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Jeyser T.

Gamutia BN4B Age: 41 y/o Diagnosis: Schizophrenia March 10 2019



Objective: Defensive Predisposing Factors: After one week of 1) Determine level of 1) To

 Client denies coping related to  (+) Family nurse-client anxiety and determine
the fact that he perceived lack of History of Mental intervention, the client effectiveness of degree of
is not well. self-efficacy as Illness (Father’s will be able to: current coping impairment:
 Client is not evidenced by Side) mechanisms.
aware that he denial of  Introverted 1) Verbalize 2) Observe interactions 2) To evaluate
is also obvious Personality understanding of with others to note the efficacy
mentally ill problems. own difficulties/ability to of social
just like the Precipitating Factors: problems/stressors. establish satisfactory interactions
other patients. DEFINITION:  Alcohol Abuse 2) Identify areas of relationships. with others.
 Client Repeated  Peer Pressure concern/problems. 3) Convey attitude of 3) To assist
verbalized: projection of  Lack of familial 3) Demonstrate acceptance and client to deal
“Ambot ngaa falsely positive contact (while acceptance of respect with current
gin dala ko na self-evaluation working in responsibility for (unconditional situation.
di nila ah. based on a self- Boracay, he was own actions, positive regard) to
Wala man ko protective far from his successes, and avoid threatening
sakit. Ang pattern that family.) failures. client’s self-concept,
mga tawo di defends against 4) Participate in preserve existing
ya mga lala underlying treatment self-esteem.
nana di ya. perceived threats program/therapy. 4) Encourage client to 4) To promote
Indi ko ya to positive self- NEURO CHEMICAL: 5) Maintain learn relaxation overall
lagtok, regard.  Abnormal involvement in techniques, use of wellness of
ma’am” hyperactivity of relationships. guided imagery, and the client
REFERENCES: the brain positive affirmation
Subjective: North American functions of self in order to
 Client Nursing incorporate and
Diagnosis practice new
verbalized:  Excessive
“Natak-an ko Association behaviors.
discharge of
di, ma’am. https://nurseslab 5) Promote 5) To assist
Gusto ko na di involvement in client in
Jeyser T. Gamutia BN4B Age: 41 y/o Diagnosis: Schizophrenia March 10 2019

mag gwa. schizophrenia- NEURO ANATOMY: activities/classes building

Wala kami di nursing-care-  Decreased brain where client can lasting and
gina ubra ya. plans/5/ tissue and practice new skills more stable
Ka boring.” cerebrospinal and develop new relationships
fluid. relationships. with others.

Strengths:  Ventricle 6) Use confrontation 6) To assist

 Strong family enlargement judiciously to help client in
support client begin to gaining a
 Financially PSYCHOLOGY: identify defense sense of
stable  Changes in neural mechanisms (e.g., reality to
activity. denial/projection) self.
Weaknesses: that are hindering
 Low self-  Added mental and development of
esteem physical stressors satisfying
 Introverted relationships.
personality  Presence of visual
and auditory

 Perceived lack of

 Denial of obvious

 Defensive coping