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Art forms:
Attire, accessories, artifacts iconic
gods and culture symbols

The Vietnamese like their ao-dai,

the national costume of tight-fitting
tunic worn over pantaloos, and
their conical hat, non-la.

They venerate and work ship the

deties of nature and their folk
religion from Taoism.

The old royal mausoleum of minh

mang stands as Vietnam’s
memorial symbolizing a great
kingdom in the past
Sculpture and carvings
Of India
Indian sculpture
Sculpture is the most important art in india.
Indian sculpture is more of the decoration
rather than an architectural setting.
Mathura Buddha
This Buddha figure seated on a lion
throne and carved out of the sound stone
is from Mathura, a city in northern india. It
is famous because the city is the center of
Buddhist sculptural activity from the 2nd
century BC to the 6th century AD.
Queen maya giving a birth to
This statue shows the queen named
maya, miraculously giving birth to
siddharta Gautama who would become
Buddha, the enlightend one
She holding a branch of the sacred sal
tree. In the manner of an Indian fertility
goddess, before budhaa is born from her
right side.
Progress in fitness
How do we progress in our fitness level?
 The journey to fitness is not a snap your
finger which you can achieve with just little
effort and descipline.
 Your fitness expedition will contain
preparation through procedure, as you
progress in better understanding of your
 To progress in fitness, one need to have
fitness goalo that is wisely set this means
that it should be a real perceptible goal
which you can really achieve whitin a
period of time.
What are the reasons or
barriers why people do not
have progress in fitness?
A person does have not goals.
No schedule set for training
Improper diet associated with
No monitoring of progress.
How can we
progress in fitness
and in health?

 Make exercise a part of

your habit.

 Set reachable goals.

 Support exercise routine

with healthy lifestyle

 Make sure that you have

time to work out even on your
rest day.
Gateway drugs
 Gateway drugs are habit forming
substances that may not be addictive
but may lead to the use of other
addictive dangerous drugs
 Alcohol and cigarette are consider sa
gateway drugs.

What is cigarette?
 A cigarette is a cylindrical rolled
paper containing dried and shredded
tobacco leaves.
 Its contain approximately 600
ingredients. The smoke coming from
it contains more than 7000
chemicals, 69 of which are
carcinogenic or cancer causing
What are the following some of the
reason why people smoke:
o Peer preasure
o Parental influences
o advertising and media
o Self medication
o Weigh control
o To feel mature and sophisticated
o Risk-taking behavior
 Everyday, about 4000 teenagers
below 18 try there first cigarette
 Approximately 1.5 million packs
of cigarette are purchased by
minors daily.
Negative health impact of
 Lung cancer
 Larynx cancer
 Esophagus cancer
 Bladder cancer
Mainstream smoke
 Is smoke that is inhaled
into the smokers mouth in
Second hand smoke
 Is also called
invironmental tobacco
Third hand smoke
 Is the residue from
cigarette smoke found in
cloth furniture and other
surfaces after the
cigarette has been put
What is alcohol?
Alcohol is the intoxicating substances produced
by fermentation of grains and fruits.
The most common alcoholic beverages are
beer and wine.

Negative health impact of alcohol

Short term effect:

Slurred speech
Upset stomach

Long term effect:

Brain: reduction in size of brain cells

Permanent brain damage
What strategies can be used
in the prevention and control
cigarette smoking and
alcohol drinking?
1. say NO assertively
2. give reason for saying NO
3. reapet saying NO several times
4. use nonverbal behavior to match
verbal behavior
5. avoid situation where you are
6. avoid people who make wrong
7. resist pressure to engage In
illegal activities