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The following plays are OFF-LIMITS for our behavioral scene in PT

Group A First Semester Scenes:

Gruesome Playground Injuries
Dog Sees God
The Heidi Chronicles
She Kills Monster
August Osage County
Nothing Is The End of The World(Except for the end of the world)
Becky Shaw
The Flick
Lobby Hero
Killer Joe
True West
The Wolves
Brighton Beach Memoirs
M. Butterfly
Time Stands Still
Stupid Fucking Bird
The Effect of Gamma Rays on man in the moon Marigolds
A Streetcar Named Desire
Punk Rock
When we were Yound and Unafraid
This is Our Youth
Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf
Where We’re Born
Almost, Maine
Group B First Semester:

Group C First Semester:

Group D First Semester: