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1 Praise: 15 years in

Russia, founded the

only medical center there,
6 Pray as teens are
challenged this week
in the Rocky Mountains,
11 Praise for 45 years
of ministry in Peru.
Pray for preparations as a
16 Pray for health
and safety in their
extended travels; that
78 expeditions from western learning to fly fish and team of co-workers seek training workshops with
Russia to remote parts of backpack; for counselors to contact a small tribe nationals would be exciting
Far East, from the Arctic to Dr. Bill Becknell and support staff eager to Pat Amsden reported to be coming out Peter & Marta Hocking and profitable; for growth, Vic & Gwen
Siberia, 43 churches started. Agape, Russia present the Good News Camp Appanoose, Iowa of hiding. Ask for prepared Segadores (Reapers), Peru personal development and Closed Country
Ask for funds for Dr. Sergey of Jesus; for finances as hearts. Pray for development relationship building with
and Olya to join the ministry. summer expenses are outstripping revenues. of their jungle missionary base. other staff members; adult sons in the US.

2 Pray for the

summer team; for a
breakthrough among the
7 Give praise: the first
Short-Cycle team
finished their work and
12 Pray for teens and
Directors as they
do Gospel face painting at
17 Praise for safe
arrival in Iquique
and for their home. Pray:
teachers at their university; departs from Poland this fairs--ask for fruitful fair for open-air evangelism on
for protection of the campus month—ahead of 5 year ministry. Praise for Iowa’s Fridays; continued church
from confusion of false Jeff & Melissa timetable. The church Paul & Cheryl Nyquist new Prison Fellowship field Beth Lamb growth; evangelistic trips to Alejandro & Robyn Armijo
religions; for the conflict of Closed Country has already reproduced Avant Ministries, Missouri worker—he is excited about Child Evangelism Fellowship, Iowa interior towns; youth group ABWE, Chile
politics and faith—wisdom itself and sent out its first CEF’s ministry to kids and on Friday nights; salvation
for nationals facing this quandary. missionary. Pray for financial provision. juvenile detention youth. of Juan (87); continued good health.

3 Remember in prayer:
Debbie’s weekly contact
with English students;
8 Praise for the
faithfulness of this
family as they have served
13 Pray for details
involved in justifying
a production facility in DM
18 Many friends and
neighbors left for the
summer. Pray as they spend
Leroy’s work in prison; work the last 19 years overseas. using treated food waste more time with folks who
teams helping at church Pray for one year furlough; (500,000,000 gal. per year) can’t afford to travel. Ask for
through the summer; Leroy Leroy & Debbie Zumack for renewing relationships Glenn & Carol, Three Children to burn in diesel engines as Terry & Mary Stark new open doors for ministry; Mike & Sue Farho
writing strategic initiatives Greater Europe Mission, France with family and friends; Closed Country/US a substitute for diesel fuel. Avant Ministries, Iowa guidance for Farhos and Christian & Miss. Alliance, Cote d’Ivoire
for 08-09. Praise for helping to acclimate their Savings of $1.00+ per gallon leaders of Modeste Church
sufficient support despite the euro. two sons to the States for college. with 30-40 cents profit to Avant. as they continue construction.

4 Pray for God’s guidance

as to what steps need
to be taken regarding the
9 Pray for 5 teams
helping in the
construction of their
14 The family has
returned after
furlough. Pray for Tim as
19 Pray that God
will give people
from Tsukuba U. who will
dwindling number of classes community center this he serves as VP of Patient become the foundation of
taken by students at the Bible summer; for Abundant Life Relations and Spiritual future spiritual generations;
Institute. Pray for safety as Harold & Priscilla Goossen Bible Church as leaders are Beth Hanna Director at the hospital; his Tim & Martha, Three Children for BEST Club--a safe place Wayne & Miyako Meyer
they travel 3-5 hours between Gospel Mission of SA, Argentina trained and as young adults CAM International, Mexico Bible study with expatriates; Closed Country where people can come Navigators, Japan
Gualeguaychu (filling in for desire to grow and serve; their children’s education; without pressure to look at
son Tim) and Temperley. ongoing work with their website: Martha’s visits with ladies from the royal family. the Bible; building a home as a base for ministry.

