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School LUCENA WEST IV E/S Grade Six

LESSON Teacher MILDRED C. ARANAS Subject English
Date/Time Grading Fourth
Week 2 -Day 2
I. Objectives
Demonstrates understanding of various linguistic nodes to comprehend various texts
A. Content Standards Demonstrates understanding of non- verbal elements in orally communicating information
Orally communicates information, opinions, and ideas effectively to audience for variety of
B. Performance purposes
Standards Use linguistic cues to effectively construct meaning from variety of texts for variety of purposes

C.Learning Competencies Distinguish text-types according to purpose and language features –Cause and Effect
II. Content Distinguishing text-types according to purpose and language features –Cause and Effect

A. References
1. Teacher’s Guides/ pages Curriculum Guide in English 6
2.Learner’s Materials/ pages
World of Reading pages 114
3.Textbook/ pages
Designing a New World pages 11-14
4.Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR) portal
5.Other Learning Resources˃academy˃˃causeand effect
(Reflective Approach)

Drill: Flashcards drill

Review: ( The teacher uses the learners prior knowledge from the Science , AP and EsP
subject for the review related to the new lesson.)

Direction: PICTURE QUIZ: Identify the picture and distinguish whether it is a cause or an

(previous lesson related to
the new lesson)

What do you think are the reasons why these phenomenon happened?
What will you do to avoid this phenomenon so that it will not happened again?

 These pictures are related to our lesson, now, What do you want to know based from
the pictures?
Objective: to distinguish text-types according to purpose and language features –Cause
and Effect

( The teacher demonstrates knowledge in ICT Integration by providing video presentation

to provide additional information relevant to the topic)

(The teacher uses the learners prior knowledge from the Filipino and AP subject as
B. Establishing the purpose of springboard to start the new lesson)
the lesson:
1. Introduction (Cite the
Objectives of the lesson) Present a video
2. Motivation


What does the video clip tell?

Based from the video, what do you want to know about our lesson?

(Collaborative and Integrative Approach)

(The teacher applies a range of teaching strategies to develop learners critical thinking using
HOTS question ) (Science ,AP and EsP integration )

Guide questions:
1.Based on the video, when air pollution occurs?
2.What causes air pollution?
3.What was the effect of massive air pollution to human? to the plants? to the animals?
to our atmosphere?
4. What will our lives be with if we can eradicate air pollution?
5. What could be steps or way to stop air pollution?
6. Is it important to take care our environment? Why do you think so?
7. If you were the DENR secretary, how would you resolve this problem?

(These questions require learners to answer by analyzing, synthesizing and


C. Modelling/Presenting Causes Effects

examples/instances of the
Industrial waste Death of aquatic animals
Industrial wInIastes
Domestic waste Diseases

Spills from oil Disruption of food

Water chains
Abandoned mines

Dumping of waste Destruction of

Untreated raw sewage
1. What causes contamination of water bodies?
2. What was the effect of industrial waste? massive oil spill? Dumping of waste?
3. What do you think will happen if these problems will not be eradicated?
4. Who are affected of these problems ?
5. As a young environmentalist, how can help our government to minimize or eradicate these
( The teacher require learners to answer by analyzing, synthesizing ,and evaluating. These
are open-ended questions and may have a multiple answers)

A Cause is the reason why something happens.

Ask yourself:
What happened first?
Why did his happen?

An Effect is the result or what actually happens.

To find the effect, you need to ask yourself:
What happened second?
What was the result?

1.The boy was grounded because he cheated on a test.
What happened first? ( the cause)
What happened second? ( the effect)
What is the word that used to show the cause and effect?
What do you call that word?

Connecting words such us because and so can be used to show cause and effect relationships.

1. Since Donn did not study, his grades were not good.
2. There are 22 died during the landslide in Naga, Cebu City due to heavy rains.
3. Apple closed the window because the weather outside was cold.
4. A tornado blew the roof off the house, and as a result, the family had to find another place to
5. Because the alarm was not set, Milca were late for work.


What is the cause in sentence no. 1? What is the effect? What is the connector to show the cause
and effect relationship?
In sentence no. 2?

( Collaborative Approach)

( The teacher uses experiential instruction by directly involving the learners in

activities like graphic organizers, news reporting, learning logs and comic strip for
them to organize their ideas about the lesson.)

