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To teach Greeting. Identifying Los diálogos: saludos, pedidos. Hello, how are you? Hello. Good-bye.
students things. Las consignas para realizar Bathroom, please. What Thank you. Teacher.
greetings, acciones. (O) ´s this? What color is it? Colors. Board. Chair.
K5 classroom Sit down. Stand up. Door. Window. Table.
objects and Walk. Come here,
commands. please. I´m ...It´s...
To review Naming objects and La nominación de objetos con It is a pencil. How many Pencil, rubber/eraser,
classroom characters in context. apoyo concreto y figurativo.(O) pencils are there? Is it a notebook. Numbers
vocabulary and pencil? Yes, it is. No, it (1-12) (*)
1st grade expressions. To isn´t. What´s your
identify oneself. name?
My name is ...... (*)
To review Qualifying things. El relato de rutinas relacionadas May I go to the Numbers ( 13-30) (*)
classroom Asking about meaning, con la vida cotidiana y el bathroom? Can you Sizes
vocabulary and requesting, demanding ambiente escolar. (O) repeat, please? Excuse
expressions. information when me. Can you lend me a
needed. pencil? How do you
2nd grade English? How
are you? I´m fine thank
you, and you? (*)
The pencil is ...
It´s (color/size).
To recycle and Telling about daily La narración de sucesos In the morning I go to Days of the week (...).
reinforce routines expressing cotidianos.(O) school. In the afternoon Get up, go to school,
vocabulary frequency. I play soccer. In the have breakfast/lunch,
related to daily evening I go to bed. go home, watch TV,
routines. Do you get up at 7.00? play with video games,
3rd grade Yes, I do. No, I don´t. go to bed.
(*) Adverbs of frequency
(…) (*)
To recycle how Communicating ideas La esquela.(E) How often do you go to Action verbs.
to write a set of using connectors. school? Do you like Numbers (up to 60)
simple sentences Expressing preferences. reading? What do you o´clock.
4th grade related to daily like doing? I get up at Connectors: But, and.
routines. 7.00. (*)
I like/don´t like...
To reinforce Telling about daily La narración de sucesos How many classrooms Next to, in front of,
vocabulary and routines expressing cotidianos. La ubicación are there? Where is the opposite. Numbers
5th grade expressions frequency. Locating espacial y temporal.(O) school? (...999) There is/are...
related to the objects and places. The school is next to... (*)
school routine. (*)
To reinforce Presenting information El cuestionario.(E) What/ Where/ When/ Question words (...) .
expressions in a logical sequence. La narración de sucesos How/ How many/ What In the morning, in the
related to daily cotidianos. La ubicación time/ Who do you...? afternoon, in the
6th grade routines and to espacial y temporal. (O) I go to school at 8.00. evening. (*)
have students Then I have breakfast.
make questions. How often ...?
(*) Previous exponents and vocabulary are implied in the current grade and need to be recycled.
• (O) oralidad
• (E) escritura
• Language contents and functions were selected from previous years as this unit is considered the first one to be worked at the beginning of the