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The California Coast🐬

A Great Place to Be at!

By Aleen & Christina

Hello there! My name is Aleen
and my friend Christina! And Hi,
I’m Christina and we’re going to
introduce the coast to you. So, the
coast has many living things. It’s Dolphins having
like, full of life! I would describe fun in the water!

the coast as an awesome place.

Aleen would describe the coast as
a wonderful place and interesting
Seaweed is very common in many coasts
Plants in the Coast 🌱
Like I said, in the introduction, it’s full of life
and plants. So here are some facts about
types of plants in the California coast.

● There is a plant called seagrass.

● Common or popular names for this coast
plant are eelgrass, seagrass, and seawrack.
● The scientific name for it is Zostera
● Seagrass is mostly located near shore
● The seagrass is a see-through plant.
● Another California coast plant is called
algae. Most people would call
● Algae is a plant that some fish eat. algae gross, but it’s food
to many fish and Seagrass is also food to many coast animals. Dugong, sea
creatures. turtles, sea urchins, fish, crustaceans and birds eat
seagrass. Dead seagrasses are an even more popular food
for the coast animals!
The thing about the California coast animals
is that they all have to eat. Some eat others
while others eat plants.

● There are many animals in the coast Humpback Whale

Snakelocks Anemone
such as: Snakelocks Anemone, Blue
Whales, Humpback Whales, and
● What Snakelocks Anemone eat: small
fish that come near. What Whales eat:
basically plankton. What Garibaldi fish
eat: Sea sponges and algae ( A type of
Garibaldi fish
plant that floats on water and grows on
stone. Blue Whale
Visit the Coast!🐳
There are a lot of of reasons why you should visit the
California coast. Here are some reasons why you
should visit the coast:

● The California coast has many cute dolphins

waiting for you. (Hey, they’re harmless!)
● The coast water glistens in the sunset. (One of
the best background to take your selfie!)
● The California coast is near-perfect place to go
scuba diving. Splash! Splosh!
● There are ships you can go on with your friends or
just by single.
● There are more reasons except we don’t have
space for it! Sorry!😥
Glistening water
The Coast is Fun!🎣
Greetings! I’m Aleen and it’s time for my perspective.
When you go to the coast, always go scuba diving.

● It’s extremely popular and you should try it.

● But watch out! Because there are sharks and
● To be more safe, it’s better to go in shallow places
and explore. It’s fun!
● The best part is that if you’re lucky, you might be
able to see dolphins. Remember, they’re not harmful,
and they’re not cute, they’re super cute!
● Make sure to take a selfie before you leave the coast.
Have Fun With the Coast Animals!🐟
● You should not ride a wild dolphin that you see.
● You see, riding a wild dolphin can be DANGEROUS!
● It’s better to ride a dolphin that’s trained.
● Having a pet that’s a coast animal isn’t scary but
also that it is NOTsafe.
● For instance, don’t just trap a wild crab and have it
as a pet!
● Unfortunately, many coast animals are endangered
because of pollution and increasing killed coast
Seafood from the Coast

● Seafood is very common to be eaten. To

be honest with you, seafood is great!
● Seafood from the coast are popular Delicious
and delicious! seafood from
the coast!
● Most of those restaurants get five or
four star review.
● There are many types of seafood such
as: shrimp, octoplus, fish eggs (that’s
my most dislikes), and fish.
● But, in statement, there’s shark fin
soup that’s is NOT popular at all.

The California coast is a fun location to visit. But

remember my warning: don’t ride wild dolphins! I’m
serious though. If you are leaving the California coast
and you just came there, DON’T LEAVE! You drove
all the way here to go to the California coast so don’t
leave. There is still more adventuring to do. Thank
you for being so polite and paying so much attention.
Again, THANK YOU! 👍

🐟 A curious Garibaldi fish explores

the coast.
Do you have any questions?