5 Praise: the necessary

nursing care Gordon
needs for liver disease is
10 Pray as No Longer
Music conducts
21 evangelistic concerts
15 Praise for their 14th
anniversary year,
serving 8 years in Indonesia
20 Pray for residency
papers; a
breakthrough in their Muslim
available there. Ask for in Europe, Middle East, and 5 years stateside at country; wisdom in sharing
support and comfort as they Iceland and US. Intercede as Moody Aviation. Pray as in a relevant way; creativity
go through this difficult Gordon & Grace thousands of young Muslim David & Jodi Pierce Dan trains and equips Dan & Jodi Appleby to form communities who Alan & Helena
time. Praise for this veteran Closed Country and secular young people Steiger International, Massachusetts Moody students; for the MAF/Moody Aviation, Washington follow Jesus; opportunities to Closed Country
missionary couple who’ve hear the Gospel. NLM Blog incorporation of the Kodiak meet people in small towns;
served as leaders their entire married life. & Podcast: plane into the fleets of mission organizations. English teaching at language institute.
21 Intercede for
26 Give praise for
First Federated

Daily Family
Rhonda’s parents— this family—FFC
Mom is in a care center supported them as they Missionary
and Dad has home health
care. Rhonda will return to
faithfully served MKs
overseas for 26 years. Due to
1. Amsden, Pat Camp Appanoose, Iowa
Iowa Aug-Sept to assess the Steve & Rhonda Schwarze changes in their lives, family, Wes & Becky Gardner 2. Anderson, Jeff & Carolyn

Prayer Guide
situation. Pray for Steve as FEBC/Faith Academy, Philippines ministry area and the world, Racine, Wisconsin New Life, Spain
Deputy Superintendent and they now rest in His plan for 3. Appleby, Dan & Jodi MAF/Moody, WA
Director for Development at Faith. them in the States. Pray for a job for Wes. 4. Armijo, Alejandro & Robyn
ABWE, Chile
5. Becknell, Dr. Bill Agape, Russia

22 27
6. Bridgman, Paul & Violette
Praise: for Intercede for TEAM, Japan
Vaughn’s new positive response, 7. Cabeen, Don & Paula TEAM, Spain
position that allows the creativity and relevancy of 8. Dabson, Emmanuel & Mercy

august 2008
family a long term visa; their TV programs being PI, Ghana
9. Decker, Sarah InterVarsity, France
for increase in the depth of prepared for fall; for growth
10. Docter, Marlin
relationships. Pray: $8,300 Vaughn & Jennifer, Four Children in marriages and increased Don & Paula Cabeen Int’l. Cooperating Ministries, Iowa
needed for visa; for Silas, Closed Country interest in the gospel as TEAM, Spain 11. Farho, Mike & Sue C&MA, Cote d’Ivoire
returning home after a a result of the couples’ 12. Finke, Jim & Ruth GEM, Greece
summer in the States; local church responsibilities. dinners; for initiation of a cell group in Olvera. 13. Gallego, Pablo & Rosa PIE, Spain
14. Goossen, Harold & Priscilla GMSA, Argentina
15. Hanna, Beth CAM International, Mexico

