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Lesson Plan

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Tema Mësimore: Situata për diskutim:

Teenage dreams and ambitions- Vocabulary The teacher and the students discuss teenage
Kompentencat e të nxënit: dreams and ambitions.
Students will be able to:
- Use correctly vocabulary about dreams
and ambitions.
- Show what they know about personality
adjectives and adjective antonyms..
Burimet e informacionit: Fjalori me terma/ koncepte të reja:
Coursebook, Workbook, digital platform, Clever, funny, interesting, kind, positive,
photos, ELP, interactive flashcards (TB), stupid, unkind, arrogant, miserable, outgoing,
Extra resources caring, sensible, hard-working.
Lidhja Ndërlëndore e temës:
This topic can be related to other subjects learnt at school.
Metodologjia e ores së mësimit:
Brainstorming, group activities, pair activities, individual work, matching activities, gap
filling activities, questions and answers.
Organizimi i ores së mësimit:
Hapi i pare:
First you ask your students to talk/ describe qualities of their best friend. Write them on the
board and ask them to describe positive qualities of their best friends and find some “negative
qualities”/ weak points. After that ask students to match the adjectives 1-5 with their
opposites a-e. Then they have to look at the photos on pages 12 and 13 and choose an
adjective from Ex. 1 to describe each person.
Hapi i dytë:
Secondly before asking students to read the text ask them the question What do Sara, David
and Rani want to be? After guessing some answers write them on the board. After that play
the recording and ask them to complete the interview with the jobs they want to do. And then
check the guesses of the students whether they were right or not.
Hapi i tret :
Ask students to replace the adjectives in brackets with the adjectives in red in the interview
(Ex. 5 page 13). Review example with them and explain any difficulties they have.
After checking this exercise ask students to work in pairs and discuss the questions. After that
ask them to report as a whole class.

Përforëcimi i të nxënit:
Check students understanding and expand their vocabulary doing Word Store Exercise 1A,
1B and 1C.

Vlerësimi i nxënësve:
Evaluation based on observations, answers, group work and home work.
Ask students to write about dreams and ambitions or WB erxercises.