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Amazon Image Guidelines to Attract Potential Customers

In the present era, the majority of business sells its products on a different e-commerce store.
In e-commerce, competition is increased every year. If you are a seller of Amazon, the product
image is very important to increase the revenue and gain more audience. It is very tough to
stand out among the huge crowd in the market. The image requirement is mandatory for the
Amazon business. Amazon image guidelines are very simple and reach out to different pages. It
manages unique style guidelines for the different product category. You can fulfill the goal and
objectives of each and every product list on Amazon.

It is a better way to improve conversion rate and helps sellers to drive the growth. You must
optimize the product photos according to the requirements of Amazon image guidelines.
Sellers must follow a few tips and tricks to optimize the image for the Amazon requirement.
With the quality product image, you can achieve blockbuster sales in Amazon and beat the
competitor easily. In this way, you can attract the visitors by placing the quality images along
with the description. The description is another important factor to maximize the sale and
improve the customer base. In this article, the sellers learn more about the product
requirement for Amazon.
Guide for the Amazon image requirement:

First of all, sellers must know important requirements mandatory for the product images. Each
and every seller sells the specific item on Amazon. The sellers follow Amazon image guidelines
properly. If you are a seller of Amazon, you must read the photo requirements for the product
and then make the right decision to create the images. The shoppers always see major things

 Product image
 Benefits
 Features
 Description

You can view all the things on the product page and then go to buy it. Apart from this,
customers also review photos and description present in the site for further reference about
the product. You can follow basic rules which fine creating photos. You can consider different
factors like

 Technical requirements needed for the image

 Image requirements for the main listing
 Image requirements for secondary listing

Know the technical requirements for the image:

Each and every image in the Amazon product page must fulfill basic requirements. You can
upload the image that definitely meets the requirements of Amazon. You can also follow
additional requirements and understand the restriction for the images.

 You can learn the minimum and maximum image dimension of the photography followed by
 The minimum dimension of the image is 500px on the longest side
 The maximum dimension of the image is 10,000p on the longest side
 The photo zoom must begins at 1000px in long and 500px in short
 The Amazon product page accepts image format like JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) and GIF (.gif) and
JPEG is the high preferred format when it comes to the product image
 You can upload maximum file size is 10 MB
 The crop ration of the image is 1:1 in square and 5:1 in a rectangle

You can consider the above things when making the decision to create the product
photography. You can set the image that suitable for the product page in Amazon. On the other
hand, you can understand the setting needed for amazon image requirements.
 The maximum zoom of the image is 2000px by 2000px square
 You can use the space in the listing and crop tight to the product
 You must save image as jpeg with the good compression
 This is very suitable to compress image again on upload in the page
 You can save the file name as Srgb color space and also opt for any other options
 Srgb is the default format of Amazon

You must meet above setting carefully that better to format the product image on the product
page. You can fulfill Amazon image guidelines for formatting photos. You must understand
what type of image works better with the proper image arrangement.

Understand standard for the product photography:

Amazon manages standard for the product image that beneficial for the sellers. You must meet
the standard for the Amazon product image. The image is labeled with the product identifier with
no variant code. The image is also labeled with the main variant that displays as the main image
in the product page. You must review the photo that meets the standards of Amazon image
guideline. You can hope to take the necessary action by reading the steps. You can standards
needed for the products and then go to make a quality product.
 The photo must cover art or professional photograph of the item being sold
 Any drawing and illustrations of the product are not allowed in the product page
 The image never contain any confusing objectives that affect the brand value
 The image should be professionally lit and scanned or photographed with a realistic edge
and color
 The image must fill the whole frame
 Promotional images and jewel cases are not accepted in the product image
 Offensive materials and pornographic are not allowed in the image
 Close up and cropped images are also applicable in the photography
 You can use the text and graphics in the product images
Main listing photos requirements:

Main image listing is the first images that you view during the searching time and on the listing
too. This is the most important things that gain the attention of customers. The quality main
listing photo can be viewed by the customer more time and get enough clicks. In this way, you
can achieve the higher sales and boost the revenue and brand at the same time. Amazon follows
strict rules and regulations about the photography of the product. The customers can able to stay
as long as possible in the main listing photo. You can make a creative and innovative image that
meet Amazon product requirement.

 You may photograph the items on the white background

 The images must manage pure white background and comes up with RGB value of 255
 The product must cover 85% of the image area
 You can keep up the image in high quality without any blur, jagged edge, and others
 The product images usually represent image sold out and display only the product for sale
You can read the above things carefully when it comes to the main listing products. You can see
all the things that mandatory for the first image. The sellers know the restricted things required
for the main products like
 The image should not contain any graphics, rendering and illusion
 The image never show any accessory that confuses the visitors
 You don’t manage any image that holds graphic design, watermark, logos, and others
 The main listing image does not manage the view of the same product
 The image does not design with any external tags
 You can never make image photography of product with lifestyle images and colored

Why the main listing image is important:

Amazon gives high priority to the main listing product. This is super important in the e-
commerce site today. The sellers get more benefits from the main product. In this way, sellers
achieve the business goal and objectives in a simple way. This is regarded as the best component
next to the price that surely converts sales and gives enough traffic to the listing. You can avoid
using the bad photo in the product image. This will create a bad impression about the brand
among the customers. So, you can avoid it and use a quality photo to attract customers. This one
improves the sales and helps you to attain a high return on investment. This is definitely worth
for the investment and guide to attain success. You can make the main image listing with the
great look and pick up more customers. You can impress the visitor in the main listing image.

Secondary image requirements:

Once the main listing product is completed, you can go to the secondary image. You can also
follow the technical requirements needed for the secondary image. All the image listings are very
simple that need the requirements. You can do whatever you want by following the technical
 The secondary image must have to come up seven photographs with the main image
 You can place the secondary image that displays different sides of product, lifestyle, use,
details, and others
 The secondary image never contain any logos and watermarks that confuse customer
 You can upload the picture in a real time manner in the product page
 You can upload photos with high resolution and excellent clarity

Secondary listing is also an important factor of sellers to retain the customers. Once the
customers visit the main listing, they immediately visit the secondary page for gaining more
details about the products. The visitors read all the things of the product and know the product

Capture the attention of visitors:

The Amazon manages simple and fine requirements that suitable for the product photos. You
must meet it and gain a good result. On the other hand, you can enhance the brand image and
keep in touch with lots of Amazon shoppers. Once the visitors landed at the product page,
visitors view the product image first and then go to others. The image definitely captures the
attention of shoppers.

You can improve the customer attraction with the product requirement. You must follow
technical guidelines to optimize the product image. You can learn important things about the
Amazon photography. The sellers must understand key image requirement for amazing that easy
to publish the required photos on the product page.
You can learn more about these things and utilize the best strategy to make the quality and
stunning photos. You can probably achieve massive benefits of the quality product image. You
can spend the time to make the quality products for Amazon. You can optimize the product
image that better for the customer. You can manage a huge range of customers in your brand
with the quality image.

Plays a great role in the business:

The product image is an important perspective of the sellers today. Product image and
description are the two important factor of the online seller. The product photography is
mandatory to drive the customer attention. This will add sense to the business and touch with the
customer. You can make the image that engages the customer to make the right decision to
purchase. You can create an image in a real time manner. With the product image attraction, the
customers definitely like to purchase it.