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Romania is a beautiful, picturesque country.

By Liviu Clinciu

Traveling is something that all people should do, and going to Europe, it helps many understand
history and also discover new things and places. Europe is full of history and beauty that can be
brought alive when one enjoys its travels along so many different countries and cultures. Even
though other European countries might capture your interest, Romania is a beautiful,
picturesque country. Many might have different opinions of European countries and would
consider one better than another. In this essay, I will help you understand how you can enjoy
the beautiful and picturesque country of Romania, explore the rich history and how you can
experience the fascinating culture of the locals.

First, Romania is a beautiful and picturesque country because of the rich history that you can
explore by many venues. Romania is an old country, one that was ruled by the ancient kings of
the Dacian Empire, monarch and royals, had a communist influence, then freed by the
revolution of the people, now after this long history many different edifices and ruins that
stand small or tall to tell their stories. “Today, about 200 peasant fortified churches reflecting a
rich diversity of styles, which have withstood the test of time, can also be visited.” (Keck, 2003,
p. 96), here we can mention the old Painted Monasteries, like the Voronet Monastery, unique
for its history and what is known as "Voronet Blue." Furthermore, many fortress and castles can
be explored, like the Peles Castle, kings Carol I’s castle, that was built in 1883, and it is unique
for its time in Europe. Peles was considered the first to be with electricity and had central
heating, something not popular at that time. King’s Carol I palace is one place where you can
find the “rich diversity of styles” that Keck is talking about in his article for International Travel
News, “Transylvania and Sinaia” and calls it the “masterpiece” that must be seen (Keck, 2003, p.
97-98). Alongside with Peles, another famous castle, know probably by the entire world as
"Dracula's Castle," or as we call it the Bran Castle, can be explored and discover the beautiful,
picturesque country of Romania. The list could go on, but you will have to explore for yourself
Romania's beautiful, charming history.

Secondly, the beautiful and picturesque country of Romania offers you the chance to
experience the fascinating culture of the locals. The local cuisine, the traditional wear, and the
people are some of the greatest you can find. The Romanian hospitality allows you to enter
some of the beautiful and picturesque traditional houses, especially the northern part of
Romania, Maramures. Here you can find traditional wear, local homemade food, and wonderful
hospitality and you can experience it all in its full beauty. The hospitality gives you the
experience of the generosity and the real lifestyle of the locals. You could be given the
opportunity to get involved with the chores of the day, enhancing the cultural experience of
living in the countryside and on the opposite side, life in the city. Commisceo Global make an
excellent point on the Romanian culture when points out some of the dining etiquettes that
show the hospitality of Romanians (Commisceo Global, n.d.). As a Romanian, I am proud to
know that when we invite someone over, then we want them to feel like home and offer them
the best we have. As for traditional wear, the one of a kind shirt called “Ie” (ee-eh) is something
that has been passed down for many generations and shows the beautiful picturesque country
of Romania. The “ie” is woven out of cotton with colorful themed designs embroidered into the
fabric, each specific to its region. This piece of clothing offers you a unique memory of Romania
and your experience of the fascinating culture.

Most of all, Romania is a beautiful, picturesque country because it offers you a wide range of
beautiful and picturesque mountains, streams, and plains that you can enjoy all year long, on
any time and any weather. If you are one to admire the beauty of nature, the mountains of
Romania bring you the bright green of fresh grass, the blooming trees of spring, the colorful
flowers, and the whistling streams that all carry about a peaceful spirit as you climb to reach
the top. Krischner, T., in his article “Buzau, the Wilde Side of the Carpathians” says “The
sparsely populated forest, hills, and mountains of Buzau are perfect for sport and adventure
activities: mountain biking, rafting, canyoning or paragliding.” (Krischner, 2017), and these are
some of the highlights of the beautiful, picturesque country of Romania you can enjoy. Living
now in the big city, I have become to appreciate more the beautiful mountain view I used to
see out my old bedroom window every morning. A picture of tall standing mountains imposing
over my city with clouds covering the peek, letting me know there will be rain, or so my
grandma’ told me, or with clear skies predicting a beautiful day ahead. The mountains hide
numerous gorges that bring forth the greatness of the mountain, with magnificent rocky cliffs,
staring down at us, the wee people. Moreover, the great, wide and cross-country river of
Danube, coming rushing down from Germany all the way down south of Romania border,
overflowing in the Delta down to the Black Sea. Now, if you are not a mountain person, the
Delta's natural reserve offers you the opportunity to enjoy maybe the largest European delta
with hundreds of species of wildlife. From mountains to rivers, to Sea, to plains, Romania’s
beautiful and picturesque landscape, offers all that you need for an enjoyable stay.

In conclusion, although other European countries might capture your interest, among
them Romania is a beautiful, picturesque country for many different reasons. One is the
possibility to explore a rich variety of history in many edifices and ruins that tell a story
alongside with the wonderful experience you could have of the traditional local life and vast
customs of our culture. Most of all, Romania is a beautiful, picturesque country because of is
the natural habitat with mountains, streams, and plains that you can enjoy to the fullest. I hope
that one day you get to enjoy, explore and experience the beautiful, picturesque country of
Romania and have a memorable stay that will make an incredible imprint on your heart.

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