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1.1. Business Purpose
The business wants to provide their services and facilities to people and adopters online by
implementing the information system and website and automate the current system or existing
system is very inadequate.

1.2. Business Scope

The business decided to expand with the new center in the Princeton, so there is the new of new
information system because animal is increasing day by day and old-fashioned method for storing
the details and records is no efficient and productive for organization. So, organization decided
that to transform the process and operations of the organization over the information system
which stores all data related to organization also in the new center. Organization also want to
develop website so that if any people want to adopt then they can see them by using website
without any physical visit to organization.

1.3. Business Overview

The business is about to provide the no-ill animal shelter and place for them and in the city of
Philadelphia. Organization can stray and rescue animals, Neuter and spray as well as provide
them the basic veterinary care. The organization main aim is to get large number of animals
adopted as they are getting more day by day. Also, organization has foster parents and volunteer
who can help to run their business.

1.4. Definitions
There are no definitions here which have complex meaning.

1.5. Stakeholders
here given below table provide the list of stakeholders associated with this project.
3. Business Management Requirements
3.1. Business Environments
The current or existing environment of the business is old and inadequate because the process
and operations the business using are not according to latest trend and time-consuming which
may can affect the repute of the organization because organization is expanding in other cities
or continents too. So, in order to overcome the gap, the organization decided to shift and migrate
and to adopt the technology trends for the organization success and increase in the revenue and
profit of the business.

3.2. Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the business include:

 To develop system to replace the manual system from the organization.

 Develop database to store details of adopters, pets along with reliable facility of search.
 Users, administrators, and employee should have their separate accounts.
 Attractive and effective user interface in order to navigate through system with friendly
user environment.

3.3. Business Model

Methods used in the organization are paper-based storing of data and records which is not
efficient and effective method. As already discussed, if adopters need to get info about the
medical record of pets and treat the them the organization employee have difficulty to find the
old records because some time, they may loss or damage or mis-place in the organization. By
viewing this method, organization proposed new method for the efficient data storage and
proper interface is provide to save, update and retrieve or search data when there is need.

3.4. Information Environment

a. Project Portfolio: Project portfolio management approach and strategy is followed to
achieve the business goals and objectives which include the all aspects of the project
development. For the development of information system agile methodology is used
which can also accommodate the changes in the requirement and scope of the project
during the development,
b. Long term system plan: The long-term plan made for the system is that system later turn
into the online and deployed on the server to perform the online search for pet or animal
for the adoption and also the search for volunteers and foster parents are performed
online. System developed should support the flexibility criteria in order to enhance in the
c. Database configuration: Database is developed using modern or latest technology of
databases name Oracle 11g express edition. The database is installed or configured by the
database service provider.

4. Business Operational Requirements

4.1. Business Process
The business process is improved by the implementation of information system as when
information system is completely developed then process for storing data is improve and
enhance because the process is automated and database or backend is developed to store the
records or information and daily or weekly backup is performed so the data loss won’t happen in
the future. If data is loss then data is recovered by using the backup.

4.2. Business Operational Policies and Rules

The operation policies and rules of the business include:

 Every employee is providing the separate login and user account for the information
 Password should be changed every month.
 Everyone working in the organization can must treat everyone with mutual respect.
 Employee should not leak and spread the financial and personal details of the

4.3. Business Operational Constraints

 Change in scope and requirement can increase the duration and cost of project around
10 to 15%.
 System should be developed in the timeframe of 3 months if deadline not meet then cost
may be increase or may lead towards the project termination.
 System development should be completed in duration and assigned resources because
no of resources are limited in number.

4.4. Business Operational Modes

The business can open in 7 days of week and providing their services of adopting animals and
providing them the shelter and treat them. They business holiday will be only on the Government
or National Day of country otherwise business is open all day in week and providing the 24/7

4.5. Business Operational Quality

Business main aim is to provide the customer satisfaction and provide the services according to
their needs and expectation to grab the maximum market which may result in the high revenue
and profit. The main aim of the business to improve the quality of process and approached used
by the company is from the development of information system.

4.6. Business Structure

Happy-Animal is following the simple structure of business as all of the employees and managers
are treated equally and with respect which may help to resolve the conflict among them. During
the time of decision all employee or individuals can be given chance to share the idea’s and
opinions for the company improvement and every will be appreciated this can help the
organization to improve the productivity.

5. User Requirements
 users can search for pets and available for the adoption.
 System administrator can add, edit, search and delete pet along with student information
and medical records.
 System must store the record of adopters which include their background history and
check, information, name and interviews etc.
 System should record the details of pets for social media presence which include name,
age, buyer name, buying date, medical information etc.
 Security: System is secured and use two-factors authentication to prevent unauthorized
 Availability: System is available 24 hours.
 Usability: System should be easy to use and interface is simple.
 Performance: System can support 1000+ user at a time.
 Robustness: System recovery time is 30sec after crash or failure.