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Semi – detailed Lesson Plan in Music 7

September 18, 2018

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
a. identify the musical characteristics of representative selections of Visayas through
b. analyze the musical elements of vocal and instrumental music from Visayas
through listening.
c. value the importance of Visayas’ music

II. Subject matter

a. TOPIC: Music of Visayas
b. SUB-TOPIC: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music
c. REFERENCE: Music and Arts Teacher’s Guide pp. 71 - 73
d. MATERIALS: Laptop, speakers, manila paper, tape, marker, chalk
e. VALUE: Appreciate the importance of Visayas’ music

III. Procedure:
A. Daily Routine
a.) Opening Prayer
A student will lead the prayer.
b.) Greetings
(Classroom management)
c.) Checking of Attendance
The class monitor will check the attendance.

B. Recall of the Past Lesson

The teacher will ask the lesson last meeting.

C. Motivation
Task: Board Race
The class will be divided into two groups. The teacher will write down a word on the
board. Each team must write words relevant to the theme of the keyword. The team with
many words will served as the winner.
D. Presentation
1. Vocal Music
a. Matud Nila
b. Rosas Pandan
c. Condansoy
d. Ilo nga bata
e. Dadansoy
f. Ili – ili Tunog Anay
g. Ako kini si Angi
h. Pilemon

2. Instrumental Music
1. Rondalla
a. Banduria
b. Laud
c. Octavina
d. Guitar
e. Bajo de Arco
2. Tultogan
3. Binaog

E. Generalization
Task: Can you give my name ?
The student will write the name of Musical Instrument of Visayas

1. Bandurria 2. Bajo de Arco 3. Laud 4. Guitar 5. Octavina

F. Application
Task: Graphic Organizer
The students will create a graphic organizer about the Vocal Music of Visayas.

IV. Evaluation
Answer the following:
Rondalla 1. A string ensemble originating from Spain played with a pick or plectrum.
Lute 2. Laud comes from a Spanish word which means_____.
Rosas Pandan 3. It is Visayan courting song.
Balitaw 4. It is a song and dance debate between a man and woman.
Condansoy 5. Visayan drinking song
V. Assignment

Review the music of Cordillera, Mindoro, Palawan and the Visayas.

(Reference: or Arts Learner’s Material pp. 62 -74)

Prepared by:

Ara Jiecel H. Saplala

Student Teacher, MAPEH Department

Checked by:

Mrs. Regine Karla S. Balanquit

Cooperating Teacher