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Building bridges of SECU ea al Ute) Ces and PUCe TT Cr Peace Corps MYANMAR Annual Report 2017 About Peace Corps rn 3961 United States Present John Hennedy established the Peace Corps to promote word peace {and endsip by challenging Americans to Wve and work in developing counties. Mare than fy ve ‘years have passed since Peace Corps was established, but themssion and cleo the Peace Corps has ‘ithstoodthe test of time andthe three goals ofthe Peace Corpsremainas important today asthey were ‘our founding. ‘Goal Helo the people of interested countries in meeting ther need for trained men and women {Goal 2 Help to promote a better understanding of Americans on the pat ofthe peoples served {Goal 3: Help to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americas. Peace Corps in Myanmar Peace Corps Myanmar the 181 (and newer] Peace Cxpe country proeram In 2013, the Government ‘ofthe Republic ofthe Union of Myanmar ined Peace Corp ta etal a program and 2034, hey ‘Sgnedabltra agreement withthe United States to establish a Peace Corp program. After uldng ‘our partnership, we welcomed the fst group of short-term Volunteer in 2016 and the rst group of ‘or yea Volunteers in 2017, We ae privileged to partner with the Mins of Education to strengthen teacher capacity and provide _tudet dasroom instruction in Engh, Our Peace Corps Volunteers wark deb side with Myanmar teachers of Engl in asc education idle andhighscholsin Yangon and Bago Regions. Atotalof23 ‘olunteer served the people of Myanmar in 2017, exchanging ls wth counterparts and community members, sharing American eure, and leaning about and sharing Myanmar with family and ends inthe Unted Sates, In 2038 we wl double the number ofincoming wainees and expand o Mon Sate Volunteers and staffareexcted about the work we do and are happy to share with you ou achievements in 2017 We thank ‘ur many partners for your support and ‘we do hope you wl proudly pay ane ‘share this poster In peace and friendship, Maura. Fulton Country Director Volunteers Make a Difference... «Through Reading Peace Corps Volunteer Ben's students love reenactment of lassie books lke Matilda and readings of beloved books he Fox Insocks en and hi Myanmar partners are neresingintrestn reading amongst students ahs school and ae working to build up he school ibrar colton. Ben started by sharing his ov books with he ibraryand teaching students howto care for and ‘organize books property. Bris school principal was inspired to bringin some of her secandthand English books and asked Ben and the students to sort and place the books inthe brary 2 \wel.Ben has gained support rom the schoo and community ‘continue building the library collection and inspire more students tolove reading. «Through Conversation (Once week, Peace Corps Volunteer Wren meets witha groupof Myanmar university students fran hour and a allesson Wren focues onthe practical uss of Enlsh nd encourages students to find their own voices in exresing their opinions. she uses debate techniques to help the students practice both prepared and improvised speeches, establish arguments and share the knowledge. Wrersstudentshavedevelopeda more fd speech pater ater than depending solely on chunking and memor- zation techniques. By providing space to prac debate, Wren has aso given ber students the opportunity to gain confidence and comfortin communicating n Engi Through Music and Dance Coming from a theater background has given Peace Corps olunteer Tracy an advantage when It comes to incorporating ferent act forme into her eaesaom Engleh leone racy Says that she and her counterpart “use any excuse to ince porate musi and dance into our lessons, fom ging tutorial ‘on rhythms aed beats to taking the bids outside to dance as form of exercise” Students enjoy the change of pace and express thelr excitement by engaging ful inthe lesson, Her counterparts are inspired 35 well school ceremony, Tracy and her counterparts performed an American dance along to the anton ofthe classic song "My Gi! Through musicand dance, Tracy ha created a channel through whicher students, counterparts, and community fel more comfortable pressrg themeelves i Englch English Education Project Peace Cops partners with the Ministry of Edueation to adéress their expressed needs inthe areas of English language teaching and learring. Peace Corps Volunteers work alongside Myanmar teachers of English to co~plan and co-facitate Engh classroom lessons in basic education midland high schools. ‘Through ths projet, Volunteers help to bul the capacy of teachers and increas the proficiency of students through a casroom enuonment tate student-centered and nites creativity and ence thinking skis: Volunteers also work with interested youth and adult community members help them Improve their Engh tls for greater personal an profesional opportunities. The project objectives include: Supporting teachers 1.1 Increase capacity of teathers to teach English more effectively 412 Inerease English proficiency of teachers Supporting students 2.1 crease achievement of students in Englch [Engaging communities 3.1. Increase community involement in promotion and appreciation of English Achievements in 2017 ‘Supporting teachers ‘+1175 teaches participated in activites to increace their capacity in teaching Enlich through co planning an coechig, echer rang aces, and desiring and epg aring +285 teachers parspated in ate to increase thei Engh proficiency trough informal Enh learning and conversation practice. ‘Supporting students ‘7,800 students partcipated in activites to increase thelr Enlish anguage sills through formal lasses, speaking classes, and extracurricular actvibesin English + Volunteers taught 9 clases in grades 510 Engaging communities +255 community members paripaedin school or community acts focusedon student ring andor English fr professional development. In 2017 QT oesce Corps Volunteers lived and worked Rakhait h rate h Aye) “ice Mon Taninth —= fia nn in resions in 10 townships in Myanmar.