4.0 provides a solution for users who cannot access
private scan folders when the “Modify Configuration Web
SB 752 Pages” is unchecked with their web browser.
4 IIT F.50/DF D.50 provides a solution for intermittent blank
Product: Phaser 8560MFP
copies from either the Document Glass or DADF.
Operational Groups: ALL 5 POST V.19.’P’. provides a solution for hard disk
failure condition 36.1, which results when the hard drive is
unresponsive during the Power-On-Self-Test sequence.
Phaser 8560MFP firmware upgrade is now available. (Updated
firmware regions have been highlighted in blue color.)
It is recommended to update firmware anytime you are onsite servicing
System Firmware Versions: a Phaser 8560MFP. Only update machines that have firmware versions
OS 8.26/ PS 4.4.0 / Eng:19.P3.4.2.0 / Net: / Fax: 4.2.0 lower than those previously identified in the INFORMATION section.

Scanner Firmware Versions: The PostScript (PS) and Scanner (ITT F.XX/DF D.XX) firmware versions
IIT F.50 / DF D.50 / IP 30.0/ CP F120000E/ EM M120008I can be validated by printing a configuration page. Power-On-Self-Test
(POST) can only be verified by reading the display shortly after turning
Power On Self Test (POST): system power on.
If needed, use the URL listed below for the Phaser 8560MFP firmware
Note: update. (Installation instructions and firmware file have been
POST version number can only be verified by reading the display compressed into one file titled: Phaser 8560MFP Firmware Update)
shortly after turning system power on.
The purpose of the change is to address multiple firmware bugs *Download Notes:
discovered since product announcement. The following table provides a 1. Got to the listed URL
detailed description of each firmware enhancement. 2. Selected your printer’s configuration and OS platform from the
dropdown boxes.
Item No. Affected Feature/Problem Description 3. Click on the “Phaser 8560MFP Firmware Update”
1 PS 4.4.0 provides a solution for machines that exhibit 4. Save the file to your hard drive
rebooting during initialization, as explained in Service 5. Open the file to obtain the firmware update and readme file.
Flash 227. 6. View the readme file for complete download instructions.
2 PS 4.4.0 provides a solution for users who cannot access 7. Verify firmware updates have completed by repeating steps
more than 10 private scan folders via the control panel mentioned above.
unless the Xerox Scan Utility is running on a computer.
Copyright © 2004 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. XEROX®, the stylized X®, and Phaser®
trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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