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Duncan McArthur Hall

511 Union Street
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 5R7

March 29, 2019.

To Whom it May Concern,

Please accept this letter of reference for Carlie MacKrell for a teaching position in
your Board. I have had the pleasure of having Carlie in my Practicum 410 class at
Queen’s University this year. This is a year-long class of only 18 students that
involves in-class pre-service professional learning and placements at schools.

Carlie has demonstrated an enthusiasm for learning in class. She is an active

participant and effective communicator. Her written assignment on classroom
management demonstrated her strong communication skills and insightful critical
thinking. When she reflected on a critical incident at her school, she was able to
reflect on what she had seen and plan forward to deal with similar situations in the
future, tying her plan into her growth mindset beliefs. Student safety and inclusion
are at the forefront of her thinking.

While on both her kindergarten and junior placements at Dr. S.J. Phillips Public
School, Carlie demonstrated the qualities of a good teacher. She fostered a very
positive relationship with her students and staff mentors. She participated in both
formal (PA day), and informal (conversations with staff) professional learning.
She was very receptive to feedback, both from her associate teacher and myself.
She listened carefully and applied the feedback effectively. She consistently
demonstrated her ability to be a reflective teacher. Using student product,
conversations and observations as assessment tools, she was able to evaluate both
student learning, and her own teaching and plan forward as a result. She is a
committed life-long learner.
When I observed a junior Social Studies lesson, I was impressed with both her
detailed planning and her lesson implementation. She clearly communicated the
learning goal for the lesson and success criteria to the students. Her materials were
well prepared and her explanations concise. She created a lesson that integrated
content learning, group work and drama. Her lesson demonstrated her
understanding of the relationship between student engagement and classroom
management. While on her placement, she volunteered before and after school
offering one-on-one support in Math to several students. This is indicative of her
commitment to meeting the needs of all her learners.

She understands the importance of the school community and its role in student
and staff well-being as is willing to do her part in its development. It is without
hesitation that I recommend Carlie for a teaching position. Please do not hesitate
to contact me should you wish any further information.


Judy Elvidge-Skinner
Instructor, Prof/Prac 410
Faculty of Education
Queen’s University