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Apache Web Server-A296-6607

1. _______ exists between a computer and a network and provides protection to networks against
outside attackers.
o Security
o Proxy
o Firewall
o Protocol
2. ___________ is the process of converting data into scrambled code while deciphering it at the
other end.
o Cryptography
o Digital Signature
o Message digest
o Certificates
3. Which of the following are dynamic modules in Apache?
 mod_sir
 mod_dev
 mod_actions
 mod_perl
4. Which of the following displays the lists of included directories instead of the actual Web pages?
o Options
o ScriptAlias
o DirectoryIndex
o DirectorySlash
5. Which of the following method requires authentication and authorization with a username and
a password?
o Basic
o Digital signing
o Digest
o Client Verity
6. Which of the following modules displays information related to the activities and performance
of Apache Web server?
o mod_dir
o mod_include
o mod_status
o mod_userdir
7. Which of the following protocols runs above TCP/IP and below higher-level protocols?
8. Which of the following directives defines the e-mail address that is included in every error
message sent from the server?
o ErrorDocument
o ServerAdmin
o DocumentRoot
o ServerRoot
9. Which of the following types of proxies can be configured on Apache server?
 Forward
 Filtered
 Reverse
 Backward
10. Whichof the following utilities is used to render a private key for Apache server?
o http
o mod_ssl
o openssl
o crypto-utils
11. Which of the following commands in entered at the command prompt to start Apache Web
o Apachectl –k start
o Etc/int:d/http start
o /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl start
o Load apachectl
12. Which of the following statement regarding making changes in the http.conf file is true?
o To implement the changes. Apache processes the directives line by line in the http.conf
o Apache server must include directives to implement changes made to the configuration
o Apache server must be restarted to implement changes made to the configuration file
o Apache server must also implement changes in .htaccess file before restarting to
implement changes made to the configuration file.
13. Which of the following directives of the mod_alias module transmits an external redirect to
obtain a different URL?
o RedirectMatch
o RedirectTemp
o RedirectPermanenr
o Redirect
14. Which of the following commands is used to configure mod_ssl?
o ./configure –enable-ssl
o ./config –enable-ssl
o ./configure –prefix-ssl
o ./config –prefix-ssl
Database Programming with MySQL-
15. Which of the following queries will display all the employees whose last name ends with? On?
o SELECT Employeeld, EmploeeFirstName, EmployeeLAstNAme FROM Employees WHERE
EmployeeLastName LIKE?on%?
o SELECT Employee, EMployeeFirstName, EmployeeLastName FROM Employees WHERE
RIGHT(EmployeeLastName,2) = ?on?
o SELECT Employeed, EmployeeFirstName, EmployeeLastName FROM Employees WHERE
o SELECT EMployeeld, EmployyFirstName, EmployeeLastName FROM Employees WHERE
LOCATE(EMPLOYEELastName, 2)=?on?
16. Which of the following defines the types of the data that will be stored in a column of table?
o Constraint
o Privileges
o Data Type
o Variables
17. A query used inside another select query is known as __________
o Group Query
o Subquery
o Join Query
o Inner Query
18. A query used inside another select query is known as _______
o Group Query
o Subquery
o Join Query
o Inner Query
19. Which of the following storage engines is the default to handle tables in MySQL?
o InnoDB
20. ________ is the process of structuring the data in a table to minimize duplication and
o E-R Diagram
o Indexes
o Views
o Normalization
21. ___________ is used to establish a relationship between two tables.
o Primary Key
o Foreign Key
o Composite Key
o Candidate Key
22. Which of the following commands will display the indexes created on employee table of the
Payroll database?
 SHOW INDEX FROM Employee IN Payroll
 SHOW INDEX FROM Payroll.Employee
 SHOW INDEX FROM Employee FROM Payroll
 SHOW INDEXES FROM Payroll.Employee

Working with RHEL 5.0 – A044-6607

23. The __________ controls the working of the desktop.

o Window Manager
o Editor
24. Which of the following option of the data command displays the time in HH:MM:SS format?
o %M
o %T
o %m
o %Hk
25. Which of the following command prints only the login names of all the users currently logged in
to the system and the number of users logged in?
o Who -q
o Is
o Man
o users
26. Which of the following commands displays a detailed list of files and directories?
o Is
o Is ?a
o Is ?r
o Is -l

27. If you want to assign a read permission to a file, the octal value that will be used to assign the
‘read; permission is ______
o 1
o 2
o 3
o 4
28. Which of the following command displays the content of a file on the screen or stores it in
another file?
o Display
o Cat
o View
o Touch
29. Which of the following option of the uname command prints all the basic information available
from the system?
o –r
o –p
o –v
o –a
30. The ________ command displays the names of the terminals.
o Tty
o Tyt
o Ytt
o Try
31. Which of the following command removes a job from a print
o Ipr
o Iprm
o Ipq
o rm
32. The _____symbol starts a process in the background.
o &
o $
o ^
o *

33. Which of the following vi editor command writes the content of the file to the disk and quits the
o :ql
o :wq!
o :w!
o :wq
34. The ____________ command accesses the Network Configuration window at the shell prompt.
o System-network-config
o System-config-network
o System-config
o System-config-networkwindow
35. What is the location of a default configuration file of the Samba Server?
o /etc/samba/smb.conf
o /samba/etc/smb.conf
o /home/samba/smb.conf
o /smb.conf
36. The location where the received mail message are stored is ________.
o /etc/mail
o /var/spool/mail
o /var/mqueue
o /var/log
o Mail
37. The username and uid are stored in the _______file.
o /etc/username
o /etc/uid
o /etc/data
o /etc/password
38. Which of the following keys is used to auto-complete the command name or file name on the
command line?

39. Which of the following statements id true about the different folders used in Linux?
o /bin directory contains the entire configuration file for the system.
o /mont directory usually contains mount points or sub-directories where you mount your
floppy and your CD.
o /proc directory is not physically present on disk. It is a real time, memory resident file
system that tracks the processes running on your machine and the status of the system
o All of the above.

APACHE Web Server-A-296-6607

40. _________ is required to execute Perl and PHP scripts on the Apache Web Server.
o Worker module
o CGI Daemon
o Prefork
o Threaded Multi-Processing module
41. Identify the two components in the architecture of the Apache Web Server.
 Authentication Module
 Core Module
 Multi-Processing Module
 Authorization Module
42. Which of the following modules specifies the proxy or the gateway for APACHE server?
o Mod_proxy_connect
o Mod_proxy_http
o Mod_proxy_ftp
o Mod_proxy