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Social Studies: Sugar Act April 10, 2019

 Standards

H-SS 5.5.1: Understand how political, religious, and economic ideas and interests
brought about the Revolution (e.g., resistance to imperial policy, the Stamp Act, the
Townshend Acts, taxes on tea, Coercive Acts).

 Goals and Objectives

To begin this lesson, we recalled on the previous events that occurred previously. For this
lesson students read a passage on the Sugar Act, having multiple opportunities for annotating,
discussion and collaborations of this event leading up to the Revolutionary War. We discussed
key vocabulary and academic language to support students learning and understanding of what
had been learned and discussed in other lessons. In this lesson my goal and objective was to
have my students comprehend the taxes and ideas that colonists had to do in order to come
out of debt. Students took notes and used an AVID strategy to write down information and key
terms that they heard from the video. Students then participated in an activity that expanded
their thinking on the event and put the lesson into perspective. During my video you can see
there is a point where we have to address classroom behavior that was inappropriate. My
Master Teacher helped me and supported me in identifying which students were misbehaving
and supporting me in classroom management.