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Professional Development Plan

Danielle Purcell
Professor Dyer
April 14, 2019

Complete the chart below to plan your professional development over the next 2-3 years. Be sure your goals are specific and

Goal #1: Prepare Unit plans for Goal #2: Time management in Goal #3: Be involved with the
parts of the year early. the classroom whole school and community

Rationale: Why did To feel prepared for the school year This goal will be to help me make I want to be apart of more than just a
you choose this goal? and have different units planned and sure I am able to give lessons is the classroom, I want to know what is
How do you expect it ready to go before it would be that allotted time that I have planned for going on in the whole school and in
to improve the part of the school year. I like to feel them. I want to make sure I plan to the community around it. I hope to be
outcomes of your prepared and have all my things give myself enough time for aware of what my students’ interests
ready. This will hell help me in the explanations as well as think time and are so that way I can encourage
future students?
classroom feel prepared and feel that I work time for my students. With certain activities in the community for
am putting all my effort into my doing this, my students and I will not them and their families. I think that
students’ lessons. feel rushed through lessons. having students get involved in their
community early, will encourage that
into later years, and them becoming
great citizen of the
city/town/community they are in.
End Date: By when By my second- or third-year teaching. After my first or second year of During my first year or second year
do you expect to teaching. of teaching.
accomplish this goal?
Action Timeline: Summer before first year teaching: Have timers and clocks in the Build relationships with my
What steps will you plan a month or two in advance. classroom. teammates and administration to help
take to complete this Have binders made for all units. get more involved on campus.

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goal, and by when Each month, plan to create another Plan my lessons to make sure that I Talk to local business or community
will you take them? new unit. give enough time for everything. centers to know what is going on to
Example: After each unit take things out that Discuss with experience teachers how be aware.
1/31/18: Join AACTE did not work for the next school year they manage their time in the Create resources for parents so they
classroom. know what is going on as well and
Make sure to ask students if I am ever get their children involved.
going too fast or if they need more Communicate with parents for what
time, then reflect on that for later kind of information they want.

Resources: What School team Timers and clocks Local community centers
resources are Online resources for lesson planning Lesson plans that are scheduled Parents
available to assist you (teachers’ pay teachers) appropriately Administration
in accomplishing your Possibly online resources or School team
goal? information from other, experienced Online resources for events and
teachers. activities going on in the community
School team, for any advice.

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