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Submitted to:

Dr. Kashif Mehmood

Submitted by:

Prakash Naik

Product Launch: Naik Automation system

Smart House | Innovative | Next Generation

SM Report
1. Introduction
1.1What is Automation system?
Automation system is the new technology introduce in Pakistan,
Automation system is the control system, through devices such as computer or robots operate the
equipment such as machinery in factories, heater and boiler, control lighting of home and blind,
doors, electronic equipment’s control form one single point, through this technology reduce
human energy.

1.2 Automation system need in Pakistan

Automation system has been working for many years in European countries, Pakistan is the
developing country, for such circumstances much needed to launch this technology in Pakistan
1.3 NAIK Automation System
Pakistani people day by day become much smarter and strive to maintain Luxury life style;
Pakistani people want to fulfill their desire life style, NAIK SMART HOUSES AUTOMATION
SYSTEM respond on the time and introduce this technology in Pakistan

1.4 Company core Values

We have an open disclosure policy and transparent processes. All our business activities / transactions are
carried out honestly and with fairness.
Our People
Have passionate people with intelligent and firm approach towards business. To facilitate these people we
give those challenging opportunities, training, fun loving environment, necessary resources and facilities.
We publicly recognize our talent.
Innovation is the way of life at Naik Automation. It is valued, encouraged and rewarded in all aspects of our

We stand committed to sustainable business growth and ensure 100% compliance of CSR by ensuring the
safety of our people, assets and the community in which we operate. Naik Automation takes significant
strides in poverty alleviation - both rural and urban, environmental safety and buildup of farming expertise.
Consumer Centric
Consumer is the reason for our existence as a business.

1.5 Vision

Naik Automation aim to spend himself with in next three year region and country other cities, become a
leading player of the industry
1.6 Mission

Improve the life standard of Pakistani, every home, industry,town, become safe and reduce human

1.7 Business Objectives and Goals

Naik automation has short term and long term goals, such as

1. Short Term Goal

Spread awareness of Brand and reach out potential customer, also introduce new innovative devices for
our valuable customers

2. Long term Goals

Naik Automaton aim to within next five years, transforming himself as industry top giants

1.8 Strategies

Naik Automaton, Business Criteria is B2B

I. Paid advertising
Naik Automation approaches like TVCs and print media Adv, as well as PPC marketing

2. Relationship marketing

CRS is the major factor, which brings out in developing the relationship between Naik
automation and its loyal customer

3. Transactional marketing

Naik Automation use this strategy, convenience customer such as product knowledge and Benefit of this
technology, this is biggest challenge face by company, newly awareness of your customer and permit to
buy our product.

1.8Core Competence

1.9 SWOT Analysis
 Strengths

 Huge installed customer base with long term contracts

Larger brand value has helped it in cross selling and gave a lot of aftermarket sale
 Important portion of its revenue is from emerging markets which have an increasing
demand for infrastructure
 Well known for manufacturing consistent top quality products around the globe
 Weakness

 The management has a history of overpaying for acquisitions and not delivering synergies
on previous deals
 .On the back of shortage of liquidity, the margin is not improving in the shorter term
 Bad debts and Financial difficulties with customers have increased the debtor's provisions
affecting profit
 Opportunity

 Government initiatives in the infrastructure space will augment overall demand for
power industry
 It is financially strong with huge cash flows which will help in acquisitions, buybacks and
Increase in demand for smart grids increase demand for any companies that manufacture,
supply or build smart grid infrastructure
 Additional regulation will increase the demand for companies in the environmental services
 Threats
 A bad outlook of the economy will affect the cash flows and growth of the
 Governments are under pressure for cutting down the costs, which may slow down
replacement sales and put overall sales at risk
2.0 Competition
 The product gives unique advantage & appears to be different from the rivals, it is
actually holding the fine rates and better quality through its Research and
development works, which is visible to audience of its fine creativity among
holding long lasting guarantee and easy access.
2.1 Porter’s five forces of Naik Automation
 We observed that Naik Automation is the leader in its mechanism and is positioning related
to porter’s five forces model, and has energy to grow more, naik,s uses intensive strategies
like product development in order to improve and giving innovating ways in the product as
well as Market penetration by which the development is simultaneously expanding and its
selling unit in over Pakistan.
2.1 10 Years Market Plan
Artificial Intelligence is surfacing at a speedy rate, leading lots of question what the outlook has in store
for these advanced robots and technology, Naik,s Automation is looking to be one of the first to
productively plan your ecommerce digital marketing strategy. So, is this the future of marketing
automation technology? In short, the answer is yes.

Where We're At Now:

first created as a customer relationship management (CRM) software, Naik,s currently boast extra
features which contain constructing marketing agendas and goals, distributing ad spend, locating
the frequency of public post, selecting the right content for email marketing, as well as all demonstrating
the aim of growing a company. Naik,s is skilled of having foresight and creating a market plan which
strings tasks together, slightly than doing traditional one-off marketing jobs to make one-off sales.

Looking Ahead:

Our 10 years plan indicates to note how distant we are from allowing technologies to run all of our digital
marketing needs. The future is concerted for company’s AI-driven tech to raise the effectiveness of our
marketing teams while minimizing costs associated with great successful marketing campaigns and
teams. However, that future is not close here yet. In order with all positive prospective and fellow AI-
based technologies offer, there are also challenges that still must be dealt with. For starter, businesses
attracted in utilizing AI-driven technologies. Technologies of our own are expected to operate without
mistakes, there are certain things that cannot be communicate via SMS text letters. Naik,s does have an
efficient communication design in position looking ahead to better improve and innovate ,sufficiently our
Marketing Managers hopes to emerged valuable time trying to get the robot or technology to understand
what could’ve easily been conveyed to a human. The next ultimate focus is cyber security. Our businesses
is looking at all the behavior they can build up their extra efficient security features. Outsourcing is main
objective to enhance in our value addition to reach profitability.


Naik Automation system , Automation system which control all your home electronic appliances and
devices on one single point , for instance your Home AC, Fridge, Blind, Lighting , Door , these all link with
your Tablet, so your home control under your fingertips .