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ED688 Student Teaching Simplified Lesson Design Template

Name Allison Miller Date 04/16/19

Topic/Name of Lesson
Common Sense Media: Picture Perfect

Alaska Content Standard: (One standard for the lesson)

HC5: Evaluate what is viewed, read, and heard for its effect on personal well-being
Materials: Include all materials including types of technology used:
Common Sense Media Picture Perfect Lesson Plan, projection screen for viewing images.

Objectives/Learning Targets (Acquisition) Assessments/Acceptable Evidence Of Learning

Knowledge and Skills: Sources of Evidence:
Students will be able to Recognize that photos can be Formative: student discussions
altered digitally, discuss how photo alteration can Summative: Student handouts for each lesson
distort and affect self-image, and analyze how
advertising uses photo alteration to sell products.

Overview/Introduction/Main Hook
Class discussion about some of the negative things about technology. If these topics don’t naturally come up, teacher
should ask: How can photos be changed with technology, and how can that affect our feelings about the way we look?

Process: Product(s): Specific

Teacher will project Colorful Lemon Visual and ask students whether this is a real or Class Strategies
fake photo. Ask how the photo was changed or altered. Ask them what they like about discussion If students
the image, even if they know it isn’t real. Point out that altering photos can be a fun and have difficulty
creative process, but ask whether they think there are people who might think this is a thinking of
real lemon. Altering photos can be fun, but it can also trick people into believing things people who
that aren’t true. might believe
that the lemon
Magazines and commercials also use photo-altering techniques to make people look Class is real,
different than they do in real life. Show them the Dove video of how this happens. Ask discussion suggest pre-K
them for things they remember from the video that stood out to them. Point out that it’s or K.
natural for people to compare themselves to other people. Do people compare themselves
to people who look perfect in commercials and advertisements? How might making a Circulate
person in a magazine look perfect help companies sell products? between
groups to
Distribute one Magazine Magic handout (female example to one group, male example to Student- check in with
the other) to students in groups of 4 mixed boys and girls. Allow students to analyze and completed them and their
and answer questions on the handouts. Groups will share their findings with the class. handouts responses.
Class discussion: What are some upsides and downsides of altering photos? Why do you think so many images in
magazines and commercials are altered?