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Topic – Uses

Topic- Uses
Of Internet
What is internet ??
It is a global computer network providing a variety of
information and communication facilities, and consist of
interconnected networks using communication protocols to link
devices worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of
local to global scope, linked by a broad array of networking
technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information
resources and services.

The early history of Internet in India, in 1986 when it was
launched in the form of Educational Research Network (ERNET)
meant only for the use of educational and research
communities. internet was only used by military and research
purposes without access to public Before . Finally on August
15, 1995 Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) formally
launched the Internet for the Indian public. Now, it has been
exactly 23 years since the Internet entered our country and has
been powering our lives in many unimaginable ways . The main
authority i.e. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) was
formed to provide transparent environment in
telecommunication. Lot of internet companies were opened
Indian railway and Indian online flight booking get started ,
broadband services and broadband policy was also released .
And then Govt. introduced the service to switch internet
connection without changing the phone number.

Contemporary status
 The use of internet is increasing in India each passing day
very quickly, Whether useful or not.
 Age – in the term of age, the age group between 15 to 24
uses internet devastatingly (86%), the age group of 25-44
participates 51% and the people above 45 is just 25% .
 Gender- in the term of age male response towards
internet is 58% which is more than female response (42%).
 Location-urban areas are going high in using internet then
rural areas as still this area demands Development and
 Income group- upper class came out to be active internet
user in comparison with lower class as we all know that
internet facility demands money bills to be paid for i.e.
those who are not able for paying bills are not using it .

In Today Era Internet is the most powerful tool in the world. It

is a collection of various services and resources. However, like
every single innovation in science and technology, Internet has
its own advantages and disadvantages for what we are getting
talk about .

Merits of internet
 Unbeatable source of learning , information and
knowledge – With access to a much wider audience,
anyone with an Internet connection can quickly make a
donation to their favorite charity or help fund projects and
ideas that interest them. Also, those looking for charity
can find many online services that help make it easier to
help donate or support their causes.
SHARING- surely it is internet that makes communication
so easy as it was never be . Communication was not this
much fast as Present. In the past, it would take days and
sometimes even months to receive a letter from someone
else.but due to internet Today, with the Internet, you can
send an e-mail to anyone in the world and often have it
delivered in less than a minute. Social networking sites like
facebook, twitter made instant communication to anyone
across the world . We know that due to Globalization we
all are getting close , and internet is a major cause of
With the help of GPS technology , the Internet can help
map and direct you to almost every place in the world. If
you are lost anywhere , so you can quickly route to your
location or find businesses in your area that may provide
with a service you need .we know that Today's search
engines are so smart enough to know your location and
help give you the most relevant searches for your area. For
example, if you needed a carpenter and did a search for
"carpenter", you would be given local carpenters in your
The internet makes our access to our account for viewing
balance and making transaction or for receiving or sending
money Also, many services enable us to view and pay our
bills electronically .
Through internet online shopping is being introduced .it is
too easy to shop without going out of the home , it is
convenient too. The Internet gives us easy access to
compare prices between different brands and even see
what others opinion is about a product through online
reviews to help make better purchasing decisions. Through
it consumer also gets discount On its shipping or its
rates .
If you want to sell anything , the Internet is a great place
for selling goods. Because anyone through the Internet
access can find your website , then you have access to
more people . Internet is always available, which means
you have the ability of selling 24/7. Internet also gives all
businessmen the ability to advertise their product to
everyone in the world.
The current era demands a high amount of entertainment
and The internet gives everyone access to an infinite
supply of entertainment with access to watch Commented [1]:

videos ,watch movies, listen to music and even play games

online .
By accessing to audience, anyone with Internet can
quickly make a donation to any charity or help fund
projects and ideas that interest them.

Demerits of internet
also full of sites that contain adult material that can be
easily accessed by minors or accidentally viewed by those
who don't want to see that type of material. It is not good
for mental, physical or emotional health . These vulgar
things traps people for watching them punctually and
places a bad effect on immature ones .
It a great waste of time . It consume our time in Scrolling
instagram , doing chats or updating status on whatsapp ,
watching videos (as we are able to watch any video on
youtube) , gaming ( free online games as pool is nowadays
famous across the world) etc.
Continuously sticking to internet may cause many health
related issues like headache, backache, weight gain or loss,
insomnia, strained or blurred vision . The harmful radiation
from phone may also show adverse effect on human.
There Is a lot of wrong information on the internet as
anybody can post anything on it and much of it is garbage.
From we must beware of this garbage.
Hackers can create viruses and undetectable malware that
can get into our personal Computer and can ruin the all
important data .
 Internet is not FREE as sometimes it hurts while
 BUYING THINGS NOT NEEDED- The internet make it
Easy to buy things. We often tend to purchase those extra
items that we rarely need and such purchases are a waste
of money
 ONLINE BULLYING- it is a form of bullying or harassment
using electronic means . Both boys and girls bully. Boys
bully more often and are more likely to experience
physical bullying. But girls are more likely to experience
emotional bullying and sexual harassment.

Self recommendation
Surfing the internet can be an interest for people. But we need
to use it properly. If not, it will become internet addiction.
network is a good way to find the information or a strong mode
of entertainment . There are some ways for treating online
addiction. people can go outside to do some sport practices.
Then people can’t make energy to play computer. Also, people
can spend time with their family .people can also do any part
time job to get away of its bad influences. In this era it became
compulsory to use internet and we can’t ignore its
usefulness .so we need to use it only when required not by
sticking to it every time .

In conclusion, despite all the benefits of Internet, people are
likely to say that the internet has negative influence. It is
therefore important for people to understand both the
negative and positive effects of internet .personally I think
internet is an incredible tool and the benefits of internet access
outweigh the dangers. However we should be careful not to
use the internet excessively .