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February 19th, 2019

Sariah Folau
Bountiful Utah, School District
1620 S 50 W, Bountiful, UT 84010


Diego is a 5 and 3-month year old child who was administered a speech evaluation on February
19th, 2019.

Throughout the task Diego was pleasant and extremely cooperative. Diego exhibited
various strengths including active participation, consistent engagement, social appropriateness,
and a willingness to follow directions. He did have a few difficulties with a couple of specific
sounds in certain words that were assessed. The findings of Diego’s assessment will be outlined
and discussed below.

 Hearing - Diego’s hearing was not tested at this time but appeared to be within normal
limits as he responded appropriately to all requests and conversational interactions

 Language – Diego’s language skills were not formally assessed at this time; however, his
language skills seem to be typical, as all of his interactions with us raised no concerns.

 Speech - An oral peripheral examination was conducted to determine whether Diego’s

oral structures and functions are adequate for speech production. Examination of Diego’s
speech articulators, such as the lips, jaw, teeth, and palate, reveal adequate structure and
function for speech production. No abnormalities or even concerns were raised upon
- Diego’s articulation skills were assessed using the Goldman-Fristoe Test of
Articulation-2nd Edition. During this portion of the assessment, a book containing a series
of pictures was shown to Diego in which he was asked to name each one. His responses
to the stimuli were transcribed and analyzed to determine which speech sounds he had
difficulty producing. He was also shown a series of pictures as a story was told to him.
Diego was then asked to retell the story using the pictures. Likewise, his responses were
transcribed and analyzed to determine the speech sounds he had difficulty with.

Raw Score Standard Score Percentile Rank

4 109 63

As compared to his same-age peers, Diego’s articulation skills are within normal
limits. In fact, his test age equivalence is 5:6 (5 years and 6 month) suggesting that he is
even advanced in comparison to his actual age. This is also consistent with the results of
his standard score, having obtained a 109. When compared to children of his same age
and gender, Diego’s articulation skills performed in the 63th percentile, meaning that he
obtained a test score greater than or equal to 63% of his peers the same age and gender.
Although Diego’s performance was consistent with the results of a typically developing
5year old, there were a few phonemes that Diego had difficulty producing. For example, the
phoneme / θ/ in the initial, medial, and final word position was replaced by the /f/ phoneme,
consistent with a fronting phonological process. For instance, the test showed that he consistently
produced an /f/ with the following words: “bathtub,” “bath,” and “thumb.” Diego also
substituted /d/ for / ð/ in the medial word position as in the word “feather,” and again with the
word, “mother.” The substitution errors he produced remained constant in both naming items as
well as in connected speech when he was retelling the story.

Although Diego did exhibit some speech sound errors, the substitution errors he produced
are typically for his stage in development and are likely to subside shortly. For this
reason, no treatment services are recommended at this time, however, if the errors
continue to reside after a couple of years it would be wise to have the child reevaluated.

Overall, Diego was extremely agreeable to work with. His demeanor and efforts were
noteworthy of praise. He was simply a delight to work with. If any further question
remain or should follow, please feel free to contact me so we can ensure the continual
growth and development of Diego.

Sariah Folau, SLP Feb. 19th, 2019