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Kyger Litor

Mother of Trolls


Aig Preview


Requirements to Join

Initiate needs to have 5 cult skills at 50%+ one of which needs to be Cult Runic Affinity. Examiners

need to be convinced at 3 of them.All full trolls - automatic. Non trolls - long list of requirements Rune levels need to have 3 cult skills at 100% one of which needs to be Cult Runic Affinity. Bold

Skills skills are mandatory

Cult Skills (Oath is taken at initiate) Athletics, Conceal, Perception, Literacy, Lore (cult), Combat style (any), Dance(Shaman), Sing (Shaman), Binding(Shaman), Devotion, Runic Affinity, Trance(Shaman)

Folk Magic for Initiates (*) = progressive spell

Befuddle, Bludgeon(*), Countermagic(*), Darkwall, Demoralise, Disruption(*), Dullblade(*), Extinguish, Firearrow, Fireblade, Heal(*), Lantern², Light, Lightwall², Mindspeech(*), Protection(*), Second Sight, Slow(*), Spiritshield(*)

Theist Miracles (bold = rune level, italic = allied, (s) = subservient) Excommunication, Extension, Find (Specific Thing), Mindlink, Sanctify, Summon Spirit of Reprisal, Divination, Chastise, SR Absorption, .oo Blinding, o Summon Shade, oa Counterchaos, o. Darksee, oRb Attack Soul, l Healing Trance, tj Crush, t Tree Chopping Song, o Stone biting, b, Summon Specific Ancestor, Bb Create Foe-curser, o Skin Broo



Source - see for detailed info

Aig Preview6 , Cult Compendium¹ , Gods Of Glorantha² , Guide to Glorantha²² , Lords of Terror


Continents:Genertela, Oceans, Pamaltela Main Areas: Coastal Pamaltela, Dragon Pass, East, Genertela, Inland Pamaltela, Lunar, Oceans, West Localities: Blue Moon Plateau, Dagori Inkarth, Elder Wilds, Errinoru Jungle, Fronela, Halikiv, Jrusteli Isles, Keniryan Sea, Koromondol, Pavis, Tarmo Mountains, Valinds Glacier, Yolp Mountains

Spirit Societies

Kyger Litor Spirit Society

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