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Exercise 1. For or Against

1. Candy is not good for your teeth. It is especially bad for children’s teeth. If children eat a
lot of candy, they will have problems later. F
2. Large cars can cause problems. They are more difficult to park than small cars. They also
use more gas. F
3. In San Francisco, the air is always a comfortable temperature. It is never too hot or too
cold. It is perfect weather all year. F
4. Some people take many vitamin pills every day. These people believe lots of vitamin pills
are good for their health. But they are wrong. Too many vitamin pills can hurt your health.
5. There is something sad about animals in the zoos. They never really look happy. Maybe
they are thinking about their real home. Maybe they do not like people looking at them all
the time. F
6. Computers are helpful for all kinds of work. They are usually quicker and more correct
than people. A
7. Computers may cause serious problems in our world. Now it is possible to keep a lot of
information on a computer. The people who have that information may be dangerous. F
8. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” This is from a popular song, but it is
often true. Sometimes there are good reasons to give children sugar or candy. F

Exercise 2. listing, time order, cause and effect, comparison

1. A parakeet is a small bird that lives in tropical forests. The parrot is similar to a parakeet,
but it is larger. Both birds sometimes can learn how to say words. C
2. Some kinds of bird cannot fly. The penguin is one of these birds. It lives mostly in the very
cold Antarctic climate. Another kind of bird that cannot fly is the ostrich. It lives in Africa.
3. Lisa plants to travel in Europe this summer. In June, she will visit Sicily. In July, she will
bicycle in northern Italy. In August, she will travel through France. By September, she
hopes to be in Paris.
4. Headaches are often the result of psychological causes. For example, worrying about
something can cause a headache.
5. The clambake is a popular New England dinner. It usually includes many different kinds
of seafood. Clams are the most common kind of seafood at a clambake. There may also be
lobster and mussels.
6. Some people do not like to use computers for writing. The prefer to use typewriters. They
know computers are faster and more accurate, but they feel more comfortable with
7. Gold was first found in California in about 1840. The next ten years in American history
are called the California Gold Rush. Many people moved to the West during those years to
look for gold. By 1850, there were many new Gold Rush towns in California.
8. Cola and ginger ale are both kinds of soft drinks. Both these drinks have a lot of sugar in
them, but cola has caffeine in it and ginger ale does not.

Big Macs in Russia

McDonald’s hamburgers came to Russia not long ago. McDonald’s is a world-famous
company . Started in California in Paris, Tokyo
and , but not in Russia. Then the Russian government changed
open some McDonald’s restaurants near Red Square “Big
Mac,” a popular sandwich Some Russians are not happy
eat only hamburgers and forget about Russian food.

1. McDonald’s is a

a. Kind of Russian food

b. Russian company
c. Restaurant company
d. Kind of hamburger
2. There were no McDonald’s restaurants in Russia because
a. Russians do not like hamburgers
b. Russians eat only Russian food
c. There were McDonald’s restaurants in other countries
d. The Russian government did not want them
3. The “Big Mac” is a
a. Restaurant
b. Kind of hamburger
c. Kind of Russian food
d. Person who works for McDonald’s

Murder in the Language Lab

By M. L. Allen
This book is an unusual detective story. It begins with a crime, a murder. A
scientist is killed in a laboratory. No one knows who killed the scientist.
Inspector Barker is the detective. He must find the killer, but he needs help.
He gets help from Sally, a chimpanzee who lives in the laboratory. In this
laboratory, scientists are studying language. They are interested in how
animals like Sally can learn some language. Sally is one smart chimpanzee. She
cannot talk, but she understands many words. She answers questions by using
computer. Sally saw the murder. She is afraid of Inspector Barker at first, but
she wants to help. So she tells Inspector Barker who the murderer is.
If you like detective stories, you will enjoy this one. But you probably will not
be able to guess who the murderer is!

1. The story is
a. Full of information
b. Sad
c. Fun to read
d. Difficul to read
2. Inspector Baker
a. Finds the murderer himself
b. Never finds the murderer
c. Is studying language
d. Gets help from a chimpanzee
3. Sally is
a. A scientist
b. A smart animal
c. Not a smart animal
d. A murderer

Burning Trees to Save a Forest

By Ken Gordon
Burning trees to save a forest! Strange as it sounds, that is the
U.S. Forest Service’s new idea for saving American’s forests.
For more than a hundred years, Americans were taught that
fires in a forest were always bad.
When trees burned in the forest, it was a disaster which would
ruin the forest. The forest service promoted this idea in many ways;
they even invented a character named Smokey the Bear, who always
said, “Remember. Only you can prevent forest fires.”
Whenever there was a fire in the forest, the rangers
immediately put it out. No fires were allowed to burn, even in places
where many of the trees were dead or diseased. This did not help the
forests, however. In fact, with so many dead and diseased trees, the
forest fires in the western United States have been far worse in recent
The new chief of the U.S. Forest Service recently explained
that there is a new and better way to save our forests. He said, “Small,
limited fires are part of nature. That is the way that old, dead and
diseased trees are cleared away to make room for new trees.”
Now the Forest Service has new plans. They will start small
fires in forests, but they will control the fires. The fires will be started
in parts of the forest which are old and full off diseased trees. The
rangers plan to burn about 30.000 acres a year for the next 20 years.
As the chief said, “it took many years for the forests to become
old and diseased, and so it will take more than 20 years to correct the
problem by using controlled fires.”

1. In the past, American thought

a. Forests were dead and diseased
b. There would be too many rangers
c. Forest fires were bad
d. Forest fires were good
2. Forest fires help forests because they
a. Burn the dead and diseased trees.
b. Burn the new trees
c. Are worse in the western United States
d. Are a disaster
3. Now the Forest Service plans to
a. Stop all fires immediately
b. Find a new chief
c. Make fires worse
d. Start small, controlled fires.