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5633 Ruthwood Dr
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 458-4002

Hard-working, enthusiastic and caring individual seeking a to be a teacher. I hope to contribute
my child development knowledge, a positive can-do attitude and my personable character to help
work with any teacher and assist in the best way possible.


2/25- now Shepard of the Valley, West Hills CA

I am responsible for implementing lessons and helping create a safe
friendly environment. I communicated with parents and helped with nap.

10/17 - 2/18. Yucaipa Christian Preschool, Yucaipa CA

Afternoon teacher/ substitute
I was responsible for taking care and watching of children of all age
groups from nap until they went home. I helped with snack and
monitored and helped the children on the playground.

8/17- 10/17 Children's Lighthouse, Riverside CA

Teacher assistant/ substitute teacher
My responsibilities were primarily leading circle time updating the
application tadpoles to keep the parents updated day to day. I also
frequently closed down and cleaned classrooms. I was being trained to
take over the two’s classroom, but acted as a teacher in that room and all
other ages groups.
12/16-8/17 Tutor Time, Agoura Hills CA
Teacher assistant
My responsibilities changed from classroom to classroom, but I worked
closely with the lead infant teacher, toddler teacher, and twos or early
preschool teacher. I am confident in my ability to work with infants and
toddlers/two’s alike.
7/16-9/16 Denny’s, Woodland Hills CA
Waitress and Hostess
My tasks include a friendly opposition towards customers, understanding
how to handle and manage food, fully being able to work on the register
and the food database; basic cleaning; cutting and sorting fruit; time
time management and working together with fellow employees.
11/16 - 4/16 Wendy’s, Westlake CA
Cashier and Drive through
My tasks include strong familiarity with the register; putting orders
together; restocking; cleaning dining room; greeting guest; ability to
move at a fast pace and meeting every guests need.

6/15 - 12/15 IHOP, Agoura Hills CA

Hostess and Cashier
My tasks included seating people; greeting guests warmly; helping
waitress’ with drink orders; cleaning up the front; checking people out;
taking to-go orders; packing to go orders; familiarity with the register;
handling credit and cash transactions; bussing tables; restocking and
cleaning tables.
12/14 - 6/15 Pick Up Stix, Westlake Village CA
My tasks includes register; taking to go orders; packing to go orders;
greeting guests enthusiastically; serving guests food; stocking
merchandise; handling credit and cash transactions; making salads;
bussing tables; cleaning dishes; taking phone orders; closing the store and
refilling sauces.

08/12 - 6/16 Agoura High School, Class of 2016
GPA: 3:2
06/16 - Present Moorpark College

5/17- Present Nutrition and first aid training
01/15 - Present Career Technical Education (CTE) Course
Food Service, Hospitality


Able To Work Well Under Pressure
Exceptionally Personable
Trained In Customer Service
Open To New ideas
Task Oriented
Knowledge in working with kids
Able to work with any age groups