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Student B did not have much information in his personal file.

I chose to study this student

based on the description of his behavior by other teachers. He is described to have an explosive

temper in other classes, but seems to be one of the most respectful students in band class. The

information that I did discover shed some light on his personal background and family. Student B

lives with both parents and two siblings-a brother and a sister. Both of his parents are employed

by a local poultry factory and moved to the are from out of stat a few years ago. Student B

speaks fluent Spanish, which is spoken at home, but has no trouble with English at school. His

grades are about average, although he has had significant trouble with math and history, having

failed portions of those SOL’s previously and received extra help in those areas. the school

counselor speculates that Student B could do much better with his academics, but that his current

group of friends may not be supportive in that way.

Although I was not able to talk with the Vice Principal regarding Student B’s behavior,

other teachers have explained that he usually quiet, but violently erupts when triggered. I have

yet to witness behavior like this. In band class, Student B is a model student. He comes into class

and prepares his instrument in a timely manner. Student B always respects me and my

cooperating teacher, always follows directions, and never speaks out of turn. He does joke

around with the other students before and after class, but has never caused distractions like some

of the other students have during class. Student B seems to enjoy participating in making music

in band class, so perhaps that is one reason why he always exhibits good behavior. From the

background knowledge of his potential to explode in anger and the evidence that he is a model

student in band, I hypothesize that Student B’s connection to music contributes to keeping him
calm during class. This creative outlet may be a way that he releases some of his anger and

stress, so it does not come out in his actions.

In order to continue to allow Student B to be successful in band class, I will do my best to

create a relationship of trust, so that Student B will continue to feel safe to express himself in

music. I will acknowledge him for his good behavior and use positive reinforcement to

encourage him, but set firm boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable behavior when I am

teaching. If music class is a place where Student B feels safe to be himself, it will be my goal to

continue to give him that opportunity.