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• 1st Winner : IDR 50,000,000*

• 2nd Winner : IDR 30,000,000*

• 3rd Winner : IDR 20,000,000*
* Prizes included cash + Merck product voucher

In recognition of contributions of
Indonesian young scientist in
innovative research in life science
area, Merck Indonesia initiated
Merck Young Scientist Award
for research, particularly the ones
that help people to have a better
Be recognized for your innovative quality of life, increase awareness
of Indonesia’s life science research
research in life science area with
and discoveries as the solution to
the Merck Young Scientist Award life challenges, and promote life
science research in Indonesia.

We call for Indonesian young


scientists to join by participating in

Celebrating 350 Years of Merck
the Merck Young Scientist Award
competition. The future of life
science begins with you.

PT Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences

Jl.TB Simatupang No.8 Jakarta 13760
Eligibility Submission Guidelines
• The Young Scientist, not more than 40 years old by • All submissions must be written in English
31 October 2018 • Limit one (1) application per person
• Indonesian citizen • Format of submission:
• Student (S1/S2/ongoing S3) from universities, researcher 1. Curriculum Vitae
from private and state research institutions, and hospitals 2. Reference letter from the university/institution
3. Research Summary
1. Research Tittle
Research Criteria 2. Year of Research
3. Abstract
4. Name of Researchers involved (Individual-level research
• Research fields: or team-level research (if team-level, main researcher
1. Biotechnology 5. Food Science should be mentioned first))
2. Biochemistry 6. Medicine 5. Background
3. Drug Discovery & Pharmacy 7. Microbiology 6. Research Methodology
4. Environment 7. Result & Discussion
8. Publication and Name of Publisher (if applicable)
• The research should be conducted in Indonesia only,
• Research Summary Writing Guidelines
during the study in:
-undergraduate (S1) 1. Research Summary is submitted in word document (.doc)
-master (S2) 2. Research Summary is written in proper English
-ongoing doctoral (S3) 3. The body of the Research Summary is structured with
• Must be wet-laboratory-based within life science field. Any subparts objective, Methods, Results, and Discussion
other field, e.g. behavioral or social research will not be eligible 4. The word count is 600 words or less, with font: Verdana,
size 11, and 1.5 line-spacing
• Research should be still ongoing
5. A4 paper, standard margins
• The research has not won any other competition in or outside
The Semifinalists & Finalists Selection

How to Apply • The semifinalists will be announced in the middle of October 2018
• The semifinalists will be selected and invited to showcase their posters
during the awarding session
• The submission must be filled and completed online on
• The finalists will present their research on the Award Day,
the following link:
and the presentation is maximum 10 minutes long.
• The submission period: 4 September – 17 October 2018

The Award Winner will receive:

• 1st Winner : IDR 50,000,000*
Contact for additional information
• 2nd Winner : IDR 30,000,000*
• 3rd Winner : IDR 20,000,000* Scan me 021-28565832 to apply
* Prizes included cash + Merck product voucher