23 As the new school

year begins at Rice
U, ask the Lord to extend
28 Intercede for 5 men
who were freed
from addiction at HOPE
16. Hocking, Peter & Marta Segadores, Peru
17. Hunt, Bill & Jenni CCC, Arkansas
18. Ibbotson, Rita TEAM, Zimbabwe
the Houston Summer and recently returned to 19. Lamb, Beth Child Evangelism Fellowship, Iowa
Ministry; that students their homes and families 20. Loomans, Tim & Iris GRN, Siberia
21. Malik, Tony & Tsering GOM, India
would grow greatly in their Kurt & Kathy Ritz in Salisbury, Maryland. HOPE Ministries 22. McCalley, Mike & Brenda CCC, Washington
Christian walks and reflect Campus Crusade, Texas Pray as they assist in the Des Moines
23. Mayse, Matt & Rachelle Youth for Christ, Iowa
maturity and a growing development of a new 24. McCracken, Peggy CCC, Washington, D.C.
trust in Him. Intercede for financial provision. recovery ministry to homeless and addicted there. 25. Meyer, Wayne & Miyako Navigators, Japan
26. Mok, Mony & Kunnery Partners Int’l., Cambodia
27. Nyquist, Paul & Cheryl Avant Ministries, Missouri Daily Family Prayer Guide is published
24 Pray for wisdom
as Jerry has the
difficult task of informing
29 Pray as the school
year begins at AIS
Christian School; provision
28. Pascual, Santiago & Yolanda Segadores, Peru
29. Ritz, Kurt & Kathy CCC, Texas
monthly by First Federated Church to help YOU pray
more effectively for our missionaries and their needs.
30. Rogers, Dan & Sylvia MAF, Ecuador
inmates of an immediate of $9500 in school fees for Jean Crabbs, with the help of a group of volunteers,
31. Schwarze, Steve & Rhonda FEBC, Philippines
family member’s death— TJ & Kyle; for Michelle as 32. Sonius, Lee & Michelle HCJB Global, Ghana reads through piles of mail and writes current and
that God would use these co-President of PTO; Radio 33. Stark, Terry & Mary Avant Ministries, Iowa urgent prayer requests from those we support. Put this
Jerry & Patty Van Cleave Lee & Michelle Sonius
most delicate moments to Polk County Jail Ministry, Iowa ELWA in Liberia, relevant HCJB Global, Ghana 34. Steele, Arden & Helen SIM Int’l., Bolivia Daily Family Prayer Guide into your Bible and include in
open hearts to Jesus. Ask ministry; Lee’s need of 35. Steele, Jonathan & Monica Frontiers, Bolivia your daily prayer time.
36. Van Cleave, Jerry & Patty PCJM, Iowa
also for a Hispanic male Bible study teacher. office manager and controller for the region.
37. Weller, Elaine CEF, Missouri
38. Zellmer, Keith & Pam SEND Int’l., Kosova First Federated Church
Lifelong Missionary Servants
25 Intercede for Pat as 39. Zumack, Leroy & Debbie GEM, France 4801 Franklin Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50310
1. Condit, Elroy & Gordia, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Florida/Wisconsin |
she is recuperating Closed Access Countries
from surgery for a pituitary 2. Congdon, Dal & Audrey, TEAM, Illinois 1. Katy Asia 9. Tim & Martha Asia
tumor; ask for relief from 3. Dade, Edna, TEAM, Iowa 2. Steve & Pat Asia 10. Ron & Erin
4. Davis, Ross & Colleen, International Church Ministries, Arizona 3. Michael & April Asia 11. Alan & Helena
pain and fatigue. Praise:
5. Griffiths, Dick & Char, TEAM, Wisconsin 4. Vic & Gwen Asia
believers among one Steve & Pat 6. Hesse, Don & Lois Jean, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Texas
minority group have grown Closed Country 5. Jeff & Melissa Asia
7. Taber, Bob & Lois, OMS International, Iowa 6. Glenn & Carol Asia Nathan & Kathy Asia
from 0 to 11,000 in 6 years 8. Vetter, Lenita, Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos, Arizona 7. Boaz & Ruth Europe 15. Vaughn & Jennifer Asia
despite government hostility. 9. Woods, Bill & Donna, Campus Crusade for Christ, Colorado 8. David & Vreni Europe