Group Activity:
Group the class into 3 groups.
Set the standards in group activity.
D. Guided Practice
Present the rubrics for group activity.

Below are performance tasks. Choose one which you can definitely do.
In a _________, distinguish text-types according to purpose and language features –cause and
graphic organize learning logs news report

( Grouping is based on the strengths and the interests of the learners to address learner
After, each will look for classmates who choose the same task and form a group.

Group Activity:

Group 1 – Research Presentation .

( The teacher give group of learners a graphic organizer for them to organize their ideas
on the cause and effect of Global Warming) (HOTS)


There are many causes of the global warming which affects human lives and health in many
aspects. The main cause of global warming is the human beings careless activities. Ever increasing
human population are demanding more resources to live easy and healthy life such as land to live
and crop cultivation, technological growth for comfort and deal with increasing temperature of
atmosphere, etc. Fossil fuels burning for many reasons are highly responsible to increase global
warming. People are realizing well the increase in environmental warmth however never mind
their activities which are stimulating the global warming to increase. Continuously they are
wasting natural resources and polluting the air, water and soil.
Increasing inventions of the technologies such as refrigerator, AC, car/automobiles, electric
machines, oven, microwave, washing machine, etc because of the increasing need of human
beings for technologies in order to make their life, easy and luxurious. All such resources
ultimately contribute to the global warming. Burning fossil fuels in the automobiles emits various
green house gases which get collected in the atmosphere and force it to heat. Increasing need of
land by human being results deforestation which contributes to increase in CO2 and decrease in
oxygen. It affects the human health, life style, calls diseases, calls natural disasters like hurricanes,
heat waves, drought, climate change and so many.

Group 2 - Create a local news report integrating the cause and effect of heavy traffic in Lucena
City. ( HOTS)
Group 3 – Write your learning logs about the lessons. (HOTS)
( Reflecting learners on what they learn and what they have learned)

Group presentation

( The group activity requires the application of knowledge learned from Science
and AP )

( Reflective Approach)
( The teacher contextualized and localized the lesson to apply knowledge and meaningful

Game: Interactive Floor Game ( Cause and effect) ( 5 minutes)

Read the mechanics of the game.
E. Independent Practice
Direction: Distinguish whether it is the cause or the effect.
1. Ara’s dress was wrinkled. ( cause)
2. James did not listening. (cause)
3. My sunflower grew quickly. (effect )
4. Maria Apple got a great grade. (effect)
5. Ma’am Mildred was happy ! (effect)
( Reflective Approach and Collaborative Approach)

(The teacher engage learners individually or in groups in meaningful exploration,

discovery and interactive activities ) ( AP and Filipino integration)

Game : Match and Win

1.President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial law because the treats of terrorism.
F. Application 2. Mayor Dondon Alcala gave Christmas gifts to his constituent .
3.There are 22 died during the landslide in Naga, Cebu City due to heavy rains.
4. Apple closed the window because the weather outside was cold.
5. James failed to pass the test because he did not study his lesson.

( Reflective questions for the learners to appreciate the importance of love and concerns
for others that provide instegration in EsP.)
(Reflective Approach)

( The learners consolidated their learning ideas about the lesson cause and effect)

G. Generalization Cause is the reason why something happens.

Effect is the result or what actually happens.

Connecting words such us because, for this reason, that is why, so, therefore,
for and since can be used to show cause and effect relationships.

(Reflective Approach) ( 5 minutes)

Direction: Distinguish the cause and effect in the following sentences.

1.We don’t have classes on Monday because the typhoon is coming.
2. Josephine was tired Friday night so she went to bed early.
3. Allia’s flowers died because she forgot to water them.
H. Post Assessment
4. Kuya Joel ate three hotdogs for lunch because he was very hungry.
5.We ran out of milk so we had to drink water for dinner.

( Promoting independent study and research and makes the lesson localized at the same
I. Enrichment Activities/
Additional activities for
Direction: Make a research on the causes and effect of “Drug Addiction” in your locality.
application or remediation or
Present it using powerpoint presentation.



A. No. of learners who earned 80% in the


B. No. of learners who require additional

activities for remediation who scored below

C. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of learners

who have caught up with the lesson

D. No. of learners who continue to require


E. Which of my teaching strategies worked well?

Why did these work?

F. What difficulties did I encounter which my

principal or supervisor can help me solve?

G. What innovation or localized materials did I

use/discover which I wish to